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  1. My former drummer's dad passed away in September and his family are auctioning off his (absolutely amazing) guitar and amplifier collection in aid of Nordoff-Robbins music therapy charity. I can personally vouch for the quality of the instruments, and the integrity of those involved in their sale. Please take a look and perhaps forward on to anyone else that wants to snag a bargain in the aid of a very worthy charity. [size=3]Please follow the links to see the shows Guitar / Amp & FX collection of Ken Parsons who sadly lost his battle with Cancer in September 2013. Music was a massive part of Ken's life and the collection is being sold to raise £15,000 for the Music Therapy Charity Nordoff-Robbins in Scotland (Charity Number SC018224). If you are interested in anything in the collection please contact David Parsons at [email="[email protected]"][email protected][/email][email="[email protected]"]ail.com[/email] or download the full catalogues and descriptions here: Links for the full catalogues: Acoustics: [url="http://www.nordoffrobbinsscotland.org.uk/auction_jan_14/Acoustic_Guitars_Catalogue_v0_4.pdf"]http://www.nordoffrobbinsscotland.org.uk/auction_jan_14/Acoustic_Guitars_Catalogue_v0_4.pdf[/url] Electrics: [url="http://www.nordoffrobbinsscotland.org.uk/auction_jan_14/Electric_Guitars_Catalogue_v0_1.pdf"]http://www.nordoffrobbinsscotland.org.uk/auction_jan_14/Electric_Guitars_Catalogue_v0_1.pdf[/url] Amps & PA: [url="http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nordoffrobbinsscotland.org.uk%2Fauction_jan_14%2FAmps_PA_Catalogue_v0_1.pdf&h=qAQG1CGM_&enc=AZM_hD90z5zoNSk2InDS9-FZjRUq9m80Bpfz7e71DNLAZ6QErTF8O0iJiOCfdbgZl1tdJL51XC-8SNa-fylxmoUNytSrHcHM8_nJB5cQZGe1M-7bW_zvo2caX_ogOjTxEp7JrV_3x-WBfk5cCjyj5YjQ&s=1"]http://www.nordoffrobbinsscotland.org.uk/auction_jan_14/Amps_PA_Catalogue_v0_1.pdf[/url] Guitar FX / Pedals & Studio: [url="http://www.nordoffrobbinsscotland.org.uk/auction_jan_14/Guitar_FX_Studio_v0_1.pdf"]http://www.nordoffrobbinsscotland.org.uk/auction_jan_14/Guitar_FX_Studio_v0_1.pdf[/url] Watch the same video in YouTube: [url="http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DQGV1AYM2fTg&h=5AQHrwh5l&enc=AZOYG9qwyDKNOefvETkIwokZu8xAjDRWuZLjvXhnKFJb_jcG6QB7yEFPmuSfREapYUOgVDB991ik1lwszPDrDluQGZsIUTtlKTgS7QlnzwRpRs6HhyVB_0Z4wI3EGV7qmCmNNGtq0lXaq9OeXipE4prQ&s=1"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGV1AYM2fTg[/url][/size]
  2. coasterbass

    Feedback for Esharp

    Sold my Eden pre-amp to Paul. A pleasure to do business with! Very prompt payment and patient whilst I organised postage etc. Cheers!
  3. coasterbass

    Eden Navigator Preamp - sold pending....

    Sold pending....
  4. coasterbass

    Eden Navigator Preamp - sold pending....

    Seizing the initiative on this and offering at £350 before it really will go to ebay. Please let this go to a decent home.
  5. coasterbass

    Eden Navigator Preamp - sold pending....

    Bump and price-drop.
  6. coasterbass

    Eden Navigator Preamp - sold pending....

    Still available. Would prefer it to go to a BC'er so if you are interested please get in touch.
  7. coasterbass

    Eden Navigator Preamp - sold pending....

    Bump Could be flexible on price..
  8. coasterbass

    Trace Elliott Boxer 30

    Indeed. It is mains only.
  9. coasterbass

    Trace Elliott Boxer 30

  10. One very good condition Eden Navigator preamp up for sale. I bought this on BC some years back and its been my main gigging amp ever since. Its been racked 24/7 ever since and is in superb condition. Its a 2003 model. There is nothing this can't do.... Parametric Eq Valve/solid state blend Superb compressor 'Turbo boost' gain (everyone needs an amp with a Turbo boost function surely!) Variable Crossover Full Stereo operation Footswitch and tone to die for! The only dink is on the footswitch where one of the LED's doesn't light up. [b]Looking for £350 [/b]including a well used but functional 4U SKB case. [attachment=114419:Navi1.JPG][attachment=114420:Navi2.JPG][attachment=114421:Navi3.JPG][attachment=114422:Navi4.JPG][attachment=114423:Navi5.JPG]
  11. coasterbass

    Trace Elliott Boxer 30

    Afternoon, I've had this little baby from new and it has been well looked after. Its a perfect practice amp, although it can really kick out some volume when pushed so will be quite happy at small gigs and rehearsals. [b]Looking for £60[/b] and will post at cost price. Alternatively collection from Maidenhead, Berkshire is welcome. Three-band EQ and mid shift button which really cuts through the mix. Will be sorry to see the little fellow go.... [attachment=114417:Boxer1.JPG][attachment=114418:Boxer2.JPG] Cheers, Nick
  12. coasterbass

    Mesa Diesel 4x10 - SOLD

    Final bump before ebay and a price drop too. Please don't make me do it.
  13. coasterbass

    Ampeg and Mesa Rig - £SOLD

    FInal Basschat bump. No Ampeg and Mesa love these days : ( Its off to ebay after this weekend.
  14. Morning, There hasn't been much interest in my individual For Sale treads for my Ampeg and Mesa kit so I thought I'd advertise it as a complete rig and see if that helps. So... we have an Ampeg SVP-Pro preamp, Studiomaster 1500E poweamp, and Mesa Boogie 4x10 Diesel (original EV speakers) all for £[s]625.[/s][b] £600[/b] [attachment=110116:IMG_1833.JPG][attachment=110117:IMG_1852.JPG][attachment=110118:IMG_1860.JPG] The pots on the poweramp are a little scratchy, but you can set these at 100% and control it from the preamp output (thats what I do, hence why they've become a little scratchy). Other than that its all in great condition and in my opinion a bit of a bargain at this price. Preamp was revalved recently and has had less than 20hrs use since. Collection from Maidenhead preferred, but can drop off 'locally' for petrol. Any questions then please get in touch and of course these are still available separately. Thanks Nick