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  1. [quote name='EBS_freak' timestamp='1418751048' post='2632966'] I don't get it. Sorry [/quote] It's just music and you're listening to four brilliant double bass players. What's there to 'get'?
  2. Have either of you heard of the bass players on the record?
  3. I don't play Double Bass but just wondered what any players thought about this. Barre Phillips, Barry Guy, Palle Danielsen, JF Jenny-Clarke plus the great Stu Martin.
  4. I liked Eberhard Weber in his own groups but often found him a bit overpowering as a side man. His tone/sound is so distinctive that i just listen to him and no one else. The early Pat Metheny and Gary Burton albums on ECM are examples of that. Some artists were made for that ECM sound in those early days (Paul Motian Trio, Steve Kuhn, Keith Jarrett, Steve Tibbetts, Terje Rypdal) and Eicher and Kongshaug got the best out of them but with a lot of others that corporate sound didn't work for me. the label was often criticised at the time for being sterile and a bit too clean sounding for jazz and nearly all of the albums got 3 stars or average reviews at the time. Even the Pat Metheny albums were thought of as simply 'nice' although Metheny suffered in those days for not really being in either the Jazz or Rock camp as far as journalists were concerned.
  5. ECM were good at promoting artists back then as well. I would imagine that artists on ECM reached a wider audience that they probably would through smaller labels. I've just been thinking of some of the leaders/groups i've seen live when they were on ECM at the time of the concert: Jan Garbarek, Dave Holland, Terje Rypdal, Keith Jarrett, Ralph Towner, Glen Moore, Eberhard Weber, John Abercrombie, Steve Swallow, Bill Connors, Arild Andersen, Colin Walcott, Kenny Wheeler, Gary Burton, Pat Metheny, John Taylor, Paul Motian, Gary Peacock, Don Cherry, Nana Vasconcelos, Mick Goodrick, Miroslav Vitous, Charlie Haden, Ed Blackwell, Egberto Gismonti, Chick Corea, Shankar, Lester Bowie, James Newton, Oregon, David Torn, Marc Johnson. I've lost touch with what ECM do now but that was an impressive roster back then.
  6. [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1418581489' post='2631402'] Listened to him a lot back in the day. In fact there was a period of about six months where I wouldn't even consider listening to anything at all unless it was on ECM records. [/quote] What year was that? I have bought a lot of ECM records (from ARC in the early 70s onwards) but can't imagine just listening to them.
  7. I saw EW live a few times with Jan Garbarek's group in the 70s and 80s and with also with his own group. He must have the most instantly recognisable sound of any bass player.
  8. Thanks for reminder that i need to buy a Dremel tomorrow.
  9. [quote name='funkgod' timestamp='1418465694' post='2630375'] ahh but do you have a VHS to play it on ?? do you remember the ones with the big press down buttons at the front the top loader that came up with such force you would jump out of you skin and was capable sending a plant pot flying into the air. oh the joy [/quote] Fascinating memories of VHS players but any thoughts on The Story Of Funk?
  10. [quote name='ambient' timestamp='1418419414' post='2630178'] My dad likes them, I always thought they were kind of trying to be Pink floyd, but never actually making it. [/quote] Probably not commercial enough.
  11. [quote name='hiram.k.hackenbacker' timestamp='1418383180' post='2629701'] That link is great. I'd never heard of Oswald or Plunderphonics before. The mind boggles at how hard it must have been to create back in the day. [/quote] Plunderphonics seemed like a natural progression from those Residents LPs to me. I soon got into Oswalds Plunderphonics and Negativland, The Tape Beatles, Evolution Control Committee then onto later and current stuff by People Like Us and Blectum From Blechdom. Plundersphonics is something you can get lost in for years and years and can be very entertaining!!!
  12. The Residents 'George & James' (American Composers Volume One) LP is good if you like your JB and Gershwin done a little differently. Here's a little James..... http://youtu.be/kINqjKyQ43c?list=PL465ABDD21A242D3C
  13. [quote name='hiram.k.hackenbacker' timestamp='1418351229' post='2629518'] You're not supposed to chuckle. This is music. This is serious business. Having said that....[list=1] [*]"[url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Papa%27s_Got_a_Brand_New_Bag"]Papa's Got a Brand New Bag[/url]" (sung in German)[sup][url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Third_Reich_%27n_Roll#cite_note-papa-4"][size=2][4][/size][/url][/sup] [/list] [size=6][sup]How can you not chuckle at that?[/sup][/size] [/quote] Indeed! Long before the days we were all on t'internet i made a cassette copy of this and gave it to a musician friend who was a massive Jim Morrison/Doors fan. He hated it, couldn't see the funny side of it and i still don't think he's ever got over it to this day. Enjoy!!!! http://youtu.be/LBznPAirdzA
  14. [quote name='hiram.k.hackenbacker' timestamp='1418350296' post='2629512'] Thank you ever so much for that insight. I did laugh when I read your comment about Eskimo as I had literally just been reading the comments on Amazon about that very album. I almost bought it immediately after having read them! I tend to avoid compilations unless there is material present that is unavailable elsewhere, because if I get into it I'll end up buying it again anyway. Third Reich N Roll it is then. Anyone want to suggest a second purchase [/quote] Don't get me wrong, Eskimo has it's moments ok but let's say it's not the best place to start. The Commercial Album is a good un but seems to be very expensive on Amazon. There are also a few Snakefinger LPs worth checking out too. I look forward to hear what you think about Third Reich N Roll. It makes me chuckle just thinking about that LP!!!
  15. I got into them around 1977 after buying Third Reich & Roll. The two earlier albums Meet The Residents and Fingerprince soon followed and then every LP until the mid 90s. Third Reich & Roll is a must for early period Residents but all of those plus Not Available, Duck Stab/Buster & Glen interesting but i do prefer the early stuff best. Those Ralph LPs were difficult to find back then over here but worth the patience to track them down. 1980s Commercial Album is fun and one of the most accessible as is the Nibbles compilation which was released by Virgin in 1979. Other worth having compilations are Residue Of The Residents (1983) and Petting Zoo (2002) and probably best to avoid Eskimo for now. If it was down to one album then it would be Third Reich N Roll for me. Worth the price for Sunshine Of Your Love/Hey Jude/Sympathy For The Devils guitar and cheesy synth. Wonderful!!! I've played a lot of this recently (I still have the vinyl LPs) but it doesn't seem half a whacky as it sounded at the time so i'd be interested to hear what anyone just discovering this stuff thinks about it.
  16. [quote name='RoRi' timestamp='1418298577' post='2628882'] @BetaFunk Exquisite choice, thanks! [/quote]
  17. I've always thought that Vernon Reid's best work was outside of Living Colour. His playing when he was with Ronald Shannon Jackson's Decoding Society was amazing and the Smash and Scatteration LP with Bill Frisell is a gem. His banjo playing is a bit special too.
  18. [quote name='RoRi' timestamp='1418232325' post='2628274'] The singer sounds a bit like Bobby Byrd. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gb73FC6I_0U[/url][/media] [/quote] It made me feel bad and to do this.............. http://youtu.be/i8IbvVTXOIo
  19. [quote name='Bo0tsy' timestamp='1418202754' post='2627836'] So I finally got round to watching the BBC4 program. It was OK, but some strange omissions & odd choices. I know you can't fit everything into an hour, and the program correctly went for funk founders such as James Brown. Sly & George Clinton, but no mention whatsoever of the Meters, Rick James, Zapp, (early) The Isley Bros, or The Gap Band?. And then only very rudimentary mentions of other primary funk groups such as Ohio Players, Slave, Cameo or Bootsy? No real coverage either of '80's electro funk (so funk suddenly went from its 70's heyday to Tribe Called Quest's I Left My Wallet in El Segundo??? - what about Afrika Bambaataa's Planet Rock? or George Clinton's Atomic Dog?). The program also covered a bit of Acid Jazz, but no mention of that genre's roots in Jazz Funk (Roy Ayers, Donald Bryd, Blackbyrds, etc). Too much focus also on EW&F who, whilst having elements of funk, to me at least have a much smoother R&B, disco and pop sound (I would not say that they are a raw funk group). If you are going to classify EW&F as Funk then why not mention Chic? Anyway despite my rant, there was some good vintage footage, and I quite enjoyed the Genius of Funk footage (despite the errors in that too - don't get me started again! ) [/quote] The whole thing was either poorly researched or they just didn't understand what they were talking about. They seemed to think that Acid Jazz came from Funk when we all know it was from Jazz Funk which was a different genre altogether. That fact that they thought EW&F were a Funk band is just ignorance and they seemed to think that when Disco came Funk was finished which was not the case at all. AWB were again never a Funk band but they didn't seem to understand that just because a band is Funky it doesn't necessarily mean they are a Funk band. it was just a poor show all round.
  20. http://basschat.co.uk/topic/205794-noah-and-the-whale-p-bass-in-new-kings-rd-guitars/page__p__2102519__hl__noah%20and%20the%20whale__fromsearch__1#entry2102519
  21. [quote name='tedmanzie' timestamp='1418136183' post='2627202'] The BBC4 programme was ridiculous. It had some good footage but I've rarely witnessed such shoddy journalism on BBC4 - it basically started by stating that the only black music in the 60s was the 'vanilla pop' (??) of Motown so James Brown created funk all by himself when he wrote Cold Sweat. That was it all over and done in the first 5 mins. Then we went to Sly & the Family Stone. [/quote] ......and not forgetting that all time classic 'Picking Up The Pieces'...............
  22. [quote name='The Admiral' timestamp='1417985996' post='2625802'] The might end up paying Focus the royalties if they do. [/quote]
  23. [quote name='The Admiral' timestamp='1417984856' post='2625778'] Any other spottings I've missed? [/quote] Nothing spotted yet but i live in hope that the South West England Tourist Board will soon have an advert on TV with a nice song containing slightly rearranged lyrics along the lines of 'Stairway To Devon'.
  24. [quote name='Funky Dunky' timestamp='1417974255' post='2625649'] In fairness, I haven't heard the entire catalog, only tunes here and there and I simply didn't hear anything that made me want to investigate. It's funk, of course, but I wasn't hearing enough of a song or a hook in what I heard to turn me on to it. Recommend some and I'll check it out. [/quote] I won't recommend anything because like all music it's down to personal taste but if anyone thinks that funk is just a the few commercial snippets that was on the BBC documentary then look a little further and you may well be surprised. That's really how it was in the 60s and 70s when you bought or heard an LP which you liked then heard that another group were like that so you bought that LP and so on and so on. We discovered as we went back then. Now with the internet it's all so much easier but also easy to miss the occasional gem. I said i wouldn't recommend any Funk tracks as i can remember back to the 70s when i was into a lot of Jazz as well as Funk plus lots of other varied stuff (i saw The Clash, Earth Wind & Fire and Gil Scott Heron live one week) having to listen to something like Dark Side Of The Moon would have been like torture to me and would have had me climbing the walls within minutes. The same with ELO whose music was a joke to me (and everyone else i knew) back then (still is as it happens) and was bought by teenage girls, grannies and blokes who wore cardigans and leather string backed driving gloves and drove Triumph Spitfires and thought they were really cool. As the Floyd and ELO are favourites on here it just goes to show that it really is all down to personal taste and how far you want to search out music that you might like. Whatever the outcome the journey is always worthwhile.
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