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  1. you have pm
  2. ****SOLD**** Spector Euro LX 4

    you have pm
  3. Music Man Sting Ray 5

    weight please?
  4. 1976 Greco P Bass (SOLD)

    Nice.Whats the nut width on this?
  5. Roger...i watching your videos many times...keep that fender
  6. Do you count when you play?

    i played drums for a profit, before i switch on bass..and i can tell you that sense of time is a personal thing. But that thing stands out the great musicians from the rest.Time is much more important than the choice of notes So ..do your best...For start, count fours with your foot as you play grooves and phrases....dont ever stop counting..and dont relay to the drummer for assistance...work on your internal time
  7. oh you have another one...nice.. weight please?
  8. nice weight for a skyline serires