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  1. [quote name='bilbo230763' post='449858' date='Mar 30 2009, 09:18 PM']Good work, SteveO, although I would recommend people look at other Bach pieces - this one has been played to death by players the world over [/quote] Oooh agreed, It is one of those 'Stairway to heaven' type pieces, but I have a real soft spot for Bach, especially his solo Violin and Cello pieces, and these do translate quite well to the Bass. Considering the time it took to do it (about an hour) I think i'll look at adding a few more soon. Anyway the aim is to take the boredom out of doing scale excersises.
  2. [quote name='Thunderthumbs' post='449469' date='Mar 30 2009, 03:00 PM']SteveO, Any chance you can upload the Sibelius version too? Cheers, Pete.[/quote] Added to the OP. Edit: Ooops, no it's not. The computer says that I'm 'not allowed to add this type of file'
  3. [quote name='OutToPlayJazz' post='449066' date='Mar 29 2009, 11:49 PM']Nice to see it being played in the original cello key. Most of the double bass versions are transposed into C for suite I.[/quote] Surely not? I was tempted to transpose but for 2 reasons: Firstly there were only 6 notes lower than an E, and it wasn't hard to chose suitable alternatives to keep in the feel of the part, and secondly I *hate* it when people transpose music. Even a semitone higher or lower can make a piece just sound wrong. Transposing from G to C is a crime that should be punishable by death. (IMO etc. etc.)
  4. [quote name='velvetkevorkian' post='448727' date='Mar 29 2009, 04:44 PM']I think it's fingerings- 1234= fingers on your fretting hand, 0= open string. Judging from the open notes it looks like it's the OP's bass fingerings.[/quote] Spot on. I've only done it where I there are tricky position shifts. Mainly because I have a bad memory and only remember to change position when i get knotted fingers half way through the bar. Feel free to ignore them, they're not essential.
  5. After getting a bit frustrated with trying to read a bad photocopy of the above I decided to scan it into Sibelius to get a clean copy. Whilst I was at it I rearranged it to make it playable on a 4-string bass and dropped in some fingerings for the first section. Also is a tab version for the non-music readers out there. The piece is a great way of practicing scale patterns without it being boring, and lets face it Bach was the master of walking bass lines. Enjoy
  6. SteveO


    Tempting as it may be to 'diss the drummer', Arvid is one of the best drummers I've worked with. Total 100% accuracy on the most convoluted syncopated rythms you can imagine. (well, he did train at some famous Dutch music conservatory that i can't be bothered to remember the name of). You know the quiz where you play the first few bars of a song and then fade out....... then fade in after a while and see how far out you are? well I played 'Pull Me Under' (Dream Theater) and faded out after about 30 seconds, (It's one of the tracks we're rehersing).... faded back in after 5 mins, it's an 8 or 9 min track and there's at lest 4 or 5 time sig and tempo changes, and he was PERFECT. Bastard. Edit: [quote name='grumble' post='443235' date='Mar 23 2009, 11:40 PM']No problem with my drummer, always does exactly as told, only slows down when the batteries run out and ,best of all, NEVER drinks my beer. Damn that Boss Micro BR is a godsend [/quote] I think i've just wet myself.
  7. [quote name='Zoe_BillySheehan' post='443178' date='Mar 23 2009, 10:58 PM']these work great... [url="http://store.apple.com/uk/product/T9106VC/A?mco=MzU1MTIwOQ"]http://store.apple.com/uk/product/T9106VC/A?mco=MzU1MTIwOQ[/url] I know it sounds stupid..but im pretty sure you could use it in a PC (even though its for a mac) cause i dont see why not. It literly just uses to the mic socket and converts it into a 1/4 inch. Z x[/quote] £15???? If anyone's interested, I can get you one for a tenner (For the less gullable you can buy one for a quid from Mapplins, but it won't have an 'i' prefix, which of course means it's not as good)
  8. [quote name='josh3184' post='443144' date='Mar 23 2009, 10:32 PM']a right handed one, yep. Plus an ibby p/j. Not gonna get it outta those, thats for sure Strings are dead too, its like playing strips of sponge.[/quote] Can't you turn off the j pickup in the P/J? Not to get too deep into it, thats the sound i like to use the most and can get it with either my squier P or my Yam 375 through behringer head. (The point is that they're both cheap basses through a cheap head) I'm not the most audiophilic on BC, but when someone says "the P sound" then *that's* the sound that I imagine. nothing special, just a good solid tone. /edit [quote name='josh3184']hmm, was wondering how to get that out of humbuckers (not gonna get it in the ray, but maybe the $$)[/quote] My yam is a 2 humbucker jobbie. Pan knob turned to about 70% neck, 30% bridge. flat EQ on the bass, high-mids dropped a tad on the amp
  9. Pretty much a generic P sound there with a bit of compression and the high mids rolled off a bit.
  10. Short, sweet and to the point. Must be a priceless bass (geddit? price-less? oh well)
  11. I'm a lazy twat and use a [i]huge[/i] amount of compression to mask my pathetic attempts to keep to a consistent level. If I want more or less noize there's a knob behind me that will sort that out, and I'm not talking about our drummer.
  12. [quote name='alexclaber' post='440236' date='Mar 20 2009, 01:56 PM']What happens when you increase Mms? Does switching voice coil change BL and thus Qes and sensitivity? Etc etc. Alex[/quote] ok, point taken, but the 64k question is 'is it likely to be worse than a 'normal' system?' [quote name='alexclaber']...but it's solving a problem that only exists in people's minds...[/quote] that was my first thought, but then again i'm unlikely to be in the situation of wishing my 4ohm cabs were 8ohms. maybe I would if I wanted to add 2 more cabs to the rig, but i doubt this is gonna happen. Perhaps this is a real problem and I just haven't come across it yet, or perhaps it's just the marketing men trying to convince us that the new and improved gear is better and the old gear we were once happy with is now worthless crap.
  13. [quote name='Paul Cooke' post='439975' date='Mar 20 2009, 09:11 AM']Does the new version time out now when the evaluation period is over?[/quote] I dunno. Did a format and clean install of everything a couple of weeks ago, thought i'd download Reaper again to get the latest version, but it's not free anymore so I used my old installation file.
  14. Interesting idea, looking at [url="http://www.bassgearmag.com/blog/?p=109"]this article[/url] they claim that each speaker has 2 coils which allows the switching. Won't this affect the performance though? i'd have thought that a speaker with only one coil would be better than one carrying the dead weight of a second unused coil. Maybe the convenience outweighs the small performance hit though, or maybe it's so small as not to be an issue.
  15. [quote name='MacDaddy' post='412642' date='Feb 18 2009, 02:07 AM']I know Tuba's are transposing instruments and sound lower than the pitch they are scored at. Are we taking transpostion into account?[/quote] I'm not a tuba player, but I'm assuming there's no major differences between the principles underlying a tuba and trumpet in their construction.... The Eb will be it's lowest note played open (with no valves pressed down) pressing valves drops the frequency of the note by effectively adding more tubing. On a (Bb) trumpet the lowest 'open' note is Bb (concert pitch), and the lowest note playable (with all valves depressed) is a concert E. The principle is that by use of the valves you can select a length of tubing that will resonate at the desired pitch, so that for example one combination will resonate at the respective frequencies of C3,G3,C4,E4,G4,C5, (think of an analogy with harmonics on a string) then the player creates the desired frequency by vibrating his lips at the right pitch. Unlike string instruments where the resonant frequencies are limited to multiples of the fundamental, brass instruments can also resonate at frequencies that are [i]fractions[/i] of the fundamental (i.e. of lower pitch than the fundamental). This is what pete refers to by "pedaling" a note, although it is bloody hard to do. Bet you're really glad I told you that eh? That's what you get for asking too many questions /edit oops, sorry to resurrect an old thread, 'I'm viewing posts since last visit' and it's been a while....
  16. [quote name='51m0n' post='439386' date='Mar 19 2009, 05:22 PM']Reaper. really not going to bother saying again![/quote] Reaper not free any more /edit missed Al's post
  17. I lend my gear out all the time. My rig is pretty much permanently installed at the local venue, we get rehersal space for free and it's only worth about 100 quid, so whenever anyone wants to borrow then I always say OK (plus the resident sound guy is our singer and I trust him to look after it) the way I see it I've had much more than the rig's value worth of rehersal time and free entry to gigs (although I do get dragged in to marshall the occasional gig if there's a big crowd). it's all karma. I also have my first bass (crappy CK squier) out on permanent loan to people who wanna learn the bass. if after a few months they wanna stick with it then I'll help them look for a bass for them and pass the squier on. I have no expectation whatsoever of getting it back in one piece, and the satisfaction of helping people get into music more than pays for the intrinsic value of the instrument (which again is gonna be less than a ton). saying that, there's no way I'd loan out gear that I wasn't prepared to loose. When I manage to save enough penger for my dream 'ray I'll not be lending that out, but I'll always keep a 'knacker' for loaning.
  18. [quote name='cetera' post='401167' date='Feb 5 2009, 05:02 PM']2 Apr 2009 Comeback, Drammen, Norway 3 Apr 2009 Smuget, Oslo, Norway 4 Apr 2009 Smuget, Oslo, Norway[/quote] ooooo, Looks like a good excuse for a Norwegian BC meet. I know there's at least 4 of us lurking about here... anyone interested? coincidentaly I nearly got to meet Eric Singer last month, his band were playing at Jevnaker and I was called in to help with marshaling the gig. Unfortunately he'd buggered off before we'd finished kicking the punters out.
  19. [quote name='jmesa' post='431461' date='Mar 11 2009, 02:34 PM']Slack the strings off otherwise you may snap the neck proper style![/quote] why's this then? I can't see how air pressure will make any difference to the forces in the neck, or is this general advice for any kind of long distance travel?
  20. [quote name='wateroftyne' post='366510' date='Dec 30 2008, 07:59 PM']Hey, I've got lots of opinions too, but I manage to get them across without calling people 'knobs'.[/quote] I suppose I should apologise to anyone offended. i keep forgetting that pub-speak dosen't work too well on the interweb. I shall edit my post accordingly.
  21. [quote name='wateroftyne' post='366478' date='Dec 30 2008, 07:25 PM']That's pretty harsh on the people here (albeit a minority, it seems) who do like the idea of relic'd instruments.[/quote] is it? I suppose it is. that was just my opinion of course and let´s face it no one takes any notice of me anyway, but if it´s your thing and you feel upset about others thinking you look a prat with your designer scratched bass then just call me an old fart. they´re entitled to their opinion as well, even if they´re wrong Meh, the kids of today with their pretend scratched basses and their pretend ripped jeans wearing their pretend runing shoes riding their pretend racing bikes. What´s the world coming to? I remember when they had propper respect, and all this used to be fields and the queen looked so lovely in the jubilee of 77 with her pink frock on...
  22. it´s not worth fighting against, people. lets face it, given a choice is it gonna be a nice shiny new guitar or a new one that´s been sandpapered in the factory? It´s no contest for most people Do worn instruments look good? yep, but instruments that´ve been faked to look worn look stupid. those that are old enough can probably remember the introduction of stonewashed jeans. the thought that someone would pay extra for their jeans to look old was laughable and many people, myself included, were objects of amusement for all and sundry. nowadays I can´t remember the last time I saw a pair of ´new´ jeans, then again I don´t look for them and anyway I´m digressing. I just hope that the world doesn´t go mad and stop making shiny new basses. IMO, no matter how well it´s done a relic job is still just pretending to be something that it´s not, and anyone that is seen playing one will be seen as being a wannabe poseur, regardless of their talent. What about the people with genuine worn basses? are they gonna look like [i]wanabees[/i] aswell? what´s this gonna do to the prices of worn instruments? but then again the world´s full of different people with different ideas. heres a thought though, if the factory relic is actually done to a standard so that it looks authentic, how´re you gonna tell that it´s not a real fender that´s got mojo? is there gonna be a sticker on the back saying what it is or will the serial start with something like ´SIM´ for Sandpapered In Mexico?. If there´s a distinguishing mark (serial number for eg) that tells the punter that it´s not real, then what´s the resale prices gonna be like? anyroad, I only started this reply to say to BigredX. If I´m offered a battered bass I want a big discount too. [edited for unnecesary potentialy-offensive rudeness]
  23. saw this and thought 'what a great idea', but by the time i'd got to the bottom of the thread i've changed my mind. on set you're pretty much close enough to your amp to do any small tweaks, unless you're doing a stadium gig, but that's what roadies are for. at soundcheck I just shout instructions to our gitartist of which knob to tweak. Gimmick idea i'm afraid.
  24. Like many here I consider myself a musician rather than a bassist. Started music in the brass band scene on cornet in '80, learnt to play classical guitar, then trombone with soul / Jazz bands, electric guitar, bass and finaly piano. I'm planning on learning banjo next then violin. In my experience once you have an understanding of music the hardest thing is learning what you have to do to get the noises, what to pluck, which key to hit etc, which in comparison is a piece of piss. I'd say that any polyphonic instrument is better to play solo (alone) or just at home for pleasure, my choices are piano and classical guitar. Bass comes under the heading of instruments that are more fun to play with other people. TBH it's at the top of that list although playing Jazz is more rewarding on the bone than the bass (sorry Bilbo)
  25. Never used it on a guitar, but for bleaching wood we use [url="http://www.jernia.no/Produkter/Produktvisning?key=78012"]this[/url]. OK, I know what you're thinking, it may be impractical to order from Norway, but maybe B&Q do something similar. it's a 2 part peroxide bleach, and is very good. They use it over here mainly to get rid of sun-ageing of wood (when it goes that pus-yellow colour) and it removes very deep stains without affecting the wood. The before and after picture is [u]not[/u] an exageration. Oh, and it doesn't bleach the wood (make it go white), once it's done it's stuff it just looks like a new bit of freshly sawn wood. [edit] hmmm the info in ahpook's link says that peroxide is used to lighten the natural colour of the wood, i.e. to take away the natural colour and turn it white, so either that info's wrong or this stuff is a weak solution. [/edit]
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