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  1. Zalastar

    Paid NOT to play? Update.

    Paid for doing no work... what are you, a civil servant?
  2. Zalastar

    iPhone 6s & 7 Plus owners - call volume..?

    It's a modern mobile phone, they are all designed to be used on speaker at full volume so everybody around you can hear your conversation... it's progress innit :-) Only us old duffers put em to our ears these days!
  3. Zalastar

    Greta Van Fleet - Birmingham O2

    Probably sound a little better when he ages a bit and things drop!
  4. Zalastar

    Just because it’s old!

    Does this mean nobody will pay £500 for my 70's Antoria Black Eagle then Damn !
  5. Zalastar

    Drummers = nutjobs. I have proof

    Never mind playing, pity the fool who has to polish the buggers!
  6. Zalastar

    Drummers = nutjobs. I have proof

    Damn! I wondered who that bloke was that bought my old practice kit 😲
  7. Zalastar

    Sonic Maximiser

    If you plug a sonic maximiser into an orgone accumulator does it create a sonic attack?
  8. Zalastar

    What are you listening to right now?

    The kids banging around upstairs studiously not tidying their room !😠
  9. Zalastar

    P bass, and why I love it!!

    That's it, i need a P... now i only have to.learn a 4 fret range, perfect 😆
  10. Zalastar

    Finished Pics! Dreadnought acoustic (guitar) for me?

    Oops, that's because I quoted the quote Anyway congrats to Andy too
  11. Zalastar

    Finished Pics! Dreadnought acoustic (guitar) for me?

    Congrats, now will your next build be a mini bass for the little one?
  12. Zalastar

    Bass sawn in half & taped together

    To clarify, I branded him a nob for destroying a perfectly good instrument for the sake of a video. Hats off to him for earning a living the way he does, that I have no issues with whatsoever, he obviously has a lot of talent and is making the most of it.
  13. Zalastar

    Bass sawn in half & taped together

    Ok, so he's a rich nob..... there are plenty of those about. It's just sad that we live in a world where people like this get more publicity from destroying perfectly good instruments than they would of the donated it to somebody who'd love to play it. I blame The Who!!
  14. Zalastar


    You mean roots and fifths aren't all of the notes?? bu*ger, back to the books then !
  15. Zalastar

    How was your gig last night?

    What! And your drummer didn't launch across the kit and punch him in the face??? Kudos to him for being so very reatrained