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  1. Bought just before I switched to bass and never used. This comes in a Fender luxury case, with all tags, case candy and certificate of authenticity. Absolute mint condition....been kept in its case since new! Arctic white, maple fretboard with abalone dots, sperzel locking tuners, Schaller straplocks. This will increase in value so a worthy investment. Check out the Fender website link to see what a bargain price I'm selling at merely because leaving it in it case is such a waste of a beautiful guitar. Cash on collection from Southampton. Tel:07814986002[attachment=169935:0311.JPG][attachment=169935:0311.JPG]
  2. This is a 2007 model in ebony. It was one of many guitars I owned and although taken to gigs was used for one song each time, (about 50 times), so in near mint condition. The case is a different matter. It's a genuine Gibson case but I can say the ones made in this particular year were rubbish so I wasnt bothered about a few nicks here and there. Comes with case candy and all tags from new. I'm sticking to just bass so selling my last 2 guitars....grab a bargain! Cash on collection from Southampton. (NO TRADES) Tel: 07814986002
  3. smurfitt


    Mine....Fender Jazz 50th anniversary. Only 200 made!
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  5. [quote name='xilddx' timestamp='1384901576' post='2282230'] There you go then, he's got loads of marvellous options to save £7 by going elsewhere instead of selling a £900 Stratocaster on a bass forum. [/quote] £900 mate for a custom shop....are you having a laugh? It's more than double that and it's not near mint....it's MINT! Btw I'm not male so all your assumptions are totally incorrect. £7 might be worth it for as many adverts as you want to put but I'm only selling one item and its a guitar so doubtful it would strike up much interest amongst bass players and how likely are you to tell your 'bandmates' there's a guitar for sale thats going to cost them a packet. Yes, it was free last time I used this site to source a ltd edition bass so I was surprised that it cost £7. It would be far more profitable to charge £1 for every item that's advertised whether it be a set of strings, fx processor or expensive axe. I wouldnt use evilbay but rest assured it got advertised on reputable sites. It's a shame your guitar buddies didn't get to hear the full details about an amazing guitar that is a worthy investment.
  6. Tried to put up a post to sell my mint custom shop artist series USA Fender Strat but got a message saying it now costs £7. Appreciate website owners need to cover costs but thats a bit extreme when I can post on gumtree etc for nothing.
  7. Tell them straight. Songs should be gig ready and studio time for getting tight as a band. Why should you have to hang around waiting for them to learn their part AND pay for it!
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  11. Our guitarist at a gig: 'I kept f**king up because one of the stage lights was shining on my guitar. I didn't want to turn it off in case it looked unprofessional.' My rely: Err...not much point in looking professional if we sound like cr*p because of your numerous mistakes. Now if he had taken a step to the left or right, the light would no longer be on his guitar so really it was a poor excuse. The real reason is he had not picked up his instrument since the previous gig and assumed he would remember. My bass tutor taught me this: Practice doesn't make perfect....it makes permanent!
  12. [quote name='Rick's Fine '52' timestamp='1327793601' post='1517001'] Whats the Jazz you want?? [/quote] Sorry chaps, been offline for a while. I wanted a candy apple red with matching headstock but Far East did not have anything like it. However, I'm sorted and am now the proud owner of a brand spanking new 50th anniversary Fender Jazz bass!
  13. I had already tried Fareast but they have nothing like the jazz I want.
  14. Unfortunately I don't like sunburst, cherryburst, off white or woodgrain. The colours I prefer somewhat limits me and usually at a cost. :0(
  15. Just had a quote from ishibashi for a Japan Fender 1975 Reissue Jazz and with shipping import tax custom duty and VAT it's no cheaper than buying form a UK dealer. As follows: Cost of bass: £927 Add 3.9% import duty = £962.65 Add 17.5% VAT = £1131.12 Customs clearance: £20 (approx) Grand total = £1151.12 Same bass at Guitar Emporium priced at: £1149 What's the score? I was under the impression that basschatters bought from Japan to save ££££'s. Some people claiming they got theirs for £300 - £350. Are they talking about used? Give me a heads up please.
  16. Had an email from him today saying the bass I wanted wasn't available used but he has new. So, they do both :0)
  17. ah, sorry thought you meant yesterday. :0)
  18. 50th anniversary p bass maybe but def not the Jazz on ebay. I've got an alert set up and have checked 3 times a day everyday for the last 2 months. Didn't understand a word on the french site so used a translator....gave me a bit of a giggle! Seems like I would have to arrange the courier and am clueless as to how to do that or the cost involved. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. Can you buy new from ishibashi and is there any extra to pay on top for importing it from Japan?
  20. Hey thanks for the info but Thomann haven't had one for a long time. Based on the same specs, Shuker don't seem to be any cheaper than buying a MIJ 75 RI and it's a long wait to have it built. I would prefer to go with a brand that everyone is familiar with and have an investment. :0)
  21. I seriously want a Fender 50th anniversary jass (candy apple red) but know it will be hit and miss so have been looking at alternatives. The MIJ 75 reissue jazz is the closest but as far as I can find out it's not sold by UK dealers. I'm not a lover of woodgrain and prefer the looks of basses like those mentioned above that have matching headstocks with red being my fave colour. So I've had a scour online tonight and the amount of choice Germany, Holland and other countries have far outweighs our choice. Just wondered if anyone knew of an outlet I've missed ? Appreciate any info. Thanks. PS: I have already advertised for the two jazz basses in the wanted ads.
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  23. I was pretty sceptical about some of the events being charities and think I was probably right. Some good advice here. Thanks!
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