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  1. What is the relief of the neck like? As if its OK with the rod where it is, could you not just shim the neck? I take it the truss rod doesn't move? . Just a thought that might save such a big loss!
  2. Just purchased a TU2 from Lozz. Really easy to deal with. Item arrived quickly and exactly as described. Thanks again!
  3. Crazy price for any Sandberg, wish I could justify it. Have a free bump!
  4. I'm really not sure I want to sell this however, having just bought a project car and a third lakland, I could do with recouping some cash! This is my 1997 Musicman Stingray 2EQ. Black with maple board. The rear of the body has some buckle rash/scratches. The neck plays lovely and is so comfortable! Everything works perfectly and she sounds amazing. Weight is approx 9.5lbs. 🙈 Collection preferd but can wrap if a buyer wants to organise courier. Can come with either a hardcase or a hardshell bag. Not after any trades thanks. Any questions just ask span widgetspan widget
  5. I've decided to put this up for sale as i just don't use it enough. I've just got this back from darkglass after having a brand new PCB fitted, so essentially the pedal is brand new! Condition wise it is pretty much mint! I have an invoice for the repair (which was almost £100!) which I'm happy to forward to any buyer should they ever need it in the future. I have the original box, manual and sticker price is posted or collection is welcome (£190 collected). Any questions just ask
  6. Just bought a project car so reduced the price as need it gone type bump
  7. Evening chatters! Decided to put my gk combo up for sale as I'm only playing at home these days and prefer my ampeg wedge combo. This is about year and a half old, in almost as new condition. You really would struggle to tell its not new! All the specs can be found online, but basically it weighs less than 10kg and puts out 100w! It had headphone and aux ports for practice and a di out plus can be used to run one of gk mb powered cabinets, what more could you want?! I have all the original packaging so can post at buyers cost but I take no responsibility if the worst happens. Collection or meet up much preferred only trades I would consider are a simple bass compressor pedal and a tuner pedal (ideally tc units). Any questions please ask. Thanks! PS I also have a big gallien krueger banner which I will offer the buyer for £25 if wanted will check size but believe its about 4x5 foot ish
  8. Would like to move this on so any takers for £15 which I'll give to a local pets charity?
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. I'll be in Cirencester Monday night if that's any use to anyone as I can bring it with me
  11. Picked this up a few months ago to try a p bass before buying a better one, turns out just not for me. Unsure of the make or age, would imagine it's 80/90's but not a clue tbh! It's a plywood body but still sounds like a p bass! It's battered and feels well used. Slight crackle from output jack if lead is moved much. I've put a piece of paper under the A string to prevent rattle on open notes, a different gauge of string may cure this. Plays well even with the marks to the neck and like I say sounds as p bass should. Ideal cheap backup/open mic night bass/test bass or even for parts. Ideally collection as posting would cost as much as the bass! Thanks!
  12. After a difficult decision, I recently sold my warwick dirty blonde thumb to Quent. A new user to this forum, however an absolute gent and very easy to deal with. Excellent communication and paid very quickly. Glad she's gone to a good home! Would happily deal with again. Thanks
  13. I'd say little to no wear, warwick make them out of the same metal as wolverines claws so they're very tough!
  14. Something has tickled my pickle so decided to put this back up 😭 someone make this quick and less painful for me!
  15. Recently sold my peavey predator to Brian. Great communication and a very easy transaction. Would happily deal with again enjoy!
  16. Thanks for the offer, only trades I'd be interested in are basses to be honest. Ideally after a cash sale, may take part ex plus cash
  17. Come on people help a brother out, the longer this is for sale the more I want to keep it 😂. Treat yourself for Christmas!
  18. Evening basschatters, looking for a new loving home is my 2006 warwick dirty blonde thumb bass. This is a stunning looking and playing instrument. It's very light and very comfortable. I had no intention to sell this however I've come to prefer more "traditional" type basses. Mega punchy tone and very resonant. Truss rod turns fine and everything works as it should. Includes warwick straplocks and recently fitted with a set of super slinkys. Very good condition with a few small marks (see pictures). I'm ideally after a cash sale but will listen to trades however I will be fussy! Any more info or better pictures just ask. Thanks! *the missing control knob has since been replaced with a new genuine item.
  19. Hi, not stupid at all, I've been asked by others the same question. I'd say the bridge pickup on its own doesn't really sound like a stingray. It has a stingray esque vibe but doesn't sound the same. It might sound similar enough in a live situation to get away with, plus gives you the option to run single coil jazz bass mode. I have two laklands with a MM/J pickup combo and it makes them very flexible
  20. Purchased some strings from Richard. Exactly as described and delivered next day. Would happily deal with again, cheers!
  21. Picked up this beauty last week. Needed a decent setup and some fresh strings but man its lovely!
  22. I've got two of these, they have the comfiest necks I've ever played and tonally are so versatile! Well worth the money GLWTS
  23. Had two of the 4 string versions at various times, they were brilliant basses, 95% as good as a "proper" Ray. GLWTS
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