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  1. A few years back we went to see Deep Purple at whatever the NEC was called that month. It was the start of a massive (over 12 months) tour. Lynyrd Skynyrd were the penultimate band on and they absolutely blew Purple away – leaving me somewhat disappointed in the Purps and very impressed with Skynyrd. Saw Purple again, same venue, at the tail end of the same tour and they were excellent.
  2. If you're mid set and you break a string (this happened to me last year) it's easy and quicker just to grab the other bass and carry on with the set.
  3. From left to right: Number one gigging bass, Spare gigging bass (always goes to gigs, just in case) Twiddle and Noodle at home mostly bass. Red one sold on.
  4. Just had a listen - and even before I read the comments I was thinking "That's a film score just waiting to happen." Nice
  5. In the days before wireless I was mostly bass-cable-amp for gigs, so for wireless it’s the same: Bass into G30 transmitter - receiver on top of amp. Incidentally, the transmitter goes into my back pocket so swapping basses is a doddle, just unplug bass A pop into stand, grab bass B and plug in – job done.
  6. Line 6 G30 - Never had any issues apart from one sound guy who insisted I used a jack lead "because it would pick up interference from passing taxis or car engines" or something equally ridiculous. It hasn't yet - although there's a first time for everything.
  7. I like to think I have a healthy open attitude to music whilst, naturally, preferring some styles over others and I also like to think I can be encouraging to anyone keen enough to take up my favourite instrument. But; WHAT THE HELL HAVE I JUST WATCHED!! Apologies, I didn't intend to shout
  8. Quite right, too. I just about managed to scrape into 1959 as my birth year. After some consideration I seem to remember the term Heavy being followed by both Rock and Metal back in the day. I seem to recall Purple being referred to as Progressive at some point in the dim and distant too.
  9. Can't speak for tortex picks but I find there's (for me anyway) exactly the right amount of "give" in the 1.5mm Dunlop nylon.
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