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  1. Nice, where did you pick that mustang up from?
  2. I am hoping that shortscale will stop my pain that comes on into the second hour of play. Dont tell me it gonna make it worse! Hoping shorter and lighter is the way to go
  3. few months later how you finding the gretch?
  4. 3 x P Bass Pickguards vfit USA Pbass with truss rod notch £10 each inc. postage. all 3 £25 delivered Vintage White Brown Tort and Black, Black never fitted but think it has the film removed, not sure.
  5. Ki0gon wiring loom for P Bass bought but never fitted, not got a P bass anymore so simply surplus to requirements. pick up or post at cost (approx. £2?)
  6. Are you wearing flippers? Nice bSs have a bump👍
  7. Dont know if i do tbh. Not had a good runout with the band yet. All my past squeezes have been p or J config with the option to change if you wish. Just thinking ahead and know all other parts are upgradeable/changeable. But am unsure about any choice of pups to suit this size
  8. just picked one of these up to try out the short scale thing after reading good reviews. Not had a chance to try in a band situation yet so may not need any attention at all/may not be my cup of tea but seems a nice bit of kit. Bridge and tuners are an easy upgrade as and when and if needed and a loom is a possible easy improvement as only problems people seem to have are the crackly selector switches. But just wondered if there were any PUP upgrades choices?
  9. any movement on this? still seem to be one or the other for sale. be great to have best of both in one package
  10. Nah cheers but ill stick with the chb if i like short scale ill pick an swb up too! Then ill have the passive or active heartache😂
  11. Im waiting on an order for a chb1 in same blue. Ordered direct from stock 11 days ago but now having buyers remorse😱 thinking I may have been wiser going for the swb1 how have you found it?
  12. what tinkering has been done? are they different to standard? Real shame I'm so far away, just ordered a chb1 but would love to try the swb-1 too and TB is a right bonus. (credit card sighs with relief!)
  13. Used my new 734a at its first gig between xmas and new year. Very pleased, great passive sound and the pre amp seems very useable but i held back will i give it a good run through in rehearsals. Very nice weight and comfortable to play
  14. They have offered white in most of their previous lineups. would have liked the option in the 7 series but admit I am liking the satin black on my 734a nice and silky, forearm doesn't stick to the satin finish as can be the case with gloss.
  15. The 434 is indeed a fine instrument. I have had a 1024 and a 1025 both were fantastic but I can remember trying a 424 in PMT and being blown away by the p bass sound it produced. some people here have picked 434s up for as low as £299 which is a ridiculous bargain. considering the quality, also the fact that you can now swap the pups out for std . p and J sets mean if stock is not your sound you can easily remedy it and have a fine bass for not much money. The 734 I picked as it also gives me the option of having active sounds in the one package
  16. Almost same layout as my new 734a only difference is the high pot acts as tone in passive. They've removed the pup switch and placed a blend pot where your passive tone control is. Great useable layout. Nice bass you have there, a good find
  17. Yes, your right, I expect the gloss will be harder wearing but the black one just felt nicer in my hand. cant explain it just one of those things missed your 1100s would have liked to have seen that :-)
  18. looks good and I had seen it but despite having sold a bass locally through gumtree I'm a bit sketchy about sending cash to someone miles away. Much prefer the niceties of BC!
  19. Had a choice of these two open box deals. Love a 'burst finish but went with the black as it was unmarked, slightly lighter and had the nicer feeling neck. Early days but it seems like another quality Yammy
  20. now thats nice. . that is a bass that performs and looks much better than its price point. Quality
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