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  1. Just sold my barefaced cab to Pete. Was really easy to deal with and a nice guy too. Another excellent basschatter. Enjoy mate!
  2. Hi folks, here I have for sale a dunlop body and fingerboard cleaning kit. This is brand new and only selling as I have ended up with two new ones! Postage to UK included in price. Thanks
  3. Hi folks, here I have for sale a brand new ernie ball tool kit. Only reason for sale is I've ended up with 2 new ones and only need 1! Literally never been used. Postage included in price to UK Thanks
  4. Amazed this hasn't sold especially at this price, mega cheap! Slow times in the market place. GLWTS
  5. Still available bump, may trade for a nice 5 string, can also add a bass collection jive or my barefaced cab into a deal if needed
  6. Do you have any pictures of the headstock? Thanks!
  7. Man that's cheap! Bargain for someone
  8. My barefaced super compact is a beast of a cab, can only imagine how insane this must be 😂 mega cheap as well for such a quality cab!
  9. Completely agree. Since getting my first gk head (400rb) about ten years ago, I have always used gk amps. Love the tone and find they just cut through any band mix with ease
  10. I can travel up to an hour if it helps for a fuel contribution so could meet midway about Litchfield? Pm me if any good
  11. Decided to sell my gig rig as its far more than I need. I picked this up at the start of the year with the intention of getting back in a band, however this hasn't happened. This is the brains of the operation. Perfect working order, has a few marks to the case. Has a silly amount of power (especially when used with my barefaced cab also for sale :D). Includes kettle lead and I can include a speakon lead if bought with my cab. Collection preferred but can post at cost. Can do a deal with my barefaced cab for £625! Thanks
  12. Not an easy decision however I've decided to part ways with this stunning rig! The braun of the operation is this barefaced super compact with silver grill. I've had this since the start of the year with the intention of getting back in a band, however this hasn't happened. It's in excellent condition and is ridiculous in terms of output and weight. Collection preferred but can post however I have no box etc so may take a while to find materials. No trades thanks
  13. Putting the feelers out for this beast of a rig as my gk combo hasn't sold yet. Not sure on this so may remove it! I picked it up start of the year with the intention of getting back in a band and gigging. However none of that has happened 😂 I've only used it at home but have cranked it a few times just to see what it's capable of. Man its loud! All works as it should. Mega light cab, amp puts out 500w into this (8ohm) so pushes some serious air! Both in excellent condition, can get more pictures if people are interested. Not really looking to split but may depending on offer. I can include the speakon lead, kettle lead and the little mixer box which allows you to play audio into the effects loop meaning you can play along with tracks. Obviously new lockdown may make things awkward for the time being in terms of collection but pm me and we can sort something Thanks!
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  15. The necks are so comfortable. I'm such a fan I decided to treat myself to the USA 5 string version 😁
  16. Until recent years I'd always been a pick player. I'm now trying to use fingers just as much. The only picks I ever use are dunlop sharp picks. I find the tighter point makes playing fast easier and excellent note consistency/clarity
  17. I've had a total of 6 laklands (2 USA and 4 Korean skyline models). All the skyline models have been the older Korean versions (now made in Indonesia) which I could not fault. Both my USA ones had very slight paint wear/damage around the neck bolt heads. Obviously where the bolts are wound in must have rubbed slightly on entry. The first one I bought new from guitarguitar who when I contacted them about it were excellent and organised getting it collected and sent back to lakland who happily refinished it FOC. My current one I got used and it is a stunning bass. Lakland customer service/relations are excellent and the owner is even active on there owners page on Facebook. I would happily recommend lakland to any player and wouldn't let one bad experienceput you off as you'll be missing out!
  18. Yeah I'm selling the little gk combo above which is an excellent amp! Welcome to come trial if local enough specs should be exactly what you're after https://www.gallien-krueger.com/mb-110-specs
  19. Thankyou sir, to be honest I haven't bumped it as I'm not very happy about letting her go 😂 however really could do with shifting, so here's some naked goodness
  20. I've got one of these and they are unbelievable cabinet's! Ridiculously light and pack a serious punch! Have a bump
  21. Yeah it's a skyline model, earlier one made in Korea. 2005 model, I'll bring my scales home tomorrow and weigh it
  22. Decided to sell this stunning bass as I've committed to the 5 string life. One of the easiest and most comfortable basses I've ever played. Has a few marks from use and one bigger chip on the rear. The pickguard is only held on with tape so can be removed leaving no holes. Has black usa hipshot tuners fitted and I have had the hardware powder coated black. Can wrap for postage or travel abit to help a deal. Ideally after a sale but may consider another 5 string trade so feel free to try. Cheers!
  23. As I mostly play via headphones I've decided to use my gigging rig at home as I don't want to sell it, so I'm selling this stunning gk combo instead. It's a mb110 model, basically 100 Watts 1x10 and weighs 9kg! Standard issue excellent gallien krueger build quality. Its an amazing combo with plenty of punch for smaller bands with a di out and can be used with gk mbp powered cabinets if more volume is needed! Almost brand new condition, I've only used it at home. I have all the original packaging so can post at buyers cost/risk however would prefer collection and am happy for any serious buyer to trial. I love this combo and don't really want to sell it but could do with the space so not looking for sily offers (these are almost £400 new) and no trades please. Pm me any questions thanks!
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