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  1. [quote name='thisnameistaken' post='560620' date='Aug 4 2009, 10:06 PM']Sounds a bit like this: [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cos9ExMIELU"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cos9ExMIELU[/url] Which has been sampled and re-recorded to death.[/quote] Who's the bassplayer for Whatnauts?
  2. I can't afford to have this one as well...someone else will?
  3. [quote name='RAY AGAINST THE MACHINE' post='560669' date='Aug 4 2009, 10:50 PM']Hi janspeeltbas CH Guitars is a business my friend started up . He's a geordie based ..in Newcastle! He sells loads of parts for guitars on the bay . He used to import guitars from China (now Korea..better quality) Very good replicas . Regarding the Steiney ,I think mine's called xm3 custom (due to pickups) Don't think Steinberger know much about their own products to be honest Glad you like them . I'm after a trans-trem .. Also one of their earlier models in Yellow (have seen one on their site) and a white one. Cheers[/quote] Thanks - a loverly Steiny and indeed a XM3 - very rare. Keep us posted when you extend your collection!
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. [quote name='Rich' post='560139' date='Aug 4 2009, 02:07 PM']If memory serves, Wilkes were among the first to offer them in any number. I've never seen a Jaydee with them, apart from that sale one! They're not an over the counter one-size-fits-all thing... have a word with your friendly neighbourhood luthier. They won't stop [u]all[/u] damage to a fretless, you'll still get normal string wear along the board, but it will stop the end of the board getting knackered from smacking the string against it. And it will add the slap's percussive element that you get from a fretted bass.[/quote] The Wilkes system is paired with a contact pickup for amplifying the percussive attack - very elaborate. Why isn't Doug on BC? - came across him on Talkbass - maybe we should invite him?
  6. Crazy bass...sure it's from '73? Vorg was a brand of Pearl (drumsets) who briefly entered guitar territory for a while with guitars, FX and amps. I recall a bass exactly like Epiphone's Genesis - early '80s and Taiwanese.
  7. Everything well then? OT: show us your PJ'd Steinberger - should be a XM4 - recently played a custom Q with PJ's - the ultimate P-sound!!! and who is CH Guitars?
  8. Jaydee used to have 'em - there's a fretless roadie for sale on BC by "Jude_B" - ( I almost bought it but found another one...) with the slap plate on it.
  9. The Radial Bassbone sounds nice - it does change your sound in the highs a little (in contrary to what Radial claims) but has a very sweet lows. Plus it has a DI out.
  10. [url="http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/JD-JayDee-Supernatural-Fretless-Bass-Collectors-Item_W0QQitemZ320404510602QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV?hash=item4a9998d78a&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14"]http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/JD-JayDee-Supernatur...id=p3286.c0.m14[/url] Anyone fancy a fretless Roadie !??? Well, I do...
  11. Just send the TI rounds to me...I actually do like them...
  12. The Turner Bass is sold...gone off to make someone else (not on BC...) happy...thanks for watching!
  13. Aha, had one just like this but fretless (yes, maple 'board), traded it for a Tokai long ago. Your price is absolutely right. But someday you'll miss it...
  14. Many moons ago I played a session on a borrowed Bassman 135 with a faulty fuse, vibrating loose. Tried to reinsert, touched it and woke up 10 feet from the amp...afterwards all my longforgotten childhood memories came back to me.. :wacko: .my trusty Tokai survived it too...
  15. Good Luck, I appreciate its beauty everytime it comes up...this lady needs a home!
  16. [b]Pekka Pohjola[/b], died last November, finnish session bassist and solo artist, played with Mike Oldfield, Wigwam, Made in Sweden, Unisono, Olli Ahvenlahti etc. Bass: Fender Jazz (early 70s) with extra J-pickup between bridge & bridge pu; JoBass custom bass with same pu arrangment (EMG JV); also seen with P-bass and rarely a Ricky. Rig: Carslbro Delta, Acoustic combo in early days. Anyone who can tell me more about him or his equipment can PM me - have lots of transcriptions of his playing, solo's and compositions too...
  17. Bill Bruford (on piano!) with Jeff Berlin on "Palewell Park" - quickly recorded as a filler for the Gradually Going Tornado album but oh so nice!
  18. Sold: [b]Rick Turner Electroline EL535PM[/b] fivestring lined fretless 2004 in very good condition: Turner Reference piezo's in Hipshot bridge, two Turner magnetic pickups, Highlander preamp, passive tonecontrols for both piezo & magnetic pu's, 35" bolt-on maple neck, lined rosewood fingerboard with beautiful position dots on the side, ash body, ca. 4,75 kg & well balanced, strung with fresh Thomastik Alloys. Plays like butter - soundwise the most versatile bass ever. These piezo's really deliver (sounds better & more upright-like than the Çlevinger & Fichter EUB's I've owned!), magnetics cover all traditional fretless sounds. It has to go because of the fifth string and 35"scale - just not my thing...800 GBP incl. shipping to UK or EC. Soundfiles + higher resolution pics available later this week, just PM!
  19. Last time I saw Adam play live he used an Ibanez Musician, but this was in '81....
  20. [quote name='BigRedX' post='554591' date='Jul 29 2009, 12:16 AM']The man behind Gus Guitars is Simon Farmer. BTW the Gus G3 bass you showed now belongs to me although it's no longer that colour.[/quote] Corrected - and a lovely Gus you have!
  21. The list so far (corrections welcome...) - pictures are from the internet and not credited! ACG (A.Cringean) Ashly Pangborn Bailey Guitars Bassurgery (Kim Seabourne) BG (Bernie Goodfellow) Burns (James Burns) Chris McIntyre Crimson Guitars Eastwood Guitars (Brian Eastwood) E Basses (Ian Hancock, Nick Smith)[attachment=29839:E_basses_fretless.jpg] Eccleshall (Chris Eccleshall- Devon) Enfield (Martin Sims - Ashford,Kent)[attachment=29836:Enfield_vk.jpg] Fenton-Weill (Henry Weill) Finch (Jeff Finch) Fret King (Trev Wilkinson) Ged Green (Ged Green - Manchester) Giffin (Roger Giffin) Goodfellow (Bernie Goodfellow/Lowden) Gordon Smith (John Smith) Gordy (Gordon Whitham) Graham Crook Graham Parker Grimshaw (Emile Grimshaw) Gus (Simon Farmer )[attachment=29844:Gus_Five_Active.jpg] Hayman (Shergold) Icenci/Zoot (Mike Walsh) Jaydee (John Diggins) JC Hamilton (Josh Hamilton - London)[attachment=29845:JC_Hamilton_vk.jpg] Jim Fleeting (Jim Fleeting - Ripon) John Birch Guitars (John Birch/John Carling) Legra (Bob Johnson - Leigh On Sea)[attachment=29848:Legra_B42SB.jpg] Les Evans Lindsay Williams Lodestone (Martin Sims) Manson (Hugh Manson) McMillan (Ernie McMillan/Lowden)[attachment=29840:ernie_mc..._factory.JPG] MD Guitars (Martin Dixon) Moon (Jimmy Moon - Glasgow) Ned Callan (Pete Cook) Nightingale (Bernie Goodfellow) Overwater (Chris May) Patrick Eggle Guitars Patrick James Eggle Pete Stroud Prose RIM Rob Parnham[attachment=29846:Rob_Parn..._gestopt.jpg] Royal (Kevin Chilcott) Scrimshaw (Andrew Scrimshaw) Sei (Martin Petersen - London) Shuker (John Shuker) Shergold Sid Poole Siggery (Marty Siggery) Simon Lee[attachment=29841:Simon_Le...anola_vk.jpg] Simnett[attachment=29843:Symnet.jpg] Status (Rob Green) Staccato (Pat Townshend) Street Guitars[attachment=29838:Street_Guitars.jpg] Tony Revell Vox Wal (Ian Waller, Pete Stevens) Watkins WEM (Watkins) Wilkes (Doug Wilkes) Wilson (Watkins) Zemaitis (Tony Zemaitis)
  22. [quote name='BarnacleBob' post='554376' date='Jul 28 2009, 09:16 PM']I first heard of them thru the build your own guitar courses they have. No basses on the site tho' [url="http://www.baileyguitars.co.uk/Default.aspx"]http://www.baileyguitars.co.uk/Default.aspx[/url] BB[/quote] Actually there are basses on this site!
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  24. [quote name='steverickwood' post='553498' date='Jul 28 2009, 08:40 AM']Yeah I spoke to him once about wiring for a bass I building for my gcse - he launched into details and concepts of handwiring and I think I lost track about 2 sentences in! I think they may be manufactured in Japan now? Sid Poole also had a great rep - PRS were praising his guitars...[/quote] I know his guitars but did he make basses too? Anyone got a picture of those? Zemaitis designs are produced by Greco (Kanda Shokai) in Japan[attachment=29733:Greco_Zemaitis.jpg]. There's also a more expensive version branded as Zemaitis. [attachment=29734:Zemaitis.jpg] Anyone ever played one of these?
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