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  1. It's not going to go away anytime soon. I reckon Bryan Adams is pretty well travelled, and everywhere he goes, the kids wanna rock.
  2. These are mine, all bought from new in the years below. Had convinced myself that I had all I required (6 stringers only used for home playing and recording), but having put the pictures together I realised that I should really have a tele. Oh, and something with P90s. And some sort of semi-acoustic..... Electrics: 1978 Westbury Standard Guitar (Black) 1996 Gibson Les Paul Standard Guitar (Cherry Sunburst) 2008 Jackson Pro Series DK2 Dinky Guitar (Eerie Dess Swirl) 2017 Strat Copy - Put together by me from parts (Cherry Sunburst) Acoustics: 1998 Fender DG22S Acoustic Guitar (Natural) 2010 Ibanez G200EC-NT Classical Guitar (Natural)
  3. I've never actually had to audition for a band, they've all been formed with mates, or I've been asked to join through friends/contacts. We have recently had to audition for a guitarist though, the first time we haven't got someone in that we already knew. The most useful thing we did was meet up with the candidates before we formally auditioned them - I don't know if this is usual, but our thinking was that we really wanted someone we could get on with first and foremost (the previous guy was a great player, but unfortunately a complete pain in the derrière). Worked out really well - first guy we just didn't gel with and the second didn't turn up at the prearranged pub (his local!). The third was absolutely perfect. We all got on well, chatted about our musical backgrounds, had a laugh and sorted out six songs to try out with. He turned up for the audition 3 weeks later having learned about 20 and we gigged after 4 more rehearsals. All working out really well so far.
  4. I installed these in my Harkte cabs last year, and have been dazzling anyone who's seen us since!
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