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  1. Price drop bump : £1900
  2. Sandberg Panther Special 5-String Imbuia

    Sorry, I can’t ship to the US, but you could arrange your own courier if you wish.
  3. Festive bump. Would make a great last minute stocking filler... Yes, it would have to be a fairly big stocking.
  4. MarkBass TTE 800

  5. Bass through pa

    I think it’s reasonable to provide a post-eq, effect-ed sound to the FoH if you have a specific sound in mind. But, and it’s a big but, only if you are willing to change it if it sounds like garbage out front. Notably what your amazing sonic signature sounds like 2 foot from your cab, will often sound like a boomy mess 20foot back in the venue as the bass propogates. Particularly if you’ve scooped all the mid frequency out. The bottom line is you need to work with the FoH sound guy to get the best out of the gig.
  6. NS Design EDBs

    I think NS do a ‘traditional’ version of their EUBs that have a higher action and more DB like tone (or they used to anyway) Also, If recording with them (rather than playing live) I once used a small condenser microphone mounted on the end of the fingerboard which gave a much more DB-like sound. For live work, the portability and easy amplification are massive pluses over DB of course, but you’re always going to look a bit geeky with and EUB.
  7. MarkBass TTE 800

  8. Still for sale. Pictures reattached for your viewing pleasure.
  9. Bass through pa

    I’d say leave it to the sound guy to decide; if he doesn’t know how to set things then he probably shouldn’t be putting you through the PA. That being said I’d suggest pre-EQ (unless you’re using the effects loop for the GT10), and keep everything except bass and kick (and possibly keys and guitar depending on venue/genre) out of the sub’s. Not sure what you’re driving at with the crossover, but setting it around 80Hz would probably be fine.
  10. Live band mixing software

    I've been doing iPad mixing for a few years and wouldn't go back; the joy of fiddling with levels while buying a pint at the bar, or having a pee is entirely liberating I started using iPad with the Soundcraft Expression 1; good option if you want a traditional desk format with added iPad. Then moved onto Soundcraft Ui16, Behringer XR18 and now X32 core. I reckon best bang for your buck is the XR18 (I wouldn't go for the small XRs as they don't do multichannel recording). But would probably suggest external router for stable connection. As well as freedom for the engineer, they allow musicians to set their own monitor levels. Much easier to do in ear mixes. Loads of effect processing options. The learning curve can be steep, but not too bad if you're used to using DAWs to record music. It is an expensive endeavour, but pros hugely outweigh cons in my mind.
  11. RCF crossover

    You don’t need a crossover as such, just put a high pass filter on the main outs to your tops (easily done on the Soundcraft.) And a low pass filter on the aux outs to the sub set to the same frequency (probably about 80Hz?)
  12. RCF crossover

    Just wire the sub from an aux send. There should be an eq on the channel on the Soundcraft. I would only send the kick, bass, and possibly keys to the sub.