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  1. yeah I know the feeling! im waiting for the same emptiness inside :(.
  2. yeah its a great bass! everything is set up perfekt and it sound killer! just let mw know your plan and we go from there! I can ship no problem ! the bass has a new gator hardcase and I got a box for it as well! just send me a private message with your email. I got some other ones also interested but nothing is 100% at this point.
  3. No one? it going out In Reverb asap
  4. I’m working on different stuff at the moment but guitars isn’t fun here. So the only cool bass project is the st Vincent inspired 32” scale Bas that soon be finished. Maby 2 week more tops!
  5. Here is my other models! 19” scale mini basses! Really popular and fun to play! The 6 string mini basses are tuned as normal 6 string but with really light strings. The full scale 35” fretless 6 string has a new bridge from yesterday. It was so hard to find super long scale strings (only 1-2 models) so this was the best option. Now I can’t have what ever strings I like. Usually daddario or rotosound. anyhow all my basses are for sale off course. I build all the string options you like. No problem. Imagine a 8 string mini ohhh so excited hahah Ps the fretless mini has a epoxy fretboard ! Really Interesting
  6. Yeah I’m a “new” bass builder and here’s is some pict and follow me on Instagram. @backinstruments Usually I’m building my own body shape but At the moment in building someone else’s great shape! Clue: Anne Clark
  7. Classic Great bass with great sound and cool look ! Flea played one epic 4 string of the “one hot minute” album. And that sound is killer good. Anyhow Alembic epic 4 string (1994) in great condition (some light were no extreme stuff) Prefect straight neck with big snappy monster tone! More questions I’m happy to answer. comes with a new gator hard case sealed in a safe box. no problem to ship , you just pay the shipping price. trades is difficult to meet up. So it’s just cash!!
  8. I have a bunch of these new stings for sale. 15€ (Euro) packages plus shipping. if you buy many packages you get a discount.
  9. last change ! there is a big change a will trade the bass on Friday .
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