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  1. I have acquired an Ashton bass that has an in built tuner. Only problem is that it didn't come with the battery clip. Does anyone; a) know what exactly I'd need to call it for a search engine? know where I could get one? C) have one they could sell me? Many thanks in advance. Looking to get this repaired and up and running ASAP so all help welcomed.
  2. [quote name='TheGreek' timestamp='1347812840' post='1805342'] Are you going to the SE Bash?? I've got a gig bag (or two) which I'm happy to P/X... [/quote] Alas I am not. Thanks for the interest tho.
  3. [quote name='Happy Jack' timestamp='1338990585' post='1682040'] Bass Collection Sanyo??? Excellent! I'm guessing it's a Bass Collection by SGC Nanyo. [/quote] Yep that'll be the one. My memory!!!
  4. Just spotted a Bass Collection SGC Nanyo for sale in Cash Converters in Blackheath, West Midlands. £109.99 Not sure whether it's worth that or what playing condition it's in, but it didn't look too beat up to me. I'm skint so will look no further into the matter, but I thought I'd let everyone know there may be a bargain! Let me know if anyone buys it and whether it was any good.
  5. Guitar gigbag for sale, surplus to requirements. In excellent condition, just used to store guitars under the bed. Couple of scuffs but nothing major. Warwick will fit strats, les Paul etc. Warwick: £20 Can post via courier (bout 7 quid), but would prefer pickup from B65. Any questions just ask.
  6. [url="http://www.cashconverters.co.uk/auction-item/398462/status-groove-5-string-bass-guitar"]http://www.cashconverters.co.uk/auction-it...ing-bass-guitar[/url] Surely a bargain?? Not in Sheffield so will have to pass!
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