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  1. Bet you wondered where I’d got to? No? Can’t say I’m surprised. Right, ok then, here we go – This month’s noodle is an original Ag-riff that’s become a bit of a work in progress since being presented to the rest of the band. The Primary riff is alternate bars of 4/4 & 5/4 (I suppose you could call it 9/4 but its definitely got a 4/4 feel to it and our drummer certainly plays it as if it’s 4/4 with an extra beat tagged on). The secondary riff is a couple of bars of 4/4 & a bar of 5/4 repeated until the last little bit which is in 3/8. Then back into the primary riff. https://soundcloud.com/agwin/may-noodle-riff My trusty ’78 Precision with light gauge Picato rounds into the PC and Audacity I’ve also included a link to the sketch I made using Sibelius so that I could demo the idea to my band mates – just in case anyone is interested. https://soundcloud.com/agwin/niffy-riffy
  2. With two wins under his belt already I look forward to Subsonic’s DB noodle played with his winner’s custom made engraved pick!!
  3. [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1462710027' post='3045036'] A quick tango with Mrs C, for instance..? [/quote] Interesting you should mention the Tango. Myself and Mrs A have been taking weekly instruction in such terpsichoral matters and now find ourselves tearing up the floor with our “Improvers” Tango. The Tango should be danced with all heel leads (never on your toes), soft (bent) knees with staccato movements and a miserable face. Me and the Tango couldn’t be more suited!!
  4. It took me a while to whittle it down to three (again). I usually listen through headphones but the other day I was blasting the noodles through my sound system for full effect when I was joined by Mrs Agwife who couldn’t resist dancing around to Subsonic’s worthy winner – Congratulations, Sir. Well done to everyone who contributed a noodle - such incredible diversity on display.
  5. I tend to give each noodle a couple of listens as it comes in and then wait till they’re all ready to be voted on before I listen to them all again. I have, in the past, considered commenting on the noodles of others but find myself deferring to the superior eloquence of (if I may be so familiar) Rob’s comments - I’m sure we all appreciate your taking the time Sir.
  6. [quote name='xgsjx' timestamp='1461187435' post='3032354'] It amazes me how each one sounds very different & none are something that I could have come up with. Brilliant stuff chaps! [/quote] +1
  7. Still smiling from the sheer joy conveyed in CamdenRob’s winning noodle from last month. So here we go – sorry I’ve been a bit tardy this month. [url="https://soundcloud.com/agwin/the-great-sun-april-noodle"]https://soundcloud.c...un-april-noodle[/url] After being inspired by the harmonics ringing out in previous noodles I let chime forth a couple of my own. These seemed to lead nicely into the bassline to the chorus of one of our original (still a work in progress) tunes - The Great Sun - and back out again into noodletime. Enjoy (or not – the choice is yours) 78 Precision, Picato Light Gauge roundwound strings direct into pc and Audacity
  8. [quote name='CamdenRob' timestamp='1460282106' post='3024253'] Anyway where is Agwin's noodle, this thread has been up for 24 hours already? [/quote]
  9. [quote name='Twincam' timestamp='1460040523' post='3022008'] Seems we have a good battle of the noodles in kingbollock and camdenrob. If it ends in a draw there should be a freestyle noodle off. Because there can only be one! [/quote] Noodle Off! Sounds like it should be either an insult or a euphemism Seriously, good idea if it ends in a draw
  10. Voted this morning - took ages to whittle down favourite eight to three.
  11. Had a listen to them all again over the weekend and managed to whittle it down to my favourite EIGHT !! Getting it down to three is going to be tough. Quality noodling everyone.
  12. Thank you Gents for taking the time to listen to both bits. Thanks Dad3353 for the link explaining Normalise. I hadn’t considered extending the Murder Mystery Theme until you suggested it Looking forwards to hearing CamdenRob’s “New Bass” noodle later in the month. Just listened to FuNkShUi’s splendid new noodle – I [i]do[/i] like the tone of your bass.
  13. Looks like it’s me up first again! Here’s this month’s noodle: [url="https://soundcloud.com/agwin/fretless-tune-march-noodle"]https://soundcloud.com/agwin/fretless-tune-march-noodle[/url] Played on my defretted Hohner Precision copy strung with dead rounds. Straight into Audacity then “normalised” (what ever that is – just seemed to make it louder) and a bit of phaser added. It just sort of formed it’s self out of thin air after watching a few minutes of Scott Devine expounding on arpeggios. I was subsequently inspired to fire up my Sibelius software and have a bit of a compose. I seem to have ended up with a potential ITV Murder Mystery theme. I’d be chuffed to bits if you could find the time to also give this a listen– It’s not very long about 01:20 in total. https://soundcloud.com/agwin/murder-mystery-tune
  14. Paice Ashton and Lord years ago (late seventies) at Brum Odeon Slade when they had their brief revival in popularity, in the eighties I think –again Brum Odeon. Seen Sabbath, Maiden, Gillan, Whitesnake, Rainbow, Purple et al and never found it excessive although last time I saw Rammstein (on their Made in Germany tour) at whatever they’re calling the NEC this week I thought they were getting close to being uncomfortable. Saw Dream Theater at Wolves Civic a couple of years ago and thought they could've been louder. Gotta go, phone's ringing - oh, hang on, it's not the phone - it's my ears!
  15. I voted a couple of days ago but have listened to them all several times since. After gorging myself on noodles I’m still hungry for more and looking forward to what’s going to be served up next month.
  16. I spent yesterday morning streaming all the compositions numerous times through my AV system to give them the best possible listen - and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Had to choose three eventually but, my word, it was no easy task with such a high standard of entries to choose from. Congratulations to one and all. Those of us that get to listen to the compositions are the real winners.
  17. Just had my 78 Precision back after a total refret, some basic sorting out of the electrics, a tidy scratchplate repair and a set up. (Which is why I was asking about Joe in the first place) Bob Barry 70 Fozbrooke Rd Small Heath B10 9JX 0121 772 4873 It helps if you like cats too - and have time to stop and chat
  18. Welcome and hello from sunny Dudley
  19. You play Bass - That's cool whatever you're wearing.
  20. Hi Twincam, I felt sad when I read your OP so I’m glad to see you’ve received so much support here on Basschat and that it seems to have made a difference and you’re feeling better about your bass playing. I can’t really add any extra (sensible) advice to what’s already been offered but if you’ll allow me to lighten the mood slightly: Mrs Ag was reading this thread over my shoulder when suddenly she piped up with, “So his GF thinks he’s not very good – she should be glad he’s not playing the trumpet or violin – THEN she’d know what “not very good” sounds like!!” Made me laugh anyway. Just remember you’re the best at being Twincam on bass.
  21. [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1454685714' post='2972067'] OK, folks, here's a [i]bass[/i] noodle. It's a repeated 7/4 riff, augmented by a 'double stroke' every 6 beats. Very hypnotic when played over a slow 4/4 drum beat, for instance. Season with stabbed keys and chicken-picking guitar to taste. Enjoy... [url="http://soundcloud.com/dad3353/meat-show-isolated-bass"]Meat Show Isolated Bass Noodle ...[/url] [/quote] https://youtu.be/-jHzdMo-YCc
  22. [quote name='CamdenRob' timestamp='1454664794' post='2971731'] ah don't worry about it... my isolated bass tracks have more finger noise and strings slapping the fretboard etc than notes in some cases... As others have said it's unnoticeable in a band setting . [/quote] +1
  23. Funnily enough my entry for the noodle comp was played on brand new rounds. Gotta say though - through my bass rig at serious gigging volume brand new rounds are a bit much. I’ve always played rounds and they do sound better after they’ve gone off a bit IMO. If you fancy trying for a tone that flaps your trousers, vibrates your liver AND slices your ears off at the same time try new rounds with a pick – not to everyone’s taste but, my word!
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