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  1. Yes, happy to ship (price includes UK shipping).
  2. It's hard to believe that it's ten years since I got this from you. Do you still have the BB1500A - they seem to be impossible to find now.
  3. Yes, as Alba says all the BB2000 and the 80's Japanese BB3000 (and BB5000) basses had striped ebony boards.
  4. Note - these are potentimeters only, not a Wal preamp, not a Wal bass, just the POTENTIOMETERS.
  5. I'll try and borrow scales to get an accurate weight - the spec says 4.5kg which is probably fairly accurate since all the ones I've handled have felt very similar.
  6. The other one is also a brown stain finish ('83) but it has a couple of bruises. I thought it would be easier to sell this one since it's in such nice shape.
  7. It's 1 and 11/16", or 1/16" under a Fender C width, so it's a wide neck.
  8. That's for sure. I have a pair of them, so won't be without one (had one since they came out).
  9. To answer some Q's the manufacture date is October '84, and the fingerboard is ebony. It's made in Japan.
  10. Mint condition BB2004. These are getting difficult to find, and you'll never see one in better condition than this. (The case is a generic bass case and not the Fender tweed one shown).
  11. Excellent condition and in full working order, with original Yamaha hard case (the straplocks are not original - they are dunlops). I think these are the best basses Yamaha have ever produced (and yes, I've owned all the Yamaha high end basses). They sound terriffic and are built to last.
  12. A spare set of control pots for Wal Custom MK1 and later basses. Original unused parts consisting of pair of switching stereo pots for the tone controls, a centre detent balance pot, and the switched volume pot. Note that since Pete retired Wal no longer supply electronic parts... Reduced to £100
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