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  1. ^^ I looked at that myself and wondered if it was referring to tone.
  2. I already own 2 Retrovibes, not fair to go showing me more. (And the Vantage is a nice looking item too).
  3. While reading. (gloating) about his removal from the label, it stated that he is still going to release his cover of the Jam's, That's Entertainment. I hope to never hear that.
  4. Johnny Cash with Hurt and The Clash with I Fought The Law.
  5. Possibly try shaving foam as shouldn't over wet it then blot dry?
  6. I recently fixed the CD player I keep at work which had similar problems by taking the disc holder out of a personal player I found in the shed by levering it off and putting that on the spindle until the spindle was level with the disc holder. One of the three legs that hold the disc had broken off on the old one. So far so good up until being locked down again!
  7. No mention of untrimmed strings at the headstock, ready to poke an eye out?
  8. That string retainer on the A is interesting.
  9. If they were available in a plain colour, I would!
  10. Distance Between Us- Sophie Ellis Bexter Shake the Disease- Depeche Mode Fever- Peggy Lee Pub With No Beer, (from Monday.....)- Dubliners.
  11. Best quality components to increase sustain then compressor pedal or mutes to limit err......sustain?
  12. Maybe been converted to make it passive? I have one and it started as active but had it converted and kept a control in as a dummy to fill a gap.
  13. Always wondered with tapewounds how well they would hold up if played with a plec.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  15. Someone is having a laugh.....
  16. Dehumidifier maybe to remove moisture in the air?
  17. As someone who was brought up in Hebburn, I assure you, it is no laughing matter!
  18. Surprised to find no mention of Hotel California. Please bring me my wine, we haven't had that spirit here since 1969. A wine is not a spirit. Ironically, pink champagne is a wine, and, despite previous assurances, is on ice.
  19. Offered a control plate for free from Dov65, he wouldn't even accept postage costs. Many thanks. Chris.
  20. Just had my Vintage Stingray copy converted to passive and just have the other 2 pots left as dummies.
  21. I know that the Roto takes a gig bag inside of it but, having never seen one, was wondering if they would accept a semi rigid inside as a second line of defence, possibly like the G4M own brand ones which are good value in their own right.
  22. Obviously there are a multitude of variables but pondering, if you were to walk in to an unfamiliar rehearsal room, what would be the settings you would put on the amps eq as a starting point? I would normally boost the bass slight boost on high mids and slightly cut treble and the rest flat. Wondering what others would do and how much of that is dictated by genre.
  23. At my shop, when open, I pick the music and the album which gets the most bemused looks from 'yoofs' is probably Zappa's Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch.
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