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  1. Sorry mate. I've just sold it elsewhere. For reference if you find another, my scale weighed it at 4.2kg
  2. This is brilliant! I do like for browsings Marketplatz
  3. The 6 string version of Ibanez's first foray into a multiscale bass. And my god what a bass! Bang for your buck, this thing is incredible. The neck and action is soooo fast. I had to stop taking to band practice as I could not stop myself from noodling. But a six string is surplus to my requirements and I have got hold of a nice Sandberg PM5 that suits me better. Bought from @dub_junkie last year when my old faithful 5 string got stolen. Sad to see it go, but got a baby on the way, so need money and space. Spec: 16.5mm string spacing Fanned 5pc Jatoba/Bubinga neck 901.7mm/35.5" scale at 6th string, 854.7mm/33.6" scale at 1st string Ash body Rosewood fretboard Medium frets Mono-rail V bridge Bartolini BH1 pickups Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band eq w/Eq bypass switch (passive tone control on treble pot) & Mid frequency switch BKS Cosmo black hardware There's some buckle rash on the back and a tiny nick on the jack opening. Would prefer collection or can meet in 10 mile radius of Streatham, London. Post or courier will cost extra as I will need to get it boxed up and sent. The rug is also for sale! Just sayin'
  4. Right, deep breath. Up sale my first 'decent' bass. An original model Cort B5. I haven't seen any of these on sale anywhere. Not much different to the current model, except it has a single piece African Wenge neck and a more aggressive looking headstock. This is a lovely bass. The neck is like silk, no neck dive, comfortable body shape and a decent pre-amp. It really comes alive through distortion, great attack (plus it looks fudging metal). An ideal first 5er IMO. Full disclosure, the neck has broken twice. First before I bought it where it was badly repaired with a rosewood volute stuck to the back of it. Then I broke it a while back when I leant it on a swivel chair. I made a post about it here if you wanna check it out. I repaired it properly (stripped it, soaked it, pinned it, glued it, clamped it, sanded it). And since then it has been solid as a rock. Also got a bit of a ding by the lower strap button, it gets hidden by the strap. The hipshot tuners rattle a little bitt too, but you only notice this when playing it unplugged. Currently strung with a high string, so E-C (I was experimenting with chords, Cliff Burton style solos and Royal Blood stuff). But I might have a spare B, so can string it lower if you want. Specs: 1 pc Wenge neck Swamp ash body 34" scale 4.3kg 17mm string spacing 45mm nut Hipshot lightweight tuners Bartolini MK1 humbuckers and pre-amp with 9v circuit Volume, Pickup Pan, BMT knobs, Passive/Active switch Would prefer collection or can meet in 10 mile radius of Streatham, London. Post or courier will cost extra as I will need to get it boxed up and sent.
  5. I've already got one! I'll give it a go! Thanks guys
  6. thack


    If you just want to record a simple bassline to jam over the Ditto is deffo a great one. The Boss Rc-1 is a good shot too.
  7. Either way. No there aren't any bass specific loopers I've ever come across. Most loopers (recording loopers or signal loops) are signal transparent an can be used with any instrument. Bit of advice if doing loop recording, cut the bass eq a bit on input. It can otherwise get very muddy after just 2 layers of loop. Treble and mids sit in the mix much better.
  8. Errrrr....need some advice. Dunno if this has come up before and not sure I can describe it well. I have split my pedal chain into 2 parallel lines using a passive splitter at the start of the chain and an ABY to pull them together at the end. Allowing me to run the 2 effects chains in parallel or switch between them individually. Ya follow me? So here's my problem..... When switching between a single chain to both in parallel, there is a noticeable drop in gain (duh, the signal has now been spilt in 2). This halving of the signal gain massively effects the sound of certain pedals, particularly overdrive and filters. So my question to you wizards. How do I solve this? Is there a smart pedal out there will act as a gain levelling tool? or do I just have to compress the stinky poo out of it? Thanks in advance xx
  9. Had to show off my new handy work to people who get it (the wife was pretty underwhelmed/didn't have a clue what I was talking about) Backstory: wanted a flat case style pedalboard, didn't want pay £££s for it. So I bought an old synthesiser case from Gumtree for 20 quid and relined it with mounting fabric. Then Covid hit😷, so I thought I'd do some tinkering..... So I've built in some features (cue a lot of cussing at the soldering iron😖). I've add a bank to the side with jack in and out with a true bypass to skip the entire pedal chain, power input and switch and a di (stole the innards of a Behringer 400p passive di box). Cost me total of about 50 quid *smugface*😁 The chain is Input (with bypass)>Boss limiter>polytune 3 mini>Ehx Tri parallel>output The 3 mix loops are subject to change as I've just stuck then all on into the order they fit with the patches I have currently. Loop 1: Boss bass chorus>Boss odb3 overdrive>boss ls2(as a bypass for the 105q tone suck)>Dunlop 105q Loop 2: Mxr blowtorch>agent 00 clone(custom built by BCs very own paul_5)>bass big muff Loop 3: Ehx soul pog(pog 1st)>Donner EQ seeker(effing great eq pedal for £40 if you can find one!)>earthquake dispatch master>dpfx echidna overdrive>boss syb5 synth Whaddaya think?!? I'm pretty chuffed with how it turned out. Any advice on chain or good custom length patch kits very much needed....
  10. A beauty. I spotted that when you put it up. Sadly not buying atm, just wanted to see what people thought of Swing's basses, I've never heard of them. GLWTS!
  11. Just out of interest I've been looking around at 6 string jazz basses. Found these on reverb. https://reverb.com/item/33728302-swing-jazz-6-strings-white-electric-bass-guitar-2020 They look pretty decent. Korean companies tend to make respectable instruments, see Cort. Was wondering if anyone had played anything made by Swing?
  12. Just bought Paul's homemade Agent00 pedal. Great build from a top bloke. Cheers mate
  13. You made this yourself? P&P?
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  15. Just bought an Ibanez SRFF806 off Kier. Nice and honest, nice and easy. Top bloke! Cheers dude
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