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  1. I've used mostly picks for most of my playing life, favoring the Dunlop Tortex 1.14 mm triangle, they last forever and give a very nice thick sound. I also sometimes use wooden Dugain picks for a softer sound, for example on fretless, and the same Dugain for the occasional guitar playing.
  2. @stewblack Nice review. The hidden row does not accomodate Boss sized pedal, but does smaller pedals such as the Joyo / Doner you have on your board, fit on that row ? I guess they are closer in height to other brands that use this type of aluminium enclosure (such as EBS, MXR and numerous other brands)
  3. There is definitively a difference in intital feel and rigidity of the leather. I had the same experience when getting a Minotaur (one of the larger ones) and a Harvest within a few months time. The Minotaur was much more rigid from the begining, or the other way around the Harvest was very soft and flexible. I ended up using both in different basses, not very appart in actual weight, but the Minotaur was much more efficient in compensating for a fender styled 4 strings that had the most tendancy to neck-dive, and the Harvest for a more compact and modern style 5 strings that I wear higher up.
  4. On acoustic I have always used La Bella low tension flats, or Thomastick flats (low tension as well), as it makes much more sense in terms of sound and ease to play. It won't ever get a double bass type of sound, but I aim more like a Takamine TB10 type of thing and it works.
  5. Billionaire bassist shopping list: House 1: (somewhere nice in Europe, in the countryside, no neighbours, probably in Italy) Basses: Fodera Monarch 4, Fodera Emperor 5 singlecut, Ken Smith BT4 vintage, Ken Smith Black Tiger 5, Ken Smith Black Tiger 5 Fretless, Wal mark II 4 strings, and a bunch of vintage G&Ls from the 80s. Amps: Ampeg SVT classic head + 8x10' cab, Ampeg B15 House 2 : appatement in the center of a nice city, may be Paris or Berlin Basses: Ken Smith Black Tiger 4 (for noodling around during the weekend) Amp: Ampeg PF50t , Ampeg SVT 12 cab House 3 (beach house in a tropical coast): Basses: Status 4 and 5 strings, Modulus 4 and 5 strings (carbon necks because tropical weather) Amps: same as house 1
  6. Sven

    5 string trouble

    I did the same quite early in my begining years, and the effect was that for a few year's time, I played exclusively fivers, which helped build the muscle memory and technique for muting strings. Then with band changes I came back to 4 strings, and for the last 15 years or so I've been alternating between 4 and 5 depending on bands and music styles. At home I'll still grab either to work on stuff. I'll say that dedication to the 5, at least for a few months or years, is essential to build the habit, in the same way that if you really want to know to play fretless, you should get on it pretty much exclusively for some time.
  7. Both are super cool looking but go different ways, wood top is going to the "Luthier" vibe whereas the blue one is "custom shop" vibe, not exactly the same ... I like both, but in terms of nice wood grain, Wengue is not my favorite, the Sandberg configurator offers Walnut or Macassar Ebony that are much prettier IMHO. But I will still vote for Wood Grain because in the long term, one may get bored by the blue tint ...
  8. I second the idea of a full length audition / rehearsal for both, with the ability to have a break at mid rehearsal, share a beer / soda, and chat about life situation, expectations for the band, general band situation availabilities & practicalities (from having a driving license to experience in live gigs), maybe crack a few jokes, movie quotes and musical references and see if he's getting it ... In my band we recently went throught the process for a new singer, both final candidates were equally gifted and it came down to personality, having the same kind of vibe and the one best fitting in, to be sure that the "akwardness" of having someone you don't know in the rehearsal room would pass rapidly and he'll quickly be someone you know and like. You're not hiring an employee, you're looking for a band mate, so the "mate" aspect has importance.
  9. I have a question regarding these Newtones strings, that I only recently found out about. I am migrating from nickel hex core (mostly D'addarios) to nickel round core as these days I favor a softer tension in strings. I have tried DR Sunbeams and Foderas, I liked both, with a slight preference for the Foderas that have a slightly higher tension and longer life than the DRs. Here in EU, both brands are quite expensive, around 35 euros for the 4 stings set and 45 euros for the 5 string set. Newtones appear to be the only EU-based maker producing round core strings, and a bit less expensive, because more local that the US based makers ... however, soundwise and feel-wise, how would you compare them to the Sunbeams (and maybe even to the Fodera for those who may have tried them) ? Thanks !
  10. Late reply, but it really looks like a Minotaur straps, the square logo is very close. I do have 2 of those and also 2 of the Harvest Leather straps, both very high quality. The Harvest are my favorite, slightly more expensive than the Minotaur but very very good quality leather & manufacturing.
  11. A quick sum up before Jade comes back with the translation : the bass was fretless, has been fretted by well-known French luthier Christophe Leduc (stainless steel frets), planimetry done under stabilised tension on the neck (exclusive tech from Leduc), and he also fitted the last version of the MTD / Bartolini preamp (with info directly from Tobias as the two luthiers know and much respect each other). It's stunning, good luck with the sale!
  12. A pub I sometimes go for jam / open mic nights had an interesting stack (Hartke HA3500 head, TC Electronics 2x10 cab) residing on stage for almost a year. It was somehow leftover on permanent loan by some friend of the pub's owner and although neither the head nor the cab would have been my first choices (being an Ampeg / Ashdown kind of guy), it made do for all the bassists that used it aver the nights. But the friend finally reclaimed it and now it's DI only to the FOH. Meh.
  13. Going back to the Matador topic, I wonder why they chose to put in two traditional P pickups instead of the P from the SB 1 ou 2... Nothing against this traditional P pickup but it's less G&L-ish than the other one...
  14. I think I absolutely need one of these Matador to go along with my El Toro... Pun aside, seems like a good idea, there's not enough double Ps and it's a good take on the PJ concept, often doomed by J weakness... Still waiting for a Toro reissue though...
  15. The trustfire mentioned above looks interesting, I like the idea of charging them with a small USB port rather than having to buy a charger (I don't have any rechargeable batteries in the house yet so buying a bunch of these + a charger is a mess). Assuming they will rate at 8,4 V as mentioned above, did someone notice any effect on the instrument sound, preamp response, this kind of things?
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