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  1. Again, track parameters such as fx send levels can be changed on a step-by-step basis using "parameter locking" See manual section 8.12.1. (I don't have a Model Samples myself, but have been a Digitakt user for a while, and a lot of the concepts are similar) 8.12 SEQUENCER FEATURES 8.12.1 PARAMETER LOCKS Parameter locks make it possible to set every trig to have its unique parameter values. The note trigs of an audio track can, for example, have a different pitch, FX send, or filter settings. It is possible to parameter lock the parameters that are controlled by the PARAMETER knobs, and the NOTE and VEL settings. You can also parameter lock the parameters on the LFO menu and the LOOP and the REVERSE settings. For a complete overview of all parameters on the PARAMETER pages, please see “9. TRACK RELATED PARAMETERS” on page 32.
  2. You know you can extend that by using sample locks (ie switching the source sample on a track on a per-step basis)?
  3. Here's a couple of videos showing what happened when an orchestral composer and an electronic composer each agreed to arrange one of the other's pieces
  4. I went to see a performance of this when I was 15 - my first ever Prom concert. Fabulous stuff. Couldn't stick the guitar version for more than a few minutes. The notes may be "correct" but the feeling and sound textures are nowhere near as rich, subtle and varied as those delivered by the orchestra as scored. Imho, ymmv etc.
  5. Pretty much sums up the BLM movement in the UK. But it's much more widespread than that, and one of the reasons for our inevitable decline. We are a deeply fractured society, with everyone wanting to play the victim and blaming the 'other', whether it's brexiteers blaming the "liberal elite", remainers blaming the brexiteers, the young blaming the old, the old blaming the young, the envious blaming the rich, the well-off blaming the scroungers and chavs...
  6. Frankly, I resent the suggestion that I am a boring bass player. I'll have you know I haven't touched a bass in months.
  7. Yes, and quite right too. 😜
  8. This discussion reminds me of Michael Flanders' remark to the audience in "At the Drop of a Hat", on explaining that the show was being recorded in new-fangled stereo: "So wherever you're sitting now, that's where you'll be on the record."
  9. I once went to see Ray Charles in order to see Diana Krall supporting.
  10. By coincidence, I only recently stumbled on this video too. I think it's great, not least because of the way he mixes the comedic with the despairingly tragic; "dirty stains on history's final page" is a wonderful line. It also reminds me of an old joke about the difference between the American and British views of life - for an American, things are serious, but never hopeless, whereas to a Brit things are hopeless, but never serious.
  11. Well, it's your opinion, and you gave it to us straight, like a pear cider made from 100% pears.
  12. In the seventies, the BBC broadcast an adaptation of Sartre's The Roads to Freedom, which acquired a cult following in our sixth-form. I can't remember a single thing about the characters or story, but the haunting theme song has never left me; La Route Est Dure, sung by the wonderful Georgia Brown.
  13. Ronnie Hazlehurst showing Pink Floyd how it should be done: 😉
  14. Question for the short-scale experts on here. How feasible is it to tune a 30 inch scale bass down to DGCF (without having to use strings so thick that it would require mods to the nut)? Does it make the strings just too floppy?
  15. Recent update from Thomann (apologies if it's already been posted...thread has grown somewhat) https://www.thomann.de/blog/en/an-update-for-our-valued-uk-customers/
  16. Terveisiä! I have fond memories of a trip to Hämeenlinna, just up the road from you, in November 2017 to see Värttinä with Paleface at the Verkatehdas. Had fun going round the castle too!
  17. Feel free to start your own thread about any of the benefits that Brexit has brought to the bass-playing community.
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