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  1. open to offer , this is a great bass with a great sound and it come with case😊
  2. The sound of that bass won’t disappoint t, it’s very good as you can expect from a fender ,with bite I ts gritty , it’s as good than my American standard precision 😊
  3. Really appreciated all your answer , I shall for now on for cash payment ask at least a hand written receipt with name and prove of address 😊
  4. Hope I can make myself understood 😊 hello there 😊it come to my attention on some occasion when I ask for a hand written receipt with signature and proof of address,some seller don’t really want to give a straight answer on : yes that’s not a problem I will signed it ...they can either don’t say anything when reply, do you think that’s normal, personally I like to get a receipt in case for example the bass was stolen, I liked your opinion, thanks
  5. 4992998D-967D-4E80-B821-60CC4D8B7549.mov Sound amazing and truly comfortable 😊
  6. That s reaally can word , and yes the pictures don’tdo justice, and i can assure you That bass is truly comfortable to play , yes there is cosmetic damage as seen in pictures, that bass sound AMAZING and I mentioned I willing to travel up to one hour from SW LONDON or posted if anyone is interested , thanks 😊
  7. As far I measure 34 , and search in google there are always in 34 ,thanks 😊feel free to have a try 😊
  8. I m not sure I could measure, and I could take a picture too ..
  9. Glad you like it there are a few in orange but never saw one in blue , and sound amazing 😊can i tempted you or feel free to ask any questions .
  10. hello here s a rare blue never seem one in blue in uk PRECISION aerodyne for sale at 600 pounds Im selling the bass with a case ,prefer collection in SWlondon or central london but I m also willing to travel within one hour of New Malden area , postage available and included with the price within the uk, there are a few dings on the edge and it doesn't affect the playability hope you like that bass, the sound is awesome as better than a american standard , thanks Jean
  11. I owned a standard American precision I’m so happy with it 😊
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. hello it s us and mexican build thanks
  14. hello my fellow bass tech i m a bit confused , what the main the mean or the main purpose of the tweeter at the back of my cab , i did putting can of the middle arrow ,what do you think?
  15. Voww thanks so much for the message , really appreciate, I like the advice very much , I will have a look at your recommendations for the pick up you said , yes I'm after changing the pickup and wiring and perhaps the bridge, again thanks again, good day
  16. Good morning I have now owned my precision standards fender for 4 years it's a50 years anniversary 2010 I like that bass very much but as I'm playing so much these days it s time I like a upgrade I m completely novice in the subject and could do and really appreciate some help and recommendations, my style of playing is finger and pick though when I played pick I do play quite hard and the style of music I played is alternative indie rock from Joy division to pixie via sound garden , thanks again
  17. crazy it still for sale at that price , do you actually sell for 40 quid , far too cheap , probably the best phaser to have , it give the most rich happy sound you could ever have i do have BF2b which is great too but much darker in sound , good luck
  18. J66Bass

    the verve

    hello there , i m looking if anybody has a decent transcription to this is music of the verve , thanks again
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