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  1. Years ago I have seen something from Neuser basses, where you pull in and out frets as you need.It was cool bass guitar,and very easy to use.
  2. Lucky you with such choices.Leave all of them and put the one you like at the moment.Easy. Enjoy guitar.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. I have almost new book American Basses from Jim Roberts.5£ plus pp. Thanks.
  5. I remember reading some magazines 70's or 80's ,where HC bassman telling about his very high action on bass,he liked and talked about tone benefits of that(can't remember exact).First I spoted that and they marked as problem.I'm not expert in repairs, bit this looks average.Customer seams happy,and that's it.
  6. Like this new range.Bit surprised with specs, neck at nut is42,8mm.That is Precision spec;Jazz on old CV series was 38mm as every Jazz bass.
  7. Montys guitars in Acton are really good. https://www.montysguitars.com/
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Red Jazz looks very nice.Poplar body,will be very light weight, only pickups are dilemma.Good price @336£.
  10. Big plus for Iain,super quick delivery .Highly recommended. Thank you!
  11. bcbass


    Love this Jazz!
  12. Thank's guys, but,still will be working in passive mode without batteries,right?
  13. I really love my USA deluxe Jazz bass,it's from 2004(ser.DZ3xxx) and there is no switch for passive mode if you want it,like those new ones.Think this could be very useful,and thinking to instal one.Question is, will be any volume drop while changing from active to passive?Can't find any topic about this, only on Talk bass is something to read about.Has anyone done this little mod and what is outcome? Thank you for any input!
  14. Hi Ikay,thank you for your help. Part No:0021093049 or 0021093000,difference in last 3 digit is colour:black or chrome.
  15. Sorted,at last.Found product number for my bass,and rest was easy-peasy,ordered from All parts and screws fit nicely.Very good this Fender Deluxe Jazzes,very happy with guitar.
  16. At closer inspection of screws, threds on new one are wider than on older,and this is why they can go thru, only with force.(My old Eyes ).Managed to fit one but will avoid to do with the rest, barrel threads will be damaged.Old one are black(colour) and new one chrome?Funny business.
  17. Received saddles,but unfortunately they don't fit.They are thicker a bit,so not going through barrels.On package says original Fender product?Those 6-32/7-14".Search is on again.
  18. Yes,but had a chat with R&D shop ,which have those,and they are not sure this will fit saddles on deluxe bridge.For me looks OK,but this is why I'm asking,maybe somebody had same problem.
  19. I have American deluxe Jazz from 2003 and saddle screws are worn to be useless, to adjust action.Looked online for shops to get them and pretty much very little info wich screws are right for my bass guitar.Only Rattle and Drum have screws to fit Fender bridges,but they are not sure will they fit on mine bridge.Anyone have had same or similar experience and knows where to get right screws. Thank you for any help or info.
  20. Nice this bass.Do you have case with and how is balancing guitar,any neck dive?Do you know which pickups are in? Thank's!
  21. Couple years ago they been so popular, but recently haven't seen any at all for sale.Somewhere I have seen the newer models have problem with pickups ,D and A string especially,new Lakland pickups and electronics to blame.Anyone playing one and impressions with it.I still like them and thinking to get one.
  22. Yes,Manton Customs was right,shielding was problem,now is all fine.Thank you MC!
  23. Thank you MC,I was thinking same, just wasn't sure that will do it.Or maybe I should call this thing correctly output jack and all will be sorted !
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