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  2. Welkom John, BC is een warm nest voor bassisten!
  3. Congrats - beautiful bass! Did you post it in the Overwater Gear Porn thread?
  4. That's a nice one! Someone in that area should check it out and report to us...
  5. [url="http://www.metalsucks.net/2009/02/24/some-w***er-futzing-around-on-an-11-string-bass/"]http://www.metalsucks.net/2009/02/24/some-...11-string-bass/[/url]
  6. I believe that Hill basses are made by Jon Hill, starting out in '89. Later he worked for Dean but in '02 he set up his own business again in Cleveland. Initially he set out making quality standard guitars and basses with 5 employees, so on a fairly large scale. From his myspace page I understand he's now in Florida and concentrating on basses - the website is indeed under construction but yoy may contact him through [url="http://www.myspace.com/hillcustomguitars"]http://www.myspace.com/hillcustomguitars[/url] As for Overwater - I really love mine and they're a great company!
  7. [quote name='yorks5stringer' post='530076' date='Jul 1 2009, 11:55 PM']Spector vs Kramer? I thought it was Kramer vs Kramer?[/quote] Wrong movie...for those who don't know: "As demand for the NS heated up, Spector Guitars grew rapidly, and in 1985 Kramer acquired the company. Stuart took on a consultant’s role, and Spector-by-Kramer basses were produced for the next five years. After Kramer went bankrupt, Stuart built basses sporting the SSD (Stuart Spector Design) label, and in 1998 he finally won his legal battle to recover the Spector trademark. Today, Stuart makes eight to ten Spector neck-through basses a month in his shop near Woodstock, New York, and he also offers production instruments built under contract in the Czech Republic, Korea, and China. ("We’re our own little mom-and-pop multinational corporation," he says with a chuckle.)"
  8. come on guys, this is a great bass - wish he'd ship outside the UK...grab it!
  9. although i'll never own one, these basses have something special...
  10. JanSpeeltBas


    interesting stuff and beautiful website!
  11. Interesting pickups on the GS Gypsy...this design predates similar models by Atlansia and EMG/NS Design. Gordon Smith made three bass models, so far we've seen the semiacoustic Galaxy and the e-bay'ed Gypsy but the topmodel was the Gemini with active electronics, XLR DI-out and tremelo bridge - quite a contrast with the Gypsy's simplicity? The Gordy one or two pickup models were called Blueshift I, II and Deluxe, the latter (I think) an active version of the Blueshift II. The Redshift series are guitars. Thanks for all your input so far. Anyone got pictures of the Gordon Smith Gemini and the Gordy headless?
  12. [quote name='RhysP' post='528188' date='Jun 29 2009, 11:15 PM']I never knew that. I wonder why Stuart Spector never got all litigious on Warwicks ass?[/quote] I guess he was tied up/struggling with Kramer at the time?
  13. Nice songs, the lows are cluttered though. There's warbling on the low sounds - did you use chorus f/x or is the bass not 100% in tune? Your bass should a bit more clearer and you may want to cut lows on the synth sounds giving more focus.
  14. Well (OT), the Warwick Streamer bass was first produced under licence of Spector. After the contractual term ended Warwick continued to produce this bass without permission, much to the annoyance of Stuart Spector who felt ripped off...
  15. This is the Blueshift I had wanted to buy...and it's the only one I've ever seen.
  16. Some years ago I almost snapped a Gordy Blueshift bass off Ebay...haven't seen one since except for a catalog on Vintaxe. Read about Gordon Smith basses too (interesting features) but never seen one. Who owns these basses and would like to share opinions and experiences? Thanks!
  17. Haven't played them so can't comment quality. My guess is that they look better than they sound. Second hand value will be low since it's an unknown brand and the market for a sevenstring bass is rather limited... -_-
  18. Have PM'd a link to download a MP3 backingtrack to Teen Town, have fun!
  19. HK instruments are marketed by german distributor Hermann Kempf from Bückeburg. Some instruments are cheap chinese made OEM instruments (by factories like KHL or Aofa) while others are a little more upscale. Though they may look pretty or exclusive they are not expensive instruments. Actually this 7 string was advertised last year for a steep 1000 GBP on the HK website, looks like prices have dropped. If you look further on the Internet you'll find similar models under other brand names. Added: picture of an AOFA, inexpensive yet exclusive looking six string bass...
  20. I love Thomastik's Acoustic Bass (Acousticore), nylon core, phosphor bronze round wounds. They feel great, give extra fretless "mwaah" but do cost more than d'Addario's....
  21. "I was made to love her" (stevie wonder), bassline by Carol or James (but let's not open that discussion).
  22. I'll bump your Wal - lovely basses and a really fair price!
  23. Resolute is a series by Keiper - rather cheap budget guitars, basses and other instruments imported from China by Thomas Keiper, a german music teacher who runs the wayofmusic musicschools. The Keiper Instruments webpage is gone, it now leads to the site of his music school. Keiper models are also found under other brand names - they're not especially designed for Keiper but stock OEM products from large chinese factories like Cola and Aofa.
  24. Interesting comparison on youtube (the prized Strobostomp vs Turbo Tuner) - it must be a great tuner but what does it do to your sound? Having a tuner inline does compromise your sound, especially with a passive bass.
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