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  1. If you're mid set and you break a string (this happened to me last year) it's easy and quicker just to grab the other bass and carry on with the set.
  2. From left to right: Number one gigging bass, Spare gigging bass (always goes to gigs, just in case) Twiddle and Noodle at home mostly bass. Red one sold on.
  3. Just had a listen - and even before I read the comments I was thinking "That's a film score just waiting to happen." Nice
  4. In the days before wireless I was mostly bass-cable-amp for gigs, so for wireless it’s the same: Bass into G30 transmitter - receiver on top of amp. Incidentally, the transmitter goes into my back pocket so swapping basses is a doddle, just unplug bass A pop into stand, grab bass B and plug in – job done.
  5. Line 6 G30 - Never had any issues apart from one sound guy who insisted I used a jack lead "because it would pick up interference from passing taxis or car engines" or something equally ridiculous. It hasn't yet - although there's a first time for everything.
  6. I like to think I have a healthy open attitude to music whilst, naturally, preferring some styles over others and I also like to think I can be encouraging to anyone keen enough to take up my favourite instrument. But; WHAT THE HELL HAVE I JUST WATCHED!! Apologies, I didn't intend to shout
  7. Quite right, too. I just about managed to scrape into 1959 as my birth year. After some consideration I seem to remember the term Heavy being followed by both Rock and Metal back in the day. I seem to recall Purple being referred to as Progressive at some point in the dim and distant too.
  8. Can't speak for tortex picks but I find there's (for me anyway) exactly the right amount of "give" in the 1.5mm Dunlop nylon.
  9. My weapon of choice too.
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