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  1. Hi. Thanks for the interest. Sorry, I should have been more clear. I’d ideally like someone to pick up the whole caboodle. Not really keen on posting, but will consider if it doesn’t shift in a reasonable time. Cheers, Andy
  2. Hi, Free to a good home (or a bad one for that matter): 2 x iSolutions iColor 4 stage lights and controller - each has 4 x 500W bulbs with RGBA gels. Controller can be used as faders, or sound to light. Very bright, great for bands or theatre. ADJ WiFly NE1 - great for moving heads and DMX programming for lighting rigs for use with ADJ WiFi products Spirit (by soundcraft) F1 folio 16 channel mixer - great sound quality - might need new power adapter, but I might find it as I clear out some more stuff! 12” mirrorball with 30W spotlight and motor Big drum bag of stands - 1 mic stand, 4 speaker stands, kick drum mic stand, and extending PA speaker pole to use with a subwoofer. May need the odd screw fixing. 3 rack mount flight cases - 2 wood in good working order, 1 plastic with one broken but functioning catch. Some great stuff here, just shifting as I’m clearing out house, and none of it is getting used. Would like it all gone this week if possible, so first to pick up from Cambridge wins! Cheers, Andy
  3. Hi, £350 each Selling these due to downsizing. Two 1600w peak power subwoofers. 15” speakers. Wood enclosures. 7 years old and showing scuffs and scratches, but never needed any repairs. One of them has a lost volume knob, but still adjustable by the shaft. Great addition to any PA if you’re running bass and drums through. pick up from Cambridge, or meet within an hours drive. Cheers, Andy
  4. Someone’s requested further photos. Let me know if anything else would help. Video demo? Andy
  5. For Sale Warwick Infinity SN 4-string 2002 Zebrano Price drop to £1100 German-made featuring a set-neck and tone chambered body, with MEC active humbucker at the bridge and single coil at the neck. The humbucker can be split to single coil via pull switch, and a second pull switch changes from active to passive. MEC 2-band preamp. The range of tones is incredible and very usable. This is a narrow necked version so easily suitable for small hands. I can provide a good quality gig bag or an original Warwick flight case. Selling as I have the 5-string version as well. Asking what I paid for it at the beginning of the year. Would prefer collection from Cambridge, but happy to meet up within an hours drive. Only trades I would consider are 5-string Warwick Streamers currently. Cheers, Andy
  6. I have one of these. Great sounding and well made. I can confirm that the strap buttons need repositioning from the factory placement to combat neck dive. Like Bootsy I put mine on the lower ‘cutaway’ which works well. It might look like a novelty bass, but underneath it’s on a par with my German made Warwick Infinity SN for sound and playability (obviously cheaper wood and hardware choices) It definitely gets you a lot of attention! GLWTS
  7. Thanks all. That’s worked. I wasn’t used to that many wires in a control cavity!
  8. Hi, My battery was draining too quickly, so I had a look at the electronics and there is a loose black wire (now detached and being held in photo). Can anyone tell me where it should be resoldered? Ta, Andy
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