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  1. [quote name='scalpy' timestamp='1419791423' post='2642739'] way more informative is chuck rainey's, but he talks about music making not playing. [/quote] No real surprise there. Rainey is a legend who has performed on thousands of sessions and with most of the greats over six decades. A much different bass player as well.
  2. [quote name='Thunderbird' timestamp='1419714100' post='2642200'] It went for 78 quid some one did well [/quote] ......and it all happened nearly three years ago.
  3. I must point out that although i posted two examples of Funk i am fully aware that there are many more examples of that genre and not just the two i posted. P.S. We also found out some time ago that it wasn't actually Funk that the op was after anyway.
  4. Jaco. The old lady down my street with the poodle that she puts a tartan coat on hasn't even heard of him.
  5. [quote name='Dazed' timestamp='1419538523' post='2640778'] Reminds me a little of Vulfpeck [/quote]
  6. For some reason i always feel like doing this whenever i see that All About That (Upright) Bass video. http://youtu.be/i8IbvVTXOIo
  7. [quote name='cybertect' timestamp='1419202867' post='2637636'] I wouldn't disagree [attachment=179095:1933_Duesenberg_J_Weymann_Speedster_sml.jpg] [/quote] That's a Duesy!!!
  8. [quote name='Drax' timestamp='1419200654' post='2637606'] when people talk about 'white man funk', they're the benchmark. Actually not too far from a lot of current function bands. [/quote] That's a very good point. I really like that comparison.
  9. [quote name='Bobthedog' timestamp='1419201098' post='2637615'] Duffy does a pretty good version in the soundtrack for The Boat that Rocked. [/quote] To me that's the sound of a singer shouting it instead of singing it with the emotion the original had.
  10. [quote name='miles'tone' timestamp='1419196415' post='2637538'] I do intend to YouTube the hell out of him to find more. I'm just wondering which tracks in particular may have inspired my fellow basschatters... A title change methinks!.. [/quote] Good luck with your search. Anthony Jackson has played on hundreds of sessions over the years and albums some of which would have used more than one bass player which makes it harder to work out who played on what. In the early Sigma Sound Studios days he played on numerous Philadelphia International and Gamble & Huff sessions including The O'Jays, Three Degrees, Billy Paul, MFSB and many more. Of course he's played on sessions by Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway, Ashford & Simpson, Steely Dan, Donald Fagen, Madonna, Simon & Garfunkel etc but he can be heard on some great albums by Lee Ritenour, Al Di Meola, Norman Connors etc etc. [media]http://youtu.be/_YZE8Vz00dc[/media] [media]http://youtu.be/a6skDt0ZEGI[/media] http://youtu.be/3-MRnhWcImE
  11. [quote name='Telebass' timestamp='1419194693' post='2637507'] IIRC, he got his first writing credit for that bassline. [/quote] Yes, not bad either to have a writing credit with legends like Gamble & Huff when you're only 21.
  12. [quote name='waynepunkdude' timestamp='1419179266' post='2637278'] I agree, but this stuff does nothing for me and to be honest I prefer British Hip-hop, something like this for a start. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeV2cExvnMI[/media] [/quote] Not sure what the point of that is as far as the op is concerned but it did amuse me because if you were a fan of British Hip-Hop in the 80s this is what was on offer. [media]http://youtu.be/FExauuV3acA[/media]
  13. [quote name='Roger2611' timestamp='1419160370' post='2637035'] I only own two Hip Hop records, this and White Lines! I never came across any others after that that worked for me, the more the genre turned to Rap, being gangster and popping a cap in someone's ass the less it appealed [/quote] You're obvious not a fan but that's no problem but there was a lot of great stuff around from 1979-1984 for anyone who was interested in it.
  14. [quote name='chris_b' timestamp='1419178806' post='2637262'] How good is your singer? The problem with this number is the power of Lorraine Ellison's performance. She's the only one I've heard that nails it. She's singing it, everyone else (including Sam Brown) shouts it. [/quote] I couldn't agree more. This is powerful singing and not shouting and how it's meant to be done. [media]http://youtu.be/6pDBuPK0_DU[/media]
  15. [quote name='waynepunkdude' timestamp='1419176684' post='2637227'] That's why it's aged, it's not really relevant any more I'm sure it was great at the time but issues move on and new artists take up the baton. [/quote] I'd be interested to know how old you were when The Message was released.
  16. [quote name='waynepunkdude' timestamp='1419176225' post='2637223'] 80s Hip-Hop has aged terribly IMO, I think there is better stuff around today. [/quote] I have no idea what age you were at the time (1982) but it's probably as much about social comment of the time as it was about the music.
  17. There is so much to choose as he has worked on so many sessions (just look at a list of who has played with) but this is a good place to start...... http://youtu.be/Ll3uipTO-4A
  18. Another classic..... [media]http://youtu.be/yg1Cx26-928[/media] and another..... http://youtu.be/WqAGg7dEcLc
  19. [media]http://youtu.be/FTJ6RrQoOxU[/media] http://youtu.be/csN15ASvnrc
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