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  1. I'm just learning still, I'm wondering if anyone knows a learning guitarist, or learning drummer that I can practice with? Probably a question I should ask at the bass bash actually, but its in my head now. thanks
  2. yes, learn to read the notes too. Tabs are useful for confidence, but they can be wrong, or show you a fingering which is not the true one used in the recording, or even the most efficient. I learned notation; it isnt that hard. nice looking bass though, good choice.
  3. pasta salad? cheap and filling. Some bread perhaps.
  4. I'm happy with £4, especially if there are some nibbles too.
  5. [quote name='Jarhead' post='415487' date='Feb 20 2009, 04:03 PM']OK, I'll bring my jazz, but be warned, its beaten up quite badly for a relatively new bass. Zach[/quote] well, as OldGit of this this parish will tell you, my Jazz has some cosmetic flaws too. Not visible from front though. We will have to wear name badges or somesuch as I, for one, wont know who anyone actually is.
  6. My partner bought one of my 3, she likes me to have a hobby. I have one acoustic bass, a cij jazz and a vintage ray copy. Its enough.
  7. [quote name='Jarhead' post='400280' date='Feb 4 2009, 06:40 PM']Don't suppose anyone wants to play my Fender MIM Jazz. Nothing special really, but I like it and was wondering if I should bother bringing it. Not bringing my amp though, too big. Zach[/quote] I wouldn't mind comparing it to my cij 62 reissue jazz
  8. [quote name='silddx' post='409444' date='Feb 14 2009, 02:57 PM']I think people get a bit too concerned with this sort of thing. I do it sometimes, as long as it sounds clean and in time, I have no issues. I've always had my thumb over the neck, I find it more comfortable but you want a good ergonomic position most of the time to help prevent tendon sheath and carpal tunnel inflammation, you have to maintain good blood flow through your wrists. Keep them fairly straight with your arm as often as you can.[/quote] I've got carpal tunnel syndrome and it isnt nice. Solutions are : 1. Periodic intra-wrist injections of benisol - a hospital grade anti-inflammatory 2. surgery to loosen your wrist so that it doesnt clamp down so tight on the nerves that pass through. 3. Regular mouse users should consider using a thumbball mouse, aka a trackball, or alternatively a mousepad that supports the wrist Best avoided with proper technique is my humble advice.
  9. [quote name='The Burpster' post='410147' date='Feb 15 2009, 04:34 PM']Make yerself a cup 'o tea and read this...... [url="http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=8009"]http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=8009[/url] Then come back to us with the questions its raises..... And welcome..[/quote] Luke, your budget should get you a respectable level of quality in a bass that will last you if you carry on with it. If it were me, I'd be looking at Squier, Cort, SX or Vintage. If you bought off someone on Basschat, you'd likely be getting one that was setup reasonably well. Small amps are cheap and easy to pick up online or in a music shop as many people trade up. Do you care if the amp is used rather than new?
  10. [quote name='YouMa' post='402335' date='Feb 6 2009, 08:16 PM']Fender are a cultural icon,they are expensive for what they are. But so are harley davidsons.[/quote] I think this hits it on the head. My mum, who knows nothing at all about guitars of any kind, said "ooh a Fender" when she saw my CIJ Jazz. My partner similarly knows next to nothing and loves the look of my (now ex) sunburst Strat. Its the look, I think; Leo got the aesthetics exactly right, and looking at them you can see that he was a master at fitting things to the human body. They look right, and they work (although whether one can say that for Harleys is an other question) I do think the CIJ Fenders have struck a good balance between the poor quality of MIM and the badge-ness of the MIA. The price is fair for a big name brand, and the quality is consistent, I dont think anyone here disses the CIJ basses for a lack of quality, and thats really what I care about. Its one deficiency was that it was noisy and I cured that with a £4 reel of copper tape. As the lady above noted, the sound is recognisable and reliable with no effort. I dont want to enter the MIM/MIA debate, CIJ is the happy medium between price and quality; if youre talking Fender
  11. [quote name='OldGit' post='401770' date='Feb 6 2009, 09:20 AM']To make a blank patch: Have a look at P14 .. section 2 says "To switch an effect on and off" So, using the Effect [b]Module[/b] selector go through each of the modules and select "off" using the foot switch, apart from the ZNR/MIX one that has to be set to "of" using the rotary controls. Then save that edit and Robert's your mother's brother...[/quote] oh thanks, I thought you meant you had a way to do the whole caboodle in one go. I was aware of the footswitch click thing (reported) above. I do wish that the patch resource allowed you to download them as TXT, or as a zip of all then I wouldnt have to print each one. My PC and bass arent near to each other.
  12. For me it was a white/maple no-name Pbass copy 20 years ago bought from a music shop in Colchester which was quite near the Castle (not Manns). The thick neck really put me off, as I have normal sized hands and couldnt find a comfortable way to play it. To quote above "[i]Ever since my mid-teens when I started listening to music, it was usually the bass-line that caught my attention[/i]" just about sums it up for me. I really liked what John Taylor was doing, and I really liked the mobility and simplicity of what Adam Clayton does. I defretted it, refretted it, changed the pickup for an EMG select, added a J pickup then gave up on it as a bad job. I never really seemed to progress on guitar and somehow knew it wasnt for me. Some years later I then bought an Aria Magna active 5 string, which had a much thinner neck and restiored my faith a little. The string spacing was too much for playing at root, so that went. I now have a Vintage Stingray copy that my partner bnought me and a Fender CIJ 62 RI jazz which has the slim neck and narrow spacing that I needed.
  13. OldGit, can you tell me how you erase a whole patch in one go? I've not found that in the manual. PaulCooke, I'll give your patch a go soon, I printed it out. I recommend "Stingray" to you.
  14. thanks for that, I really should experiement more with it.
  15. anyone have any recommendations? Battery operation would be nice. Other important factors are small size and price. thanks
  16. [quote name='High score' post='388576' date='Jan 22 2009, 02:40 PM']Highly recommend ''Progressive Bass Guitar by Gary Turner and Brenton White'' Really good for getting you started without dragging you through theory first.[/quote] 100 tips for bass guitar by stuart clayton - not just a tip's compendium but a complete tuition book. Also has handy section with sound samples of several different basses so you can hear the difference between them. Also Bass Handbook by Adrian Ashton
  17. I bought some in the states as its really cheap. Rudys on 48th st, NYC - Dunlop 65 (as mentioned above) big pot (110ml) for $3 - as mentioned above it lasts for ages and made a lovely job of my 62 ri jazz
  18. [quote name='Eight' post='384276' date='Jan 18 2009, 07:34 PM']LMFAO!!!! [/quote] I may stick with counting out loud or under my breath. I don't do the head nod thing as it looks like a bad case of tourettes
  19. I've been working on my timing and I have made some progress. I've been to the link recently posted where you could test your timing across measures and I was .006 fast (i'm guessing thats 6 milliseconds) according to the results. I've been working with a metronome whihc marks beat 1 as a slighter louder click. My problems are these: I never could do the foot tap thing, I'd find my knee or foot was marking out the rhythm of what I was playing, not the beats. I do find forcing my foot to do it very artificial and odd. I know there's a different method by Putter Smith where each up or down marks one beat and the half beat falls halfway between. Anyone tried this? I kind of lose sight of the beats after about beat 2, I know where I am in what I'm playing adn I usually hit beat one again, but I stop hearing the metronome so its like 1, 2 ......1 ,2 ..... Thoughts?
  20. Geek99


    probably my 62 RI jazz, never heard a bass as loud, especially given that its passive
  21. [quote name='ferguswads' post='375139' date='Jan 9 2009, 02:07 PM']I have recently acquired a new 75 Reissue jazz. It came with the pickup covers and I'm thinking of just adding the rear one so my questions is two fold. What difference will it make to the sound? What would you advise is the best way to fit them/get them fitted? Thanks Ferg x[/quote] My 62 Ri has the holes for the front cover, but not the back - I also wondered, are they just cosmetic or do they affect the sound in any way?
  22. I'm not trying - just have a few dvds which are grabbing my attention - I have enough actual [i]stuff[/i] (Blues Bass with Roscoe Beck and Funk Bass with Abe Laboriel).
  23. jazzes sound brighter, and are generally easier to play if you dont have huge hands. I like the narrower neck - its been a revelation for me.
  24. [quote name='SJA' post='367804' date='Jan 1 2009, 03:24 PM']when Gail Ann Dorsey and Mark Plati swap bass & guitar roles in Bowie's band it's just to have a change- she can slap pretty well- see live versions of "the heart's filthy lesson". [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6siuZChminw"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6siuZChminw[/url] closeup at 1.20 I watched that Gwen Stefani live show on 4music the other day, and GAD got a lead singing spot at the end of one song (presumably while the star went offstage to change outfits)- when you've got a voice like that you'll never be short of work.[/quote] Stormy Winter? She does it live too.
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