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  1. Really enjoying hearing everyone’s noodles thus far – I’m glad I wasn’t left out to dry all by myself. It never ceases to amaze me what us bass players can come up with when we’re freed from our usual job of pinning down a band. As always when I hear other bass players I end up thinking, "I wish I could do that." Nice one gentlemen. If it takes off, how about calling it the Basschat Noodle Bar?
  2. OK, so someone has to be first ninny – sorry Dad3353. This’ll take longer to read about than listen to. It’s a little thing I’ve had knocking about for ages. It’s in 7/8 and I call it Neve’s Lament because “Neve’s” is seven backwards. I usually play it through twice but that would take it past the one minute threshold. Recorded directly into the PC using Audacity Playing Bass number 1 – my 78 Precision https://soundcloud.com/agwin/neves-lament
  3. Last 3 bands I went to see live were: Most recently a folk group, whose name escapes me, in a packed pub tearing it up totally acoustically. Amongst their ranks was a guy playing the tambourine like I’ve never heard before – he made it sound like a drum kit! I spoke to him after the gig and he explained how he slackens the tension of the skin so that he can stretch it with the fingers of his holding hand to get different pitches out of it and thus produce a flurry of toms or a bass drum or whatever. He said it sounds even better through a PA. Prior to that I saw a classic rock covers band with a twist. King Rocker by name. Purple, Sabbath, Led Zep, AC/DC etc belted out by a tight band fronted by an Elvis impersonator. Hearing Highway Star and Rock and Roll as sung by Elvis is an experience you don’t forget in a hurry. After the gig Mrs Ag had her photo taken with “Elvis” . https://youtu.be/Dqx3ckCfgYA?t=3m16s Last stadium headliners I saw: The mighty RRRRRRRRRRRammstein https://youtu.be/eSaa3vC_n2k?list=PLVTLbc6i-h_gbCq8E8SNXJuSh2XqzhZfg
  4. [quote name='Graham' timestamp='1452452905' post='2950084'] Try it in the passive input, if it's too hot, move it to the active [/quote] Doh!! Sometimes I amaze myself - I knew I was over thinking things!
  5. I’ve gone wireless – using a Line 6 Relay G30. Now then: My Ashdown EVO III head (like many other amps) allows switching the input for passive or active basses (in my case P Bass or Cort Curbow 4.1) – this makes sense to me when the signal from the bass is actually an impulse down a cable - but now the bass isn’t directly linked to the input and the signal travels digitally to the receiver surely I need to select whatever is appropriate for the un-digitised analog signal from the Line 6 receiver, don’t I? If that is so, do I select passive or active? There’s no mention of specs in the manual. In practice choosing passive is louder - so have I answered my own question? Thanks in anticipation for any thoughts, comments or definitive answers.
  6. When I was working as a full time driving instructor the fact that I played bass would come out in general conversation every now and again. Here’s an example of one such conversation. Client, “Oh! You’re in a band. What do you play?” Me, “Bass.” Client, “That’s the easiest one isn’t it?” Me, “Get out me car!!”
  7. You know that awesome feeling you get in your chest when a live rock band has the bass at trouser flapping volume AND audible in the mix? Well, [b][i]I[/i][/b] wanted to be responsible for that!
  8. Thanks, I guessed there was some kind of issue. Hope he's ok
  9. Anyone visited Guitar Spares & Repairs in Northampton St, Birmingham recently? I’ve been phoning regularly on the days they are open but no one ever answers and you can’t leave a message. Has something dreadful befallen Joe?
  10. [quote name='leftybassman392' timestamp='1448896540' post='2918948'] Meh! Knock yourselves out. Think of it as a theme and variations. [/quote] I salute your magnanimity,Sir. Here's a bit more bending of the rules: Having been cast away, what a delight to discover two discs in one case - so it just so happens I have Pink Floyd - Wish You were Here to listen to, too! And what’s this in my pocket? Why it’s my copy of M John Harrison’s The Centauri Device – stroke of luck there!!
  11. Also saw them a few years back at the NEC (or whatever it’s called these days) once at the start of a huge tour and again at the end of the same tour. First time bitterly disappointed – second time they were excellent.
  12. With apologies to leftybassman392 who started a proper eight single tracks thread in May this is more DESSERT island discs because I want to have my cake and eat it! Rather than individual tracks here are eight albums I could happily be cast away with. This is a current selection and is quite likely to change with the wind In no particular order but all with personal significance: Renaissance - A Song For All Seasons Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Rush - Farewell To Kings Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden Rainbow - Rising Weather Report - Heavy Weather Deep Purple - Made In Japan Pendulum - Live At Brixton Academy As I’m well and truly bending the rules here my book of choice would be M John Harrison’s Kefahuchi Tract Trilogy (Light, Nova Swing and Empty Space) bound as a single volume. My final cheat is, as a luxury item, to be able to include a portable music device loaded with all the classical stuff I like.
  13. Yngwie Malmteen a few years ago at the O2 Academy in Brum. Sound was terrible – we stood behind the desk expecting to hear the best sound but it was awful. Mr Engineer spent the entire evening tweaking and modging and switch flicking trying to improve the sound – to no avail.
  14. Pendulum, believe it or not. Me, Mrs Ag, the Agdaughter & her mate went along to the O2 Academy in Brum a few years back, it was a very hot May evening. Serious moshing (yes the family Ag moshed too) had already started with the support act (Sub Focus) so when Pendulum came on the place just erupted. It was so hot and humid that the venue was dishing out drinks of water to any one and everyone. Despite chanting and clapping for what seemed like ages the band didn’t return to play any encores – the lights came up to plenty of boo-ing and we all grudgingly left, soaking wet, emerging into cool fresh air. We found out the following day that the humidity was so great that various bits of equipment started failing during the set so the band were muddling through hoping to at least finish the set before performing became impossible. So “technical problems” was the reason but we weren’t told this at the time – hence the disappointment. That aside it was a cracking night and full marks for completing the set without any of us having a clue things were getting desperate.
  15. Gillan, Glover, Paice, Blackmore & Lord together as Deep Purple Rainbow with Dio Queen with Freddie
  16. Is it just me? Often when I have a cover to learn I give it a good old ear’ole and end up doubting my self in what I hear. I then turn to tab (usually the one with rhythm too) only to find some of the bass line confirmed and other parts where I’m thinking that’s definitely NOT what I’m hearing (or think I’m hearing?) and go back to the good old ears.
  17. Sounds perfectly normal to me
  18. I have four basses that have been acquired out of both necessity and curiosity over the last 30 years or so. Number 1 is an American Precision bought from new around 1981/82. Back then I was quite happy to gig without a back up bass until one day, horror of horrors my bottom E string gave out 1[sup]st[/sup] song into the set. (The ONLY time I ever had a string go) Managed to get through the song using the remaining strings and perform a lightening string change and tune up whist vowing to get a back up bass to avoid future embarrassment. Enter Bass Number 2 Squier Precision also from new. These days it’s kept with a dropped D for a couple of songs plus it wouldn’t take long to up it to E if Bass one had an incident. About five years ago I bought a defretted Hohner Precision copy off eBay for about 30 quid so that I could see how I’d get on playing fretless……..let’s just say I wouldn’t play fretless in pubic! Last year I bought a Cort Curbow 4.1 because I liked the feel of the (Thinner than a P Bass) neck and the two octave fretboard. The Cort is my favorite to play because it’s so quick and easy to get round the fretboard (It’s not just new toy syndrome) BUT…. The Precision still sounds the best with that incredible grunt – so it’s still my number one gigging bass. I also have (and play) a nylon strung Spanish/Classical guitar.
  19. [color=#141823][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif] An eminent violinist had a pupil who was due to perform in a concert. Someone was needed to play the piano accompaniment so the eminent violinist offered to play the piano for his pupil. During the course of the piece someone was needed to turn the pages for the piano accompaniment, so the eminent violinist asked his friend, an eminent pianist, if he wouldn't mind turning the pages for him. The eminent piano player was happy to oblige and so, the performance took place. The following day this review appeared in the paper:[/font][/color][color=#141823][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif] The man who was playing the piano should've been playing the violin, the man who was turning the pages should've been playing the piano and the man who was playing the violin should've been turning the pages![/font][/color]
  20. [quote name='chris_b' timestamp='1438780447' post='2837201'] Good playing is a good thing, on any instrument. I'd love to play clever, intelligent and impressive solo's. Unfortunately my brain isn't wired for soloing, so I don't. [/quote] +1
  21. Throughout my daughter’s time in secondary school (she’s 19 now) the local authority (bless ‘em) had a very forward looking performing arts initiative. The music branch had an “Endangered Species List” of musical instruments that seemed to be in decline. This list included Oboe and Bassoon as I recall but not Double Bass. To encourage take up any child having lessons on one of these endangered instruments via the initiative was supplied with an instrument free of charge. Unfortunately over the last three or four years cuts in funding have left this initiative a shadow of it’s former self. I’m sure they would now have Double Bass on their list if funding permits
  22. In alphabetical order for bass lines and styles I’ve enjoyed and been inspired by over the years. (Subject to change without notice) Geezer Butler Jon Camp Alain Caron John Entwistle Roger Glover Steve Harris Glen Hughes Jim Lea Geddy Lee Chris Squire
  23. [quote name='Woodinblack' timestamp='1436469080' post='2818457'] Correction. The Hipshot XTenders (which is what we are talking about) generally detune to d (if put on an E - although it could detune to anything really). They do a double detuner option which lets you tune to either D or C, ie, it has two stops and you can pick either. Strangely I can't see that product on their page any more. [/quote] That makes sense – without revisiting the hipshot blurb to double check - my brain, subjected to years of low frequency at high volume, sort of but not exactly remembered something like that!!
  24. Don’t have any hipshot d tuners fitted but my understanding of how they work is you can choose to drop a tone OR drop two tones – not both, so on a bottom E that gives you D or C. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.
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