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  1. Thanks dudes. I just got a reply from one charity. Gave them a quote of pub gig and they then tell us they had a few hundred quid more in their budget. Now we are peed off! From now on we're going to do what you suggest Dan and give a professional 'sorry' we're a working band and have select charities.
  2. Each year my band choose two local charities to support and perform free to raise money for them. This year we've been inundated with enquiries about free or cheap gigs for others. Although they are all good causes and we'd like to help, it's not possible when we are a working band who need to recoup a lot of outlay. Feeling a bit guilty we've offered to play for a minimal amount (no more than pub bands get) but asked them to confirm asap whether this is feasible as we have offers of well paid gigs on the same date. What really annoys us is that they do not even bother to let us know after we have not just taken the time to reply but have even compiled a proposed schedule for the event, offered to download music of their choice to play between band breaks. All for free! How can people be so damn ignorant when I bet there's loads of bands that don't even bother once they see the word 'free' or 'cheap'. Feel like putting a paragraph on our website but not sure how to word it without sounding cruel so any ideas are welcome. Thanks
  3. These really have been said by people I've been in bands with: (Told to the band on the night of rehearsal) 1) My pc broke 3 weeks ago so I didn't have the tracks to be able to learn the songs. Drummer at a Sunday gig: 2) Why does this venue have to have the gig at 6pm. My roast dinner is always at 5pm so I don't get time to eat it before the gig and it's cold when I get home. (er....microwave??) [u]Guitarist:[/u] 3) I lost your email but if you had reminded me this wouldn't have happened. [i](ah...so, it's my fault! Tell me when you're going for a cr*p and I'll come wipe your arse for you too)[/i] [u]Drummer's response to a song with guitar intro. [/u] 4) I've played this with another band and always come in on the beat). [i](Bass & guitarist's reply: Er...guitarist starts the song so how the hell can he be on the offbeat?)[/i] [u]Guitarist's response to a query as to whether the drummer (his best mate) is playing too many bars:.[/u] 5) I don't play on that part, so I wouldn't know. [i](How stupid of me to ask. Of course you don't want to upset little friendy poos. Maybe he can pick those splinters out of your bum that you get from sitting on the fence so often).[/i] 5)The wife wont let me [i]Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, pmsl, red dot on forehead, lol, rofl, lmao.[/i]
  4. Shouldn't you have read his emails thoroughly and taken in the information? Pmsl....you were doing it for free and he treated you like that? I'd have given him a Claire Grogan with my headstock!
  5. SOLD! Two Torque monitors, one active, one passive. 100w each with 12" eminence speaker plus horn. The active one has treble, bass, mid, volume and notch filter controls, horn on/off button, power switch, two input/ouput jacks, jack to link up the passive monitor. Both can be pole mounted. Fully working, cosmetically has a chip or two on the corners of the cabs but nothing major and does not affect the performance. We've just upgraded to Alto Tourmax so selling these dependable ones for £100 ono for the pair. Buyer collects [font=Arial][u][attachment=97597:torque active.jpg][/u][/font] [font=Arial][u][attachment=97598:torque passive.jpg][/u][/font]
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Hi all, need some info: Which has the skinniest neck and shortest in length (the ric looks pretty darn long to me yet both have 20 frets). Which is better for a wide variety of music
  8. Cuddly Toy - Roachford Monster - The Automatic Raise Your Glass - Pink I Am The One & Only - Chesney Hawkes Merry Xmas - Slade
  9. I had the Ibanez ArtB100. Great tone and easy to play. You should find one on ebay.
  10. I can only find a version that statess 'not the single version', which is what I'm after. If anyone has it or can tab and send to me I'd be really grateful. Cheers
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. If you're prepared to split I'm interested in the powered speakers.
  13. Hi, putting out feelers for a friend who's selling. Fender Jazz Bass, 4-String, Made In Mexico, Active EQ, Noiseless pickups, Black with Tortoise Shell Pickguard. Would prefer someone to collect from Southampton. Due to condition, looking for around £375
  14. Hi all, This is a genuine warning about tab sites where viruses are lurking so please read in full. I went on vaious sites last week looking for a specific tab and along the way got a nasty fake antivirus pop up that sounds off a siren, keeps warning of infected files, wants you to buy its software and if you don't it eventually stops you accessing the Internet. I wasn't sure which site I got it from until. I called a tech guy who said that if I didn't get rid of it I would lose all data and need a new pc. I used Malwarebytes but this virus can avoid being detected. I tried restoring to a previous date and luckily it worked. However, my friend hasn't been so lucky and had to use back up disks to restore to factory settings before he could use his pc again. Today at work I was looking for the tab again and went onto Bassmasta. The same virus came on. Fortunately, my pc is Govt property so the scam antivirus was obliterated quickly. So my advice is be careful when accessing: BASSMASTA or SONGSTER Cheers
  15. Hi, I know they come with Ernie Balls but is there a thinner string that won't flap about and will give me a decent tone? Just wondered what anyone else preferred. Cheers
  16. smurfitt


    Tab is written mainly by people who think they've worked out the bassline! I admit to having a sneaky look now and again and sometimes it can be a guide but 9 times out of ten it's either wrong or notes are played in the wrong area of the fretboard. How can some bass players not distinguish whether a note should be played on the E string instead of the octave higher? I always listen to the song, use a graphic equaliser to boost the bass and slow the song down with software. Having only played for a short time (am a guitarist who got the bass bug) I was surprised to find how many people on youtube play incorrect notes or positions. I started learning Rio by Duran Duran and no tab is correct and those on youtube are missing a hell of a lot of ghost notes. I have JT's actual bassline recorded so if anyone wants to hear how it should go, PM me with your email and I'll send it :0)
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  18. For sale is my trusty Hartke amp head. Only selling because I have upgraded to Markbass. It has just been serviced, (receipt to show), so in perfect working order. £180 but open to offers. (Please note: rackcase not included in price). Collection only from Hampshire.
  19. 5im0n....Please correct my punctuation if it makes you feel better. Perhaps you could become my personal tutor seeing as you haven't got anything better to do with you time than to be on here telling me your life story and how I should listen to the God of gear. As for it being a slanging match....I'm a pretty tough nut to crack and can hold my own; I don't need back up from others. I thank those who have given me precise and relevant information in helping me making a choice on bass gear and am now off to play my LM11 through my Schroeder BMF1212. Maybe I'll come back later for some more of your wonderful rhetoric 5im0n....it's so much fun having you as a playmate.....Mwah
  20. Quote 5im0n: [i]In your highly in depth investigations did you happen to take into account the tiny width of an LMII compared to a standard 19" rack unit? It is only 10.87 in. / 27.6 cm wide, leaving approximately 4.5 inches on either side of the back of the unit to the inner edges of the rack case.[/i] Er yes I know it needs rack ears. Re: my punctuation: yet another personal sleight and totally off topic again. As I said relevant info is all I wanted not your opinion.
  21. Maths comment was sarcasm in response to insinuating I couldn't work out dimensions. Pancake thrower was not a personal sleight nor aimed at anyone in particular. I happen to have a career in the field of law so am quite knowledgeable about what is/is not abusive, slander and defamation of character. Josh....does 5im0n really need you to act as his defence counsellor him or is it a case of us boys stick together? I won't tar you all with the same brush as I know there are some mature members on this site who are very welcoming and helpful to newbies and understand the frustrations of trying to get sensible replies.
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