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  1. Thanks for the replies folks! I’m a little tongue in cheek when I say I NEED a 2025.... I’m not exactly short of basses and honestly this 425 is so good it’s likely to become my mainstay 🙂 But saying that: a 1025 would be a nice thing to have by the sound of it. Gotta be one of the old ones for me because I LOVE the chrome around the pups. Not sure I buy the “treatments” thing Yamaha is pushing atm - sounds like snake oil to me. Best way to “break a bass in” (if indeed that is a thing): gig it!
  2. So THIS worked well. Another delicious white 425 (which has been through at the hands of at least one of y’all).... First gig with it tonight. GK 700RB into a Barefaced 3rd gen Big Baby 2. Fresh set of D’addario ProSteel 45-135, obvs. SUCH a great P sound. With the GK, some lovely grind. This thing is way hotter and chucks out way more bass than all of my other basses at a fraction of the cost, and is just as well built and lovely to play as my USA ‘Ray 5. Had the neck pretty straight and action low so some nice clang. Maybe a touch too much... some adjustment needed. J didn’t get a lot of use: nice for a couple of Who numbers but the P had me hooked! Downsides: tuners not stellar. If it stays then they’re getting swapped for Hipshots as much for weight as usability. But on the strength of gigging this, the obvious thing to do is source a 2025. All my “Japanese” basses so far have been made in Indonesia... can’t imagine how well made a proper Jap one of these must be! Chuffed with this one. Pretty, too.
  3. Are you the original owner of this one, Al? If so you are wise like Yoda. Seems everyone should have a Yammy, I’m thinking
  4. I’m IN!!! Just picked up from a fellow Chatter. BB425. Always wanted a BB. Now I *need* a full fat Japanese one. But older model, so that CHROME is there.
  5. I have absolutely no need for a Yammy 5... so have PM’d. Will collect, only 45 min drive away....
  6. Yeah: go and see a physio. I have pain in my plucking wrist, and now got ultrasound and exercises going on. Slow, very slow, but getting better. And yes: rest can sometimes not be what’s required!
  7. Was considering a Stingray5 Special. I already have an immaculate 2011 Honeyburst 5 which I got off eBay for £783 (not a typo!) I can’t take a £2,300 bass to some of the rough places I play, which is only like every other month at most. So, I’m not buying a new one. There. I feel better now, if a little weird.
  8. Nice! Pics needed as THAT progresses please!
  9. Sweet selection of pedals by the way 😍
  10. +1 on the power supply question.... what are you using to power it? I got away with a daisy chain psu for years until I added a specific pedal (can’t remember what!). Soon as I added it, poor results. Switched to isolated PSU and all sorted.
  11. Ha ha! Yeah, a combination of my nickname and part of a previous address!
  12. Just spent a happy half hour reading through this. What an amazing thing you have done here. It’s perfect. My hat is off!
  13. If you want a nuts phaser, try pigtronix bass envelope phaser. Massive sound. Really unusual!
  14. Al: I like the mono synth.... we do a few numbers like Material Girl by Madonna where it’s great for getting most of the way towards the sound of the original. And coz there’s only me and one guitar it really helps fill out the breakdowns. True, if you want a real bass synth then, erm, buy a synth 😄 but honestly for £115 it was a no brainer. Tracking is fine (if you work on your muting technique), and the preset store, edit and recall is dead easy. It’s a keeper!
  15. Here’s mine.... nowt esoteric there. True Tone PSU slung underneath. Fave gotta be the MHX Filter 😍
  16. Another vote for Nordstrand. One of the J blades should fit - not tried one in person but own an Ibby with Nord Big Singles, very agressive sound if you want it!
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