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  1. For Sale, Musicman Stingray 5, with rosewood fingerboard. Really good condition in general and comes with original Musicman case. It's had some use two yeas back however I had a custom bass built due to to some carpel / cubical tunnel issues. I now find any other instrument a challenge to play and tend not to use them as I find it to difficult for my hands. The bass does have some dings but doesn’t effect the sound of playability what so ever. Genially gutted about the sale as Bernard Edwards is my hero and the sound of this bass is the closest I’ll ever get to his. Reason for sale - As I said above I have multiple problems with hand and it’s just not possible for me to play this bass for a 4 hour wedding gig without my hand going numb, therefore it’s simply just in its case not getting used. I Would prefer buyer collection, but may explore other options if need be. I would rather not have to send it overseas. If postage required I will get quotes and charge only what the delivery costs. Thanks for looking. Simon
  2. Lots of messages asking for trades, I’m afraid not .Sorry! This bass plays better that any Fender I’ve tried out and also sounds INCREDIBLE.
  3. Cant believe this beauty is still here, few offers but nothing confirmed!
  4. PRICE DROP AS I DONT HAVE A CAR FOR GIGS! I will accept £2000 for this brand new overwater ABSOLUTE BARGIN! Buyer will not be disappointed. The bass has only been played for a few hours its practically factory new! save yourself £775!
  5. Hey man thanks for your response. Sometimes the keys player does sit in the lower register and I do tell him to stay out my zone lol. I wouldn’t say he’s “busy there rhythmically but rather favours the register from time to time”. I tend to find the guitarist fold back from the monitor almost steals some of my frequencies when he switches to his more beefy pick up from some songs. I actually boost low mids and high Mids to push through a bit. Im not blaming faulty gear sorry I never really made that clear lol. I suppose I’m asking about two things a new bass head for the job as I need a new spare. The other is just general obstacles that I’m finding when on gigs. Thanks for your info though dude.
  6. Looking to hear peoples thoughts on what rig is best to use for weddings and corporate events. Ive been doing this thing for 2-3 nights per week for the last 4 years and I have gone through LOTS of gear trying to find something that suits best. My idea is to have something light, loud and compact that doesn't take up a massive stage footprint. Ive moved from a barefaced BB2 with a Phil Jones m500 to a Vanderkley MNT112 with a EA IAMP 800 ( Sometimes still use the Phil Jones head but its to heavy to cart about all the time). I play within a 5 piece band x2 vocals guitar, keys , drums. I find my band mates sometimes telling me that the bass is too loud even just using the single Vanderkley on its own. (I sometimes find this hard to believe as I sometimes find it hard to hear myself on stage with the other instruments coming through the 2 stage monitors (X2 vocals, keys guitar and kick and sometimes violin). Ive also got the guitarists amp next to me too. I never have bass in the monitor as they already think its loud. I often think when members of the band stand out front to sound check the band that they are mistaking the loudness of the bass with the beef coming 5from the kick drum from front of house ethier that or they generally just like the bass to be lower in the general mix (however its so frustrating). I personally say to the band that 95% of players I know take two 12' cabs to do the same kind of gigs so I cant understand there issue with the volume. Anyway Im thinking of changing my bass head or at least my spare to a MarkBaas Little Marcus800 or and Markbass Tube 800 or maybe a Ninja. I plan to pair this with my Vanderkley and hoping it will suit. Oh if anyone is wondering Im using an Overwater 5 strings new progress shape with a John East Uni Pre 5. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions. Si
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Few offers but nothing set as of yet. Grab yourself a bargain
  9. Looking to see if anyone has a Phil Jones M500 in Edinburgh ? I’m looking to borrow one for a few hours to A/B it against the one I own. I believe there is issues with the EQ response. Im having a nightmare of a time dealing with PJB and quite frankly don’t like there attitude over the phone. If anyone could help me out please let me know. cheers Si
  10. A lot of interest in this bass but not solid sale as of yet bump. Absolute bargin for someone wanting a high spec workhorse.
  11. Bump ! cant believe this amazing bass is still here! by far one of the best sounding basses I’ve ever heard. virtlally Brand New comes with Overwater Warranty. Outstanding build quality and playability!
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