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  1. I accept that my post isn't the easiest to read but there's ways and there's ways. Basically I'd like to trade for a Micro Thumpinator. I don't need the adjustment but some may have a use for it. I'm far from certain I'm getting the best out of it. Peter
  2. Thank you for your less than pleasant critique.
  3. I had it from new. Should never have parted with it
  4. What I'm looking for is a trade for a Micro Thumpinator. I'd prefer a non adjustable high pass filter. This post may not be allowed. I'm not sure. I'd rather trade for a simple hpf than sell for cash. This unit functions perfectly as it should and I believe I have it's box hidden in the loft. I've had issues with Micro Thumpinators not working from new (one was fixed by return and the other was eventually returned as it worked fine for Max but not for me???) I'm looking for a simple solution. Peter
  5. These amplifier heads have a great reputation and for good reason. In good condition and functioning fully as it should. The blue light has been replaced with an LED bulb and it's been 100% reliable but I'll throw in a blue and red spare! It's mounted in a SKB case as shown and can really be carried in one hand and I'm no beefcake! It's available to view or try in Kendal NW England. I'd rather not commit to a courier but would be willing to meet up half way a reasonable distance. See also my HD350 for sale. Peter
  6. Jim bought my MCR Bass Chorus Deluxe. An absolute pleasure to deal with. Peter
  7. I've dropped the price for this great amp to £310. A visit to try it out is welcome. Peter
  8. I would Liam but I’d need to charge full courier charges that would include £300 insurance. A guess would be £40. Peter
  9. I gave the Legacy head a try at band practice last night. I used one of my 2, 8 ohm Accugroove Tri112L cabs that I find excellent, full horn and tweeter dialled in on the back of the cab too. The guys can be pretty loud. It's always a mission not to get carried away in volume wars until drummer is drowned out and we get another letter of complaint to the Parish Council I used my 2008 MIM Jazz with Dunlop flats. Passive VVT and more than a sum of its parts. My cheapie bass that I was going to sell when my Zoot arrives but I don't think I can do it..... It is the best Jazz I've owned in terms of tone and playability and that includes some high end instruments. Okay in some ways my Sandberg is better with it's Uni-Pre versatility but it's heavy and tone wise something quite different. Bass in via a Broughton adjustable HPF to an EBS Microbass 3. I'm using the MB3 as much for the tuner and compressor as anything else at the moment although it's a powerful pre in it's own right. The Legacy isn't my 1st Class D amp. I've had mixed outcomes with several and some haven't been up to the job frankly. The gain 'trim' is supposed to be set at max unless it needs to be rolled off to prevent clipping. I had it at max initially and all the EQ set flat. These amps are known for their sparkle and I anticipated having to turn the treble down a bit, especially with the cab wound up to the max. But no. Articulate and right in the mix at a silly low volume settings. The volume knob was set to about 8 o'clock or less and the bass just sounded solid in right in there without any boominess or clatter. 2 cabs would I suspect give a huge amount of projection. The guys are a perennial practice band. We're mostly comfortable with that and we lack a singer. The lead guitarist does a very good impression but we'd really need a singer to carry it off. Our drummer gigs regularly and reckoned we were way better than a band he gigged with on the weekend, including the bassist which was a fillip for me So, early days but I'm very pleased with the tone and it seems to suit both my playing and our music which varies from Rolling Stones and Thin Lizzy numbers and other 'classic' rock and more modern (80's) numbers that we enjoy playing. I noticed the amp clipping and the cab distorting after I'd wound up the low mids a little and get a bit carried away with 'A Town Called Malice". The truth is I didn't needs the low mids boosted anyway and adjusting the trim a little sorted it. So very pleased. Peter
  10. I’ll have a look later. The bag came with the amp.
  11. Apologies for butting in but I think it's probably an SKB 12 x 12. I've a similar Gator case in 12 x 12 that fits my Legacy perfectly.
  12. I always find it a traumatic experience. Ideally the bass with be in a hard case and have an outer box. It can be insured if double boxed like this but that can cost a fortune depending on the value of the bass. An option is to remove the neck for shipping...
  13. Now £300 I've been using this awesome head for home practice and it's way overkill. I've replaced it with a Fender Rumble 200 and even that is excessive. I did run it a couple of times with 2 8ohm cabs for band practice (loud rock) and it coped well. What can I say? The reputation of these heads is in my opinion well deserved. 350 RMS watts at 4 ohms and it will run 2 ohms. It has a real body and depth in its tone as has a compressor and drive onboard too. Weight is 9 kg (20lbs) so not a big deal and it comes with a gig bag as shown in the photos. I can courier but collection or meeting up half way is preferred. I have good feedback going back many years. Can be viewed and tried out in Kendal. I've also got a EBS Fafner available that will be advertised in due course.
  14. Pedal is in very good condition and functions as it should. MXR has Velcro underneath. MXR M83 Bass Chorus Deluxe with flanger £110
  15. Rumble 200. Slightly saner and lovely. The Tascam goes straight into the amp and I’ve connected the Polytune to the fx out so a cleaner setup.
  16. When I gave up the pursuit of my band ambitions forever a few years ago I was left with a TC Electronics BG250 (1x15) combo. Then I got the call from an old friend….. I bought an EBS HD350 from Lee Muir of this parish and an Accugroove Tri112L. What a nice rig it turned out to be. Then the TC combo failed - phut! By then I’d acquired a 2nd Accugroove and an EBS Fafner. Overkill with both cabs but in my little 6x5x5 foot practice den one cab and the HD350 are sonic heaven (if again a little OTT). I’ve just today acquired a more sensible amp head and this lovely, in fact quite awesome head will be up for sale soon.
  17. I always knew you were a man of taste.
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