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  1. Hi there. I have a 69 jazz, but missing the original pickups.I bought it this way. i dont know what pickups is on the bass now.No intefication at all.. The bass sounds very good as it is, just want to try something else..maybe it will sound even better.. What pickup do you suggest for a vintage vibe? Pots and capacitor are original
  2. bobdouk

    1998 Musicman Stingray 2-Band EQ - SOLD

    i have a 3 band from 1997...it weights 4.63 like yours....so we can call them...twins! Best stingray neck...and i had a few
  3. bobdouk

    1998 Musicman Stingray 2-Band EQ - SOLD

  4. bobdouk

    Ernieball Musicman Stingray 4HH *PRICE DROP* SOLD

    May i ask how much weight?
  5. bobdouk

    £850 Stingray 5'er 96/7 NOW SOLD

    you have pm
  6. bobdouk

    ****SOLD**** Spector Euro LX 4

    you have pm
  7. bobdouk

    Music Man Sting Ray 5

    weight please?
  8. bobdouk

    1976 Greco P Bass (SOLD)

    Nice.Whats the nut width on this?
  9. Roger...i watching your videos many times...keep that fender