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  1. A spare set of control pots for Wal Custom MK1 and later basses. Original unused parts consisting of pair of switching stereo pots for the tone controls, a centre detent balance pot, and the switched volume pot.
  2. Can everyone consider this as being on hold for the moment, until I figure out who first made a firm commitment to buy by PM, and check that they still wish to follow through with the purchase. Please don't send any more PM's! - if you haven't got in touch with me already the chance of the bass being available once I've gone through the list is pretty slim.
  3. 1984 Yamaha BB2000. Best bass Yamaha has ever made IMO. (Pics to follow.)
  4. 1993 Wal Custom MK1 with gold hardware and Shedua facings. Non original hard case. (Sorry for the delay in uploading pictures.) The bass is actually a July '92 and not a '93. This is a players bass, not a collectors item, as it has obvious signs of use. When I bought it, it had been fitted with a little pickguard just above the pickups, and there's a couple of screw holes there which held it on. The previous owner had it fitted because he anchored his thumb on the body of the bass, and had worn the lacquer right through to the wood. This is the most obvious cosmetic flaw on the bass. At the back of the headstock the laquer is cracked between the machine heads. This is common with Wals, and usually doesn't get worse with age, or cause any problems. The anodised finish on all the aluminium control knobs is fairly worn, and the white filler on the engraving on the knobs has all but gone. The tone control knob for the neck pickup has lost it's grub screw, but the knob is tight on pot shaft in any case so that hasn't been a problem. On the back of the bass the top layer of laquer has worn off of quite a large area, but there's no damage to the wood itself. On the bottom edge of the bass there is some scuffing to the finish, but nothing too serious. When I bought it it had gold finished schaller strap buttons - I've no idea if they were originally fitted, but I changed them to nickel ones some time ago. Apart from the cosmetic flaws the bass is fine. The pickups and electronics work fine, the fretboard is excellent, the frets are all in good condition, and the trussrod works well. I've had a lot of PM's about this bass (which I've still to read) so rather than mail everyone back just PM me again if you are interested.
  5. Added to Graeme's cable collection - a very smooth transaction.
  6. Vedran was kind enought to purchase an amp of mine - I'd have no hesitation in dealing with him again.
  7. New unused BB1200S preamp for sale (board only, no pots) £45 + shipping. Can supply wiring details if it's to be used with some other bass.
  8. Available again, note amp is a mark one 1001.
  9. MK1 GK 1001RB for sale. It has some scuffing to the paint but works well. Power output is 540W bass (or fullrange) into 4 ohms + a seperate amplifier providing a 50W tweeter output. £150 + postage.
  10. Sold Derrey some tuners, another very straightforward transaction.
  11. Mart was kind enough to buy a speaker cable from me - a pleasure to deal with.
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