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  1. Hi, i have Alto Tourmax SXM112A Active Stage Monitors which are birch plywood and textured. Over time the paint has been scuffed off the cabinets so they are looking a bit scruffy. I would like to tart them up. Could anyone advise what paint to use. Thanks in advance
  2. Must be in good condition. Prefer ebony or 2016 t heritage cherry but please show me what you have. Thanks
  3. Must be in good condition. Prefer ebony or 2016 t heritage cherry but please show me what you have. Thanks
  4. Hi I have a Sterling Ray34 by Musicman and want to buy an Ernie Ball Music Man logo hard shell case. Will the 4980 Stingray bass case be suitable as I read reviews that the sterling case is too small for the Ray34. Thanks in advance
  5. Just bought one, now our guitarist wants one. Must be within a radius of 30 miles around Hampshire so it can be viewed to save on travelling costs as due to a recent bad experience couriers can't be trusted. Fender Strat (not Squier) or Gibson SG. Thanks
  6. Ideally looking for either Orange th30. Would also be interested in the Peavey valveking mini head 20w. Cheers
  7. We are trying to cut down on the backline volume because some venues are quite big and we end up loud to reach the far end so want to avoid ear damage. I do wear ear protection plugs though. Our soundman hasn't put bass through the pa before which is why im questioning whats best for the sub. As EBS said maybe he has the gain up too much from the desk. I will check today. Many thanks for your help
  8. Thanks for the replies. The soundman is learning so I want to help. The crossover is built in. Tops range 120hz - 100hz and subs 80hz - 120hz. On some songs I droptune the E string to D and use a low end sound from the gt10. So based on that which is the best setting for tops and subs? Last time we set up the low end of my bass kept cutting out of the foh. Many thanks
  9. Hi, I have a markbass LM800 and a soundman wants to put the whole band through the pa. We have yamaha dxr12 active tops and 2 x15 subs. Using a behringer xr16 mixer with ipad. Do I set my amp head to post or pre eq on DI if I want to use the settings of my gt10? Secondly, should tops be 120hz and subs 80hz? Lastly, should the soundman only put bass and kick drum through the subs and how does he do that (in case he doesn't know). Cheers
  10. smurfitt

    MB1 Feedback

    Absolutely brilliant guy to deal with! Communication was second to none. Item was well packaged and delivered swiftly and securely. Buy with confidence from this man! Thanks again Martin. X
  11. Hi, I've edited it on my profile and saved changes but the previous pic is still showing on my posts. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Looking for a well looked after unit as my GT6B is on its way out. Cheers
  13. Just bought a Ray34 Ive been after that was an import from Asia. Plug in and just get a load of fuzz and a high pitch squeal. Great - wanted to play it tonight so absolutely snorting steam from ears and nose. Took battery out which was a bit corroded but not actually leaked inside the battery compartment or onto the connectors. Played the bass as passive and everything sounded fine. Thought it must need a battery replacement so put a new one in and same thing happened. Didnt want to send it back when it just cost me an arm and a leg in shipping and paypal cost as well as import duty, VAT etc so got an electrician friend to look at it. He took the battery wiring connectors off (so I cant send it back now anyway) and put the wires directly on the battery and it played fine. The wiring is so short in that compartment that I'm assuming it got pulled loose. I'm hoping when he fits new connectors it will be ok but how would I check if its the preamp and what could possibly be wrong with it as the bass is brand new?
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