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  1. What did you use to do that Mick? I was going to lemon oil mine just because I felt that it needed it but darkening would look good aesthetically.
  2. I got mine from Kenny’s Music. One thing, the sandwich alder/maple/alder body construction. Is that normal BB practice? It certainly will add rigidity to the neck/body/bridge structure in lieu of a neck through construction.
  3. No it fits just fine. I wasn’t expecting a gig bag so it was a bonus. I suppose at £999 I should have expected one
  4. I don’t know. The last BB I owned was a 2024. It’s reasonable. Better than a Warwick gig bag but not up to Mono standard. I usually use a ‘Slickbag’ and it’s not quite on a par.
  5. My BBPH arrived this afternoon and after about an hour of playing and 20 minutes of tweaking I thought I'd give a few first impressions. The fit and finish is superb. A typical Yamaha in that respect. No sharp fret ends, a lovely gloss finish with satin for the neck and headstock except for the face which is gloss. The back of the neck feels great to play and won't get sticky even on those hot and humid days I guess. I initially thought, urghhh, steel wounds and I immediately ordered some nickels. I hate the coarse draggy feel of some steel wounds. The action was okay, quite playable but I could see room for a little setup work. Fitting the supplied battery was interesting. The battery door is quite flimsy and thin and isn't attached by a ribbon. The battery pops in and immediately pops out again as it's sprung from inside. You have to hold it in place and use the door (that's now on the floor) to secure it properly. If the flimsy door were to fall off the battery would jump out. The tones available - awesome. I was completely blown away in passive and active doesn't add a huge boost but it gives greater control to sculpt the tone from the single pickup. I'm not sure what modifications have been made for Peter Hook's preference but bass and mids are very useable with extremes I wouldn't use and treble more so. The chosen frequencies seem great for what I do, pop, rock and blues covers. When tuning up I get a feel for neck stability as say my Fender will waver a little on the tuner while settling down with the one piece neck. The tuner was bang on, it's a lovely stable 5 piece neck! It's slightly neck heavy but nothing that a forearm on the body doesn't address. The tuners seem robust and function well. I initially found the centre detents on the EQ controls difficult to find but after adjusting the pots a few times the centre position was much more distinct. After playing for an hour I was finding the strings becoming pleasant to use. I realise that Mick has identified them as D'Addario nickels (strung through body) and I can go with that now and they are actually great. I won't change them now they've bedded in a little. The bass came with very little neck relief (a smidge) and a reasonable action, in itself a good sign. The saddles had been adjusted to follow the radius of the fretboard, a pointless exercise that can cause issues. I flattened them out and wound down the saddles a good deal. The action is now spot on, quite low, no buzziness and still only a tiny amount of neck relief. So the fretwork/neck is great. I'm very impressed. A couple of minor issues went away with playing and the quick setup I did took the bass in a very positive direction. Maybe stick a ribbon to the battery door? Oh and the proper Yamaha badge (no decal this) on the headstock is a nice touch for this motorcyclist. Peter Bass shed:
  6. I've owned quite a few neck through basses (understatement) and with the sustain thing I'm not convinced. There are other factors involved in sustain, like wood density, type, neck layup, fretboard, strings and grain/grain orientation. I believe that a well mounted neck with all the other factors ticked is capable of more than enough sustain to compete. Then factor in the practical nature of 'endless' sustain in most modern music.
  7. I'll let you know what mine looks like tomorrow.
  8. The 3 pieces are I believe actually a sandwich of alder and maple in the width of the body i. e. Front to back.
  9. Have you posted on Talkbass? I'm happy to try that too if not. It's a US site. Peter
  10. Hello There is a post on Facebook that I believe is quite genuine. A bassist has passed on and his wife is trying to locate an ACG bass that he commissioned. This is the bass, if you know of it's whereabouts could you please pm me. Peter
  11. With an extended lockdown incoming, selling basses especially without shipping a realistic option, is increasingly difficult. This is a great instrument at a fair price but it is of course open to offers with a reduced listed price of £650.
  12. This would indicate that it might be the case. https://www.lakland.com/product/skyline-series-44-64-vintage-p-2/ I can't confirm other than to say that there's no discernible hum and the pups sound really robust and well balanced.
  13. This has been my main bass and is superb. In excellent almost unmarked condition as the photos hopefully show. I've commissioned a new build. As I fast approach 70 my back is beginning to ache a little after standing with the bass on a strap for a couple of hours. The bass is 9.5 lbs on my digital bathroom scales so manageable but I'm going for a chambered body and medium scale with my new build. I'm selling to help fund it (and using my cheap Mexican Jazz in the meantime). 34" scale with maple fretboard bound and with block inlays. Can be strung through body or through the bridge. The Tuners are Hipshot Ultralights. The fretboard is Pleck'd meaning that a low action is easily achieved with no fret buzz. It's awesome in this respect. Passive and tonally extremely good. I had no urge to replace the original pickups. It is fitted with Dunlop strap locks and I will provide all strap fittings if required or I can refit the original strap pins. Presently strung with Dunlop flats that I find are a perfect flat/round compromise. There is a Hipshot D'tuner fitted but I plan to re-fit the original before sale unless someone particularly wants it left in place. It has a replacement scratch plate fitted and comes with the original in black. The original has been cross country in a parcel a few times and is scratched but still useable. Sadly I have no hardcase and I'm not prepared to ship it without one. I live in the NW and would travel a reasonable distance to meet halfway etc. If someone is desperate they could always post me a suitable case. I used to have loads but being sensible and paring down means they've all gone. Trial here in Kendal welcome with Covid respectfulness.
  14. This is a whole new ball game so far as Fender bridges go and as remote from a BBT as can be. Please note that as shown in photos some of the chrome plate has lifted but it doesn't affect function. I paid in the region of £100 for a replacement for this from the USA. The 4 screws shown on the rear of the bridge do protrude and it has a 3 screw fixing. It will accommodate string through too. It's a hefty lump. Peter
  15. I think I must be losing the plot. I've just retired and with time on my hands I'm enjoying pottering and tidying. I do far too many things and over a lifetime I've accumulated loads of stuff (your talking about a man who stopped counting the basses that have passed through his hands at over 100). I'm also a keen motorcyclist, cyclist, photographer, etc., etc. so you get the picture... I'm finding stuff and selling it or ditching it if it's not going to be used I found this bridge. I'm fairly sure that it's from a signature Fender Jazz but can I 'eck as like remember the name. I seem to remember that this bridge came with the bass and the slight chrome plating peeling annoyed me and having more money than sense I paid about £100 for a replacement from the US. So I'm planning on selling but I can't remember the name of the bass. Can anyone help?
  16. You’re welcome to call in Enjoy those holidays.
  17. I've eased the price down to £1250. No trades. A note, the volume pot has been previously replaced with the correct spec MEC pot but it has a push/pull switch that's not connected as this bass didn't have the active/passive option originally. Peter
  18. I've owned this amp for about 8 months. I'm asking for what I paid and it comes with a Gator bag. I now have 3 amps, a lovely Fafner 1 EBS and an HD350. I bought the Laney as a lightweight alternative and was all planning to try it in anger a few months back. Then something called Covid-19 appeared. It has been put through it's paces at home in the 'shed' and has been most un Laney like it terms of it's performance and features. It's been excellent. I am rapidly heading towards retirement and I need to streamline my gear and finances especially as there is little realistic prospect of me gigging again. Please note that I'm not putting this up at an optimistic price while quietly expecting a considerable drop. It was originally listed previously at £320. I'm happy to post at cost including insurance but would prefer more local meet up/collection/trial at my abode in a socially distanced manner. The photo's are Tobie's as they reflect the amp fully. https://www.laney.co.uk/products/nexus-nexus-sls-hybrid-tube-head A great Dood review of the SL
  19. I have a bit of a thing about old Warwick Thumbs. I've owned 3 and my ACG Uber spec Finn had woods inspired by a Thumb. I bought this bass in September last year to ease my desire to own one as a collector, to be played occasionally in the 'shed'. It is as seen in the photos and the trussrod works fine. I've replaced the body straplock button as the original had worn out (this has been a players bass for many years). The bass/treble tone pot was stiff and I bought a new MEC replacement. The original freed up with Servisol switch cleaner so the MEC pot is included. The frets have been cleaned and there is plenty of life there. Weight is just North of 10ibs and with a Comffort style strap it balances just fine. But enough of the technical stuff. It is a thing of beauty to those afflicted and it growls. I have priced £50 more than what I paid to take into account the MEC pot, strap locks and a generic hard case. I can include a Comffort strap if the buyer needs one (size sm/md). Photos are from Phil who I bought it from as they are both great and fully reflect the condition of this classic. I would prefer collection. I'm happy to meet up a reasonable distance away and it can be checked out at my home, socially distanced of course. I can post at cost and that will include insurance. Reason for sale? I'm retiring at the end of the month, Greene King IS that old! I need to streamline my finances and become financially responsible before it's too late. It'll leave me 4 basses that with the restrictions I'm still not using to any effect. Feel free to throw questions in my direction. I'm even happy to have folk tell me 'if only it was a 5 string, it's too heavy for me, if only my car didn't need a new warp drive controller' etc. Live long and prosper!
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