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  1. Not particularly, I'm mostly after the cash. Dave
  2. A really great utility pedal for adding low end back into your signal or for adding dirt and grit, works really well as an "always on" pedal with passive basses or after fuzzes that cut low end. mint condition as its mostly had home use. I live in Ealing and am happy to post anywhere at the buyers expense or arrange collection, no trades please Sometimes, getting the job done right means bringing in a specialist. Do you have a pedal whose characteristics you love but loses precious low end? Throw the Thug after it in your chain. Need an aggressive dynamic drive for a huge groove-laden chorus? The Thug can pack that heat. Maybe you just need something to thicken up your guitar chords for a fuller spectrum tone? Thug's got your back. From subtle, clean, coaxing to gritty, matter-of-fact, bass-blasted sleeve rolling, this utility booster is an essential to any self respecting outfit.
  3. I've had this pedal from new, it comes with the Box and a nice green branded bag its had minimal use on my smaller setup with much success bit after getting hold of a second Cali 76 TX its not being used too much these days. Mint condition for a great pedal, the Gamma Fuzz is particularly ear catching. I live in Ealing which is west london, happy to ship worldwide at buyers expense or arrange collection. No trades as i'm only looking for the cash. The Alien Bass Station, or ABS for short, is a multi effects pedal that we designed specifically for bass players who are looking to shape and control their sound in both live and studio situations. This unique one of a kind pedal combines three essential effects that all bass players should have: “Limiter/Compressor” – “Amp Generator” – “Gamma Fuzz”. But the Alien Bass Station is not limited to just bass guitar alone. History has shown us that some of the best designs originally intended for bass, like the legendary Fender Bassman, have become essential favorites among guitar players as well. When you plug a guitar into the ABS the character of the pedal changes and becomes an entirely different animal. The ABS is an essential tool for any bass player to have, while at the same time it can be a guitar player’s secret weapon. Each Alien Bass Station comes with its own custom cooler bag and external power supply. The Limiter/Comp Allows you to control your bass guitar’s dynamic range without squashing your tone into extinction. The Amp Generator Has the characteristics of a vintage tube bass amp. Gamma Fuzz Truly unique among fuzz pedals, it has stronger and lower frequencies that will produce more fuzz. Your bass will take on a whole new expressive harmonic richness when you run it though the Gamma Fuzz.
  4. Hey guys I'm selling my Analog Alien Bass Station, I've had it about 6 months and not really used it as much as i anticipated i would. its a wonderful utility pedal with a great sounding Comp, Drive and fuzz circuit. the pedal comes with the green bag and box as well as instructions and is in 10/10 condition. The pedal is is North West London, i'm happy to post the pedal anywhere at the buyers expense or collection is fine. Bank transfer or PayPal are both accepted. No trades please. cheers guys Dave
  5. pretty sure its monophonic and no I'm not looking for any trades just cash Dave
  6. Hey guys I'm shifting this awesome and unique pedal, I've had it only a few weeks and although its absolutely amazing at what it does i have other units that suit my particular needs better. its in brand new condition and hasn't been attached to a pedalboard or even left the house. The pedal is in North London and i'm happy to post it anywhere at the buyers expense. No trades. https://www.banananaeffects.com/products/matryoshka Dave
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