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  1. Zalastar

    Greta Van Fleet - Birmingham O2

    Probably sound a little better when he ages a bit and things drop!
  2. Zalastar

    Just because it’s old!

    Does this mean nobody will pay £500 for my 70's Antoria Black Eagle then Damn !
  3. Zalastar

    Drummers = nutjobs. I have proof

    Never mind playing, pity the fool who has to polish the buggers!
  4. Zalastar

    Drummers = nutjobs. I have proof

    Damn! I wondered who that bloke was that bought my old practice kit 😲
  5. Zalastar

    Sonic Maximiser

    If you plug a sonic maximiser into an orgone accumulator does it create a sonic attack?
  6. Zalastar

    What are you listening to right now?

    The kids banging around upstairs studiously not tidying their room !😠
  7. Zalastar

    P bass, and why I love it!!

    That's it, i need a P... now i only have to.learn a 4 fret range, perfect 😆
  8. Zalastar

    Finished Pics! Dreadnought acoustic (guitar) for me?

    Oops, that's because I quoted the quote Anyway congrats to Andy too
  9. Zalastar

    Finished Pics! Dreadnought acoustic (guitar) for me?

    Congrats, now will your next build be a mini bass for the little one?
  10. Zalastar

    Bass sawn in half & taped together

    To clarify, I branded him a nob for destroying a perfectly good instrument for the sake of a video. Hats off to him for earning a living the way he does, that I have no issues with whatsoever, he obviously has a lot of talent and is making the most of it.
  11. Zalastar

    Bass sawn in half & taped together

    Ok, so he's a rich nob..... there are plenty of those about. It's just sad that we live in a world where people like this get more publicity from destroying perfectly good instruments than they would of the donated it to somebody who'd love to play it. I blame The Who!!
  12. Zalastar


    You mean roots and fifths aren't all of the notes?? bu*ger, back to the books then !
  13. Zalastar

    How was your gig last night?

    What! And your drummer didn't launch across the kit and punch him in the face??? Kudos to him for being so very reatrained
  14. Zalastar

    Thought I'd give refinishing a go.

    Wow! Just... wow! Why would you paint that wood black in the first place ?
  15. Zalastar

    Your Strengths & Weaknesses

    That's why mine sits on a stand in the living room, can't use a sticky case latch as an excuse not to practice 😊