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  1. [quote name='nobody's prefect' post='480829' date='May 6 2009, 01:03 PM']So I'm getting a 6-string fretless and this one is up on the block. Created by Rick Turner who is one of the great innovators of electric bass, this bass has an amazingly huge piezo sound and very versatile magnetic pickups. Very playable and imo one of the most underrated basses in the industry. The list price is over 2400 pounds, though. In light of the market and the fact that I've found something I would like to buy (in addition to the fretless six) I'm asking 680 pounds shipped to UK. The bass is in Finland, and is available for noodling around for those who happen to be around here somewhere. The bass is in near mint condition, the only wear on it is shown on the pic - there's some extremely light scuffing on the back of the bass.[/quote] That's a nice one...how much for shipping to the Netherlands, and do you have some sound samples?
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