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  1. Nice one. Consider yourself friended. :-)
  2. Cheers Redstriper. Anyone out out there in Gwynedd, I'll gladly come to see your band if I can possibly get there. Message me and I'll send my email. I love it here in Middle Earth, and wouldn't want to be anywhere else, but as I said, feel like I've burnt my bridges somewhat. Cheers, Jake M
  3. I am indeed in the middle of nowhere. Well spotted. :-) Winter's a comin'...
  4. I was just about to start my own thread, when I came across this old one. I'm an old punk looking for something to do in Gwynedd, near Caernarfon. Just mountains and sheep where I am, so it looks like I may have burnt my bridges as far as playing in a band goes, but maybe somebody knows of something social? Cheers, Jake M
  5. Cheers for the reply Paul. Whereabouts are you then? I'm not actually in Caernarfon, I'm a few miles away in the Nantlle Valley, or "the arse end of nowhere" as a friend of mine put it.
  6. Hello all, long time no see. Ex-bassist of punk band Discharge, living near Caernarfon in North Wales, looking for old punks to play with. Nothing serious at the moment, more social than anything else, but whatever. Anyone out there? Cheers, Jake M
  7. [quote name='Den' post='1175709' date='Mar 25 2011, 12:04 PM']man, that shows how non-commercial this music is; and how much most people are interested only in something trendy. We had only 2 bassists, lasting no much more than 1 month each, in the last 9 months. Plus a few other people showed interest at the beginning but never went beyond email. That's why last year me and the drummer recorded our debut album ourselves. i hope you managed to put you band together by now too! cheers[/quote] No Den, no band for me either. I'm sad and ashamed to say that I gave up. Much the same experience as yourself really. It's difficult when you're my age to find peers. Yet at the same time I have no illusions. I don't expect my band to be "successful". I know this can only ever be a hobby for me now. How I hate the very thought of that, let alone the reality. Success for me now would come from playing the music I love with people I actually enjoy spending time with, who hear the music as I hear it, even if the band never left the rehearsal room. Wish I could help you out mate, but work/distance/life make that impossible. I'd have helped out with the album though. Cheers, Jake M
  8. Blimey Den, I can't believe you're still looking. No interest at all in all this time?
  9. Hi Den, how're you doing? Pity I don't live down south. :-(
  10. [quote name='clauster' post='659535' date='Nov 19 2009, 07:22 PM']Hi Jake, did you have to import it yourself or is there a UK dealer for Steinberger?[/quote] No, i didn't import it and i don't know of a UK dealer unfortunately. I don't think there is one. USA websites won't ship to the UK either. I kept my eyes peeled for a private sale for a few months, and eventually bought it from a Basschatter. Hurrah! They come up on ebay from time to time, but otherwise they're very difficult to get hold of, as you probably know. Actually, i'd like another... Cheers, Jake M
  11. [quote name='budget bassist' post='659367' date='Nov 19 2009, 04:10 PM']awesome, i'm not a huge fan but i can appreciate that it may work better for you than a regular bass, enjoy it! Is it one of the carbon ones? How does it sound? pics?[/quote] The Synapse is made from some sort of graphite/wood composite material with a hard maple neck and a phenolic fretboard. Sound wise, its not as "fierce" as some active basses when you play with a trebly sound, which i do. The various EQs are particularly good. I usually find that however many sounds you can supposedly get from an EQ, i can never actually find one i like, or even anything usable. Probably just me. :-) Anyway, not so here, its really versatile. It goes from very bright and active sounding like a Stingray, to quite passive and grunty like a Fender. It came as quite a surprise that i could make this bass sound like a Precision, or at least in the ball park. Great for deep reggae sounds too. It seems to do everything, basically. :-) There's a pic below, but i don't have one of my own bass specifically at the moment. Cheers, Jake M
  12. I haven't posted in a while, but i today i just have to share the news. I finally got that Synapse i'd been wanting a few months back. I've wanted to own a Steinberger since sometime in the 80's, but being diagnosed with an ongoing chronic back condition recently prompted me to actively track the beast down, it being a relatively lightweight and "ergonomic" instrument etc. Just got it back from JayDee today after a full set-up. There ain't nothing finer than a proper professional set-up. Well worth the money i reckon. Anyway, that's all. I'm chuffed and i want the world to know it. Cheers, Jake M
  13. I've always loved Primus/Claypool, but this album just takes the biscuit. Anyone into it? Cheers, Jake M
  14. Bassist available, aged 44. Ex "name" punk band. Played for over thirty years. Main influences JJ Burnel, Les Clapool, John Entwistle, Lemmy. Open to offers. Birmingham/West Mids. Currently no transport, sorry. See [url="http://www.myspace.com/sweartogether"]http://www.myspace.com/sweartogether[/url] for more info. Cheers, Jake M
  15. [quote name='niceguyhomer' post='392210' date='Jan 26 2009, 10:17 PM']I'm a Hercules man myself. Superb piece of engineering.[/quote] Just looked at the website: www.HerculesStands.co.uk Which stand do you recommend?
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