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  1. Had to show off my new handy work to people who get it (the wife was pretty underwhelmed/didn't have a clue what I was talking about) Backstory: wanted a flat case style pedalboard, didn't want pay £££s for it. So I bought an old synthesiser case from Gumtree for 20 quid and relined it with mounting fabric. Then Covid hit😷, so I thought I'd do some tinkering..... So I've built in some features (cue a lot of cussing at the soldering iron😖). I've add a bank to the side with jack in and out with a true bypass to skip the entire pedal chain, power input and switch and a di (stole the innards of a Behringer 400p passive di box). Cost me total of about 50 quid *smugface*😁 The chain is Input (with bypass)>Boss limiter>polytune 3 mini>Ehx Tri parallel>output The 3 mix loops are subject to change as I've just stuck then all on into the order they fit with the patches I have currently. Loop 1: Boss bass chorus>Boss odb3 overdrive>boss ls2(as a bypass for the 105q tone suck)>Dunlop 105q Loop 2: Mxr blowtorch>agent 00 clone(custom built by BCs very own paul_5)>bass big muff Loop 3: Ehx soul pog(pog 1st)>Donner EQ seeker(effing great eq pedal for £40 if you can find one!)>earthquake dispatch master>dpfx echidna overdrive>boss syb5 synth Whaddaya think?!? I'm pretty chuffed with how it turned out. Any advice on chain or good custom length patch kits very much needed....
  2. A beauty. I spotted that when you put it up. Sadly not buying atm, just wanted to see what people thought of Swing's basses, I've never heard of them. GLWTS!
  3. Just out of interest I've been looking around at 6 string jazz basses. Found these on reverb. https://reverb.com/item/33728302-swing-jazz-6-strings-white-electric-bass-guitar-2020 They look pretty decent. Korean companies tend to make respectable instruments, see Cort. Was wondering if anyone had played anything made by Swing?
  4. Just bought Paul's homemade Agent00 pedal. Great build from a top bloke. Cheers mate
  5. You made this yourself? P&P?
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Just bought an Ibanez SRFF806 off Kier. Nice and honest, nice and easy. Top bloke! Cheers dude
  8. Thanks for all the support guys! I found the Serial number!! Pics up. Please help if you can.
  9. Hi BCers, I need your vigilant eyes. My Fender Deluxe Precision 5 has been stolen. I was unloading some stuff for my wedding out of my car last Wednesday and it had my gear in it. I think someone must have walked by and whipped my bass out of the car whilst I wasn't looking. Please can any of you living in the Streatham/Mitcham area please keep an eye out. Its a 2003 Sunburst Fender Precision Deluxe 5 string SERIAL NO: DZ3 193723. It was in a soft black Fender gig bag, with a black comfort strap in the front pocket. EDIT: Found the original pics Ady sent me. SERIAL NO: DZ3 193723 There are noticeable nicks on the top horn and hip of it, more so than in these pics now. It was in a black Fender soft case when taken. The front pocket had a black comfort strap, grey Behringher mic, XLR cable and a white 4 plug extension cord inside.
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