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  1. Sorry, never saw your post. I'll upload photos this weekend.
  2. The BB3000 was available with 1.1/2" and 1.5/8" nut widths, and the 1.5/8" necks in two thicknesses. If you want a thin neck look for a BB3000MA (if the fret markers don't put you off) or an Alembic BB3000 (if you can find one).
  3. Hello Peter, it's 34", 40mm nut, maple & mahogony neck (rosewood board) with alder wings.
  4. No interest in this? It was Yamaha's top of the line model back in the day - it's pretty scarce because it cost an arm and a leg (about £1260 if I recall - over £3300 in today's money assuming 5% inflation) so seems to be under the radar of most bassists.
  5. This is active, as far as I know it's what would be listed as an SB310 in the old bass collection catalogues. I'm not an expert on these though - the house music naming is probably bollocks so I've changed the thread title. I'll throw in a strap and tuner/metronome as well.
  6. Various scuffs and scrapes but nothing significant. No issues - a cracking bass for the money. I'm not sure of the model number of this as there's no sticker on the back - I think it's a SB310, although the UK distributor back in the day seemed to list them as the SB401 (see the pricesheet). No hard case but will include a gigbag. Happy to ship but within the UK only due to the lack of a hard case. ty
  7. Yes, happy to ship (price includes UK shipping).
  8. It's hard to believe that it's ten years since I got this from you. Do you still have the BB1500A - they seem to be impossible to find now.
  9. Yes, as Alba says all the BB2000 and the 80's Japanese BB3000 (and BB5000) basses had striped ebony boards.
  10. Note - these are potentimeters only, not a Wal preamp, not a Wal bass, just the POTENTIOMETERS.
  11. I'll try and borrow scales to get an accurate weight - the spec says 4.5kg which is probably fairly accurate since all the ones I've handled have felt very similar.
  12. The other one is also a brown stain finish ('83) but it has a couple of bruises. I thought it would be easier to sell this one since it's in such nice shape.
  13. It's 1 and 11/16", or 1/16" under a Fender C width, so it's a wide neck.
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