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  1. Ah yes, the F bomb did catch me off guard as well, good shout!
  2. Had the opportunity of seeing a band called Honne live a couple of months ago, they seemed pretty great. Today they put out a new track called 'Loves the jobs you hate' and the bass on it is just too funky for words. This seemed like the appropriate place to post it! [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7SUFdo3KjM[/media]
  3. Yep. would love all of them if they're not gone already. Can collect tonight, drop me a PM.
  4. Sir Duke - Stevie Wonder (I got thrown in at the deep end!)
  5. [quote name='Big_Stu' timestamp='1365018408' post='2034274'] Not as easy these days with sprinkler systems installed though is it!? [/quote] e-cigs
  6. [quote name='Big_Stu' timestamp='1364896741' post='2032227'] I once read that Blackbeard the pirate used to put long twists of brown paper fuses under the crown of his hat & light them just before he went into battle... [/quote] Ever wonder where I got my stage name from?
  7. Had my first audition a couple of weeks back! There's loads of great advice on the thread, look in my profile for it.
  8. I had the nickname of Clam (fast show reference) for a while, and so it seemed natural to call my pearl blizzard fender 'Pearl' when it arrived. And pearl isn't exactly a guy's name.
  9. Best of luck! People who do things are far more rewarded than people who stay still.
  10. I play bass at church! Used to play at quite a big one before uni with some great players as well. 800ish on a sunday over 2 services. Great fun! Now play in a smaller church up near London We've just bought a big ol' steeldeck stage as well which gives us an excuse to turn up the bass nice 'n loud from now on! Is anyone else sick of Standard Christian worship music? Seems like Newday are the only ones at least trying something slightly different.
  11. Feeling honoured at all the responses! It went really well, they're at the first 'stage' where it's coming in to have a chat and play along to the recordings (as their drummer isn't around all day every day). They'd auditioned a few before me but said that they were just too 'rock' and not enough funk. Apparently I have more funk than the lot of them which is nice! So yes, they'll finish off the album in the next couple of months and get back to be asap. I think the general impression was great, Especially considering I'm 19 and they're all mid 20s and above!
  12. Thanks for all the advice guys! About the songs, I do feel like I know then inside out now haha. Had a quick run through this morning and it feels solid.
  13. Some awesome tips so far! In reply to one of you, I've had to lean a couple of their originals. I like the thought of auditioning them as much as thu audition me! It should be fun! Will let you all know how it ges
  14. So I've learnt the songs as best I can, any normal audition tips as this is my first ever? It's for an already established pop band that's about to start gigging their first album, so they want someone live. It's a bit of a mix of black keys and mgmt to my ears! But really, I want this to be a general auditions tips thread! Thought its be nice - couldn't find anything on the search
  15. Yep, definitely interested in this!! PM'ing now
  16. I might be interested in buying the head and RS210c without the cab!
  17. I love bass, but there's nothing like going out busking with a 6 string (guitar) for a few pennies
  18. Hey all, It's a sad day, my loyal bass amp is going up for sale. Has done me a good couple of years of service, but times are hard and being a student is more difficult than i thought so I need to sell it for the money. One chipped knob, otherwise in pristine condition. I can post (will be about £40 I think), but collection from Eastbourne (or London in the new year) is preferrable. Pics upon request, it's identical to this http://www.millennium-music.co.uk/ashdown-mag-c410t-300-4x10-combo-307w Price: £370
  19. [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5-String-Electro-Acoustic-Harper-Bass-Guitar-/180720275594"]http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5-String-Electro...r-/180720275594[/url] I'm on holiday so can't upload any more until tues/weds
  20. come down and have a play on it! where are you based? i'd never heard of them either, might be German? Plays really nicely, though.
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