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  1. For sale only , WEIGHT:do not have a scale but I guess just over 4 kg ,sale only ,PRICE INCLUDE POSTAGE BUT I would rather collection or meeting 20 miles within SW LONDON ,thanks
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  3. Hello Fellow Basschatters,keep receiving email from bass guitar show ,plenty of guitar announcements but Bass player none as far I remember,any gossip on who is coming,thanks
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  5. Unfortunately that is the one I bought
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  7. Could you edit the price of all individual ,easy for all to make out mind ,thanks
  8. And I know how much you love yours précision in fact I became a precision player because of many interesting things you say about then .
  9. thanks so much for your answer , that s really amazing , and i v exactly what i wanted to know . really appreciate your help and your knowledge , thank you very much .best .JM
  10. Thanks very much and sorry for English writing Lol,I’m thinking to perhaps change my pickup to some 64 custom pickup, but some how I heard some standard were originaly build with some 64 custom pick up straight from the factory (maybe I miss heard and getting confused) I like to know what is the pick up I have on my beloved fender,thanks again for responding and your passion,Jm
  11. hella basschatters . i need your help . I'm thinking perhaps changing the pick up for some 64 custom pick up on my favorite bass but before i do i need to find or perhaps someone know what is the spect of my precision standard2010 US11294739 60 th year anniversary as i mention it s a standard US precision in rosewood neck in can light cream white colour . i really appreciate and could do with some help , i google it but went no where. i also heard some standard were filed with some 64 pick up ...thanks JM
  12. Brand new price at1300£ for sale at900pounds with postage and open to offer ,completely mint bass ????
  13. Final reduction on my as new Fender Mike Dirnt precision for 750 pounds not included postage,would rather meet in London or 20 miles within SW LONDON,thanks AD569798-5E5B-4DA5-84E5-5F189BD3B437.MOV https://shop.fender.com/en-CZ/electric-basses/precision-bass/mike-dirnt-road-worn-precision-bass/0138410701.html?rl=en_US
  14. Really I wasn’t aware with that ,I had sold and bought bass and had excellent feedback
  15. Hello there,perhaps you find out and look at my feedback before you make silly judgemental comments,I know I ask honest opinion but I m definitely not a nightmare to deal,I just like honestly when you prepared to part let say 1000 pounds to someone who don’t know and had quite bad experience then you started worried you might lost your personal hard working money,I have a excellent reputation as seller and a buyer and as far I can see what is going on and he market buyer are rare.... I like to take this opportunity to thanks all the message including your to now close this chapter and thanks the overwhelming support that I can bit a bit fussy at time ...
  16. Oups i think I press the wrong button,my demands were perhaps a bit too much and my English writing too , we got back in contact and started a message conversation as a trust , and we see from that, I had terrible experience selling a motorcycle, but for example a exchange of social media on short time could make make more trustworthy and I guess I m wrong,thanks all for your advice .
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