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  1. [quote name='Skol303' timestamp='1479909385' post='3180198'] Like the video! Sounds good too. [/quote] Glad you liked the vid. Sound wise it’s just my Samsung Galaxy 3 plonked directly in front of my Ashdown EVOIII head sitting on top of my Ashdown 2X10 Compact cab.
  2. Not sure this is the right place for this – if it’s decreed from on high that it should be elsewhere so be it – but I thought it was (tenuously) relevant here. Last month fellow noodler, Twincam, suggested it might be interesting to see a video of me playing “Octonoodle” Well I’ve finally taken my phone from my pocket so here’s a slightly extended version: https://youtu.be/stgZZO3NBto Obviously this is not this month’s entry – I’m still waiting on my muse for that one
  3. Do you ever get an idea for piece of music that sounds great in your head but wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually play it? That’s this months noodle. I thought it up at the start of the month but it’s taken a couple of weeks to get my fingers round it. It’s not a perfect performance of it, but it’s close – and I’m running out of time. Cort Curbow 4:1 Generic rounds (cheap from Amazon) all strings detuned a semitone from standard. Into Audacity then compressed and normalized. Enjoy (or not) https://soundcloud.com/agwin/octonoodle
  4. Certificate printed and on the fridge - thanks Dad
  5. Precision, Squire Precision, Cort Curbow 4:1 & De-fretted Precision copy
  6. Does this work? [attachment=228820:Bass Selfie.jpg]
  7. A mellow offering from the House of Ag https://soundcloud.com/agwin/equinoodle
  8. Won't be able to listen till the weekend but I'll vote then.
  9. Cheers TC, I agree with your thoughts on the Sibelius sketch. Take a listen to some Yngwie Malmsteem Neo Classical tracks and superimpose that sound over the sketch and you'll be pretty close. The blues ending is just me having a laugh.
  10. Here’s this month’s offering: It’s the last bit of a tune I presented to the rest of the band – working title is “Nil By Mouth” because I don’t have any lyrics as yet. https://soundcloud.com/agwin/nil-by-mouth-exerpt If you fancy taking the time to have a listen I’ve included the (2mins 45) Sibelius sketch that I made so that they could get an idea of what I had in mind. As yet I’ve not managed to find a “Screaming Strat” sound on Sibelius so it’s a twangy guitar sound and there’s a bit in the middle which is minus the Dive Bombing guitar solo but you’ll get the idea https://soundcloud.com/agwin/nil-by-mouth
  11. Twice, early eighties, both Rotosound rounds on my ’78 Precision. First was a dodgy A that went as I was fitting and tuning it – took it back to shop who replaced it FoC. Second was a bottom E – Using a pick, first song into a gig with an originals NWOBHM band! I managed to complete the song by modifying what I played then had a frantic few minutes digging out a spare, fitting it and tuning up. It was this incident that prompted me to buy a Squier Precision as a spare bass (I figured it would be a lot quicker just to grab another pre tuned bass and just double check the tuning). Luckily I’ve not had a string go since.
  12. Thanks Dad and congratulations to Asambique. My certificate is already in pride of place on the fridge.
  13. [quote name='Twincam' timestamp='1469935958' post='3102117'] Would it be sad if I can guess your action height and which fret is a touch high on one side than the other! Lol. [/quote] Possibly a [i]BIT [/i]sad - but quite a skill too, I'd have thought.
  14. Ok, late to the party this month. Cort Curbow 4:1 all strings down a semitone from standard into Audacity. There are a few fluffs in there because I attempted it at 192 BPM to get it in at 60 seconds. It’s a lot easier at a more sedate 180 BPM but I thought it might be fun to hear me struggling a bit! https://soundcloud.com/agwin/baroque-a-noodle-doo
  15. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't tune a fish! Taking a glass half full approach - think of it as quality over quantity
  16. Eleven entries and only ten voters! Democracy in action - or should that be inaction (I'm one of the ten incidentally)
  17. Many, many years ago I was told by the bass player of another band, “This is neither a compliment nor a criticism, but you don’t half sound like Chris Squire.” I assumed he meant tone-wise, NOT ability! Also, more recently, a member of the audience was speaking to me and our guitarist after the gig and he said, “If I’d have had to look round the room and pick out the two people that were going to be up there in the band playing guitar and bass I’d NEVER have guessed it would be you two!”
  18. [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1466534296' post='3076611'] Just an aside... I suppose I should be flattered (any port in a storm..? ), but I find it at once odd, funny and sad that, whatever I post on Soundcloud, I get an almost immediate set of 'Likes' from perfect strangers, and usually a new 'Follower' or two, often with a winsome smile and scant clothing. Is there something in my fingering that attracts such youngsters (they're rarely.. no, never... much more than teenage...)..? I doubt that it be my associated photo (which is often the Compo Challenge picture anyway...), and seems to be the reaction whatever 'style' (or lack of...) that the piece is purporting to be in. At this rate, I'll be world-famous in short order..! I'm not alluding to my regular BC following, of course; the scant clothing should have made that obvious. [/quote] Well, now I'm disappointed - I thought it was just me getting all the attention from these young ladies
  19. Here we are then, people – my offering for the month: Compound Noodle in Ab Dorian (Or June Noodle – if you prefer) No, I’m not that clever – all four stings had been detuned a semitone to play along with an Yngwie Malmsteem track. This just popped into existence as an attempt to play triplets evenly - but I thought it made a nice noodle all the same. Played on my Cort Curbow 4:1 with new generic light gauge rounds (just a few quid from Amazon) Straight into PC & Audacity https://soundcloud.com/agwin/compound-noodle-in-ab-dorian
  20. [quote name='Asambique' timestamp='1466417917' post='3075593'] Busy Busy this month had some spare time this morning though. Decided to give some tapping a go. [url="https://soundcloud.com/asambique/tapoodle"]https://soundcloud.c...mbique/tapoodle[/url] [/quote] I always try to have a listen to each noodle as soon as I can after it's been posted. Had a number of tries to hear this but keep getting this message from Soundcloud: [color=#666666][font=Interstate,]Anyone else having problems?[/font][/color] [color=#333333] [center] [b] We can’t find that track.[/b] [font=Interstate,] Did you try to access a private track while not being signed in? Maybe the track has been removed.[/font] [/center][/color]
  21. Usually only drink pints of tap water at gigs so when I get in it's straight to the fridge for a couple of nice cold tins of Kronenbourg and a door step cheese sandwich. Occasionally we'll all descend on a curry house.
  22. [quote name='FuNkShUi' timestamp='1465581140' post='3069473'] Agwin, apologies for stealing your spot Here's mine: [url="https://soundcloud.com/tona-fied/andromeda"]https://soundcloud.c...-fied/andromeda[/url] [/quote] Help yourself - it makes a change not to be first Ironically it could be a while before I get this month's noodle posted.
  23. [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1464800527' post='3062722'] What, like, instead of incurring the death penalty..? Spoil-sport..! [/quote] I think a public flogging would suffice - we need as many noodlers as we can get so I'm all for keeping 'em alive!
  24. Damn! If I'd voted for myself last month I could've been in the hall of fame - and going to my grave being slowly eaten away by a guilty secret. Already voted this month - actually found it easy to get a top three this time (no I didn't vote for myself) Is it possible for Assambique to withdraw/delete his single vote and re-vote a three header? - Just a thought
  25. [quote name='SubsonicSimpleton' timestamp='1464437705' post='3059452'] If Billy Sheehan or the bass player from Royal Blood recorded a noodle using their biamped live rigs which run two separate sounds originating from a single instrument, would that count as having two tracks? [/quote] Of course it wouldn't - - - - - It would count as being a bit of a clever dick though
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