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  1. Here’s my nearly finished (I might change the bridge)of my mec fender precision,,sonic blue paint by @discreet with newFender 63 precision bass pick up pure vintage,and it sounds unbelievable,very please
  2. My new bass , got a very fair price ,made in 78 ,hope you like ,I’m more than delighted 😀
  3. hello i like to know a bit more about the custom and why did you decided on the change , very nice idea , i could be interested . thanks
  4. Does anyone know if a US pick guard for US standard Precision will fit a Precision Mex body, thanks.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. I m not sure if I’m in the right column to talk but I’m looking for a guitar spray painter ( bass body) to be re spray for my precision, any recommendations, I live in Sw London but I can post the body anywhere .. thanks for your help
  7. Really please with my first bass postage to Germany, i decided to use inter parcel and sent it with Parcel force euro priority drop off and insured As the bass valuations ,you need a hardcase for the insurance to be valid ,!i took many pictures before during and after, and finished packing, I was a tad anxious but the tracking made was great, very happy with myself
  8. Martin bought my musicman stingray sterling silver, Martin was very easy to deal and made a very prompt PayPal payment, no problem at all , thanks Martin for the buy , really appreciate..
  9. Drummer needed in motspur Park,No need to bring drums we have everything, we mainly rehearse In my own studio or in Pirates in Clapham,we are looking for reliable drummer with understanding of music such as Mogwai ,Joy division,my bloody valentine,sound garden ,Radiohead ... we do a few cover such as Pixies ,Nick cave but are currently working on finishing ours 7 own songs and go to a recording studio to finish producing,.. thanks
  10. Colin bought my Mike Dirnt precision , the payment was done by PayPal and very appreciated , we kept in contact during the transit of postage which was very smooth but a tad delay by Interparcel,very nice buyer,no fuss,thanks Colin
  11. Thanks a lot Very informative
  12. Thanks a lot I will check that
  13. Hello probably so many talk on that subject but I need your help and advice; l like and need to post a bass on Monday ,uk to uk I probably going to use parcel force 24 or DHL what is the average you basschatter paid including insurance, thanks
  14. Hi lovely bass what can of pick up ? Thanks
  15. Hello I definitely can of P bass player perhaps a jazz active is not for you I personally not really into active bass ,decisions time,have ever try a standard Jazz , I have a custom 64 amazing bass they are , I think there s someone who is selling one on basschat,good luck
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