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  1. Played one of these on Saturday and if I had the cash in the bank I would have walked away with it. Sounded so good....
  2. Hey lozz196, That's just what I thought. With both cabs getting their equal share of the output I'm a little worried about pushing the 210 too far, I'd probably be better off using a 410 on it's own? I'm keen to keep the 210 as it fits perfectly in my boot for rehearsals and little gigs and does an adequate job for that purpose.
  3. Hi, I'm wanting to expand my rig a little to get better low end clout. I currently have a markbass tube 800 head paired to a traveller 2x10 and a traveller 1x15. Im thinking of getting a markbass standard 410hf to pair with the traveller 2x10 and ditch the 1x15. Question is... is it a good idea? Many thanks Adam
  4. Holy stinky poo that's beautiful ?
  5. Adonbass

    Boss GT-1B

    [quote name='visog' timestamp='1503946671' post='3361777'] Yes - firmware update for synth tracking here: https://www.boss.info/us/support/by_product/gt-1b/updates_drivers/4dc785af-c865-4da4-9e24-1355cd19505a/ Not downloaded it yet as I'm still exploring other patches and editing them. It's weird the synths track badly because the octavers, organ and woodwind track very well. [/quote] I know it is odd I thought that too. I was actually quite surprised at how well the octaver did below bottom G. My ebs pedal dies after that point.
  6. Adonbass

    Boss GT-1B

    Yup tracking on the synth presets is awful
  7. Oh Lord that is stunning. Dream bass right there.
  8. Has it actually hit the shops yet
  9. [quote name='Musashimonkey' timestamp='1502630021' post='3352538'] I was kind of expecting some accurate measurements on a range of Fenders in this thread...! [/quote] PMSL 😂
  10. Hey man, I'm Adam.. welcome to the fun. I'm based just up the road from you in Gerrards cross. I play in a couple of bands around wycombe. What are you up to round town?
  11. aha no worries, I thought it was a fair price but no takers as yet (not overly bothered as I really want to keep it) . Good luck finding your RW one
  12. Thinking about selling my American standard jazz bass. I bought it new from Andertons last year and now find myself needing funds for non musical purposes. I don't really want to sell it but needs must.... I think? It's Olympic white with tort pick guard and maple neck. It's Pretty much mint just a few light playing mark's on the scratch plate other than that pretty perfect. I have swapped out the original strap buttons for fender strap locks (originals will be supplied) Would come with all case candy and the original Tolex hard case (also mint) and a brand new levy strap. even still have the cardboard box too. Not willing to ship collection only from Gerrards cross, bucks. Sorry for bad photos but only got my phone at the moment. Like I said not even sure I want to sell it.
  13. Recently sold a 5 string one of these, identical to that. I must admit for the time I had it I was amazed at how well made they are, the transparent red is beautiful in the flesh too. GLWTS.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  15. Hi, Just a quick on can some one simply explain the controls on the markbass compressore. Does turning the knobs clockwise do the following Increase threshold Increase ratio (so at full clockwise turn 1:1) Increase attack time Increase release time I'm really struggling in using this compressore to any benefit and wondering if I simply don't "get" how compression works. If I can't get any joy soon it's gonna have to go, such a waste just sitting in its box most of its life.
  16. It is a lovely thing, the best combo too for me, sunburst, tort and rw! Dam it
  17. Exactly what I'm after...And just up the road.. Just my savings pot is not fully mature yet.... doh doH dOH DOH. GLWTS 😞
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