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  1. Wow cheers guys for the information sorry been off line. I had my wisdom tooth removed and it become infected. Back in the room now !
  2. Thanks Spondonbassed. Zoom 3 eh.. sounds good. Il research that... birthday and xmas soon.. so may treat myself.
  3. Cheers Madshadows... il research that. Thanks for the information
  4. So there I was trying to multi task , open tbe door sit on the bed and have a quick mess with my bass and as I sat on the bed... my Vox mini amp just fell to bits ... obviously school boy error on my part , for just flopping down with my bass in hand... so I have to get this soldiered and glued ... frustrated... anyone use alternatives to the Vox?
  5. I am currently listening to the new desert sessions volime 11/12 album. What an eclectic album ! I love it
  6. I do love good lyrics and its raw passion to convey something. Then I always spoil songs I think I know the words to i add my own words or what it sound like ha ha. What a awful habit. So I do try and learn tbe right words on occasion.
  7. Gomez68

    Hello again

    Hi Spondonbassed and Teebs, thanks for the welcome.
  8. Hi guys, just touching base ( no pun intended) god knows how many times that's been used ! Anyway after a long break away from this forum , very little in bass playing improvement has been achieved. However, my desire is back lol. Messed with drums to see if it would improve my playing and I even messed with a ukulele !! So here I am.
  9. I loved the 80s sound rich in bass tones. Fave albums well too many to mention. I do love lexicon of love -abc , Cupid and psyche - scritti politi. The hurting -tears for fears. Duran -Rio and kick by inxs ! But again there's so many -no parlez - Paul Young sticks out as a much played album .., ok gotta stop ha ... And the list goes on
  10. Gutted! A music pioneer and icon who was just one of a kind! RIP David Bowie you will be missed.
  11. I am gutted, he was my icon and my hero growing up. Rip 😓
  12. Good choices Japanaxe ! Me too a big fan and my fave album Scary monsters and fave song Golden Years ! I love his music and all that he has brought to music.
  13. Ah cool sorry to reserect an old thread! It's indeed a great album. The vinyl sold out in the merch section of the Bowie website.😀
  14. Yeah Japhet ! Apparently he visits a bar in NY regularly and saw this jazz collective and asked them to play for his new project ! Cool ! Not sure how it sat with Gail Anne Dorsey ??? Agreed to last few posts I love all the early 70s and scary monsters period but this album is a real different approach . Great album and as mentioned great musicians playing.
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