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  1. I think you're right Nick. It's a rubbish time for selling anything. I have a Boss pedal up f/s on a site here and this model of pedal are normally snapped up and it's on for ages too. The road ahead is far too uncertain. I think the weak pound is not helping me either. I don't agree it is "quite a high price" at all. I have a vested interest in mid 70's Fender P's, so have kept a keen eye on pricing over the years and have done my research. A quick scope around this site alone would confirm this pretty quickly.
  2. Hello again. Just to reiterate - I'm stunned at the lack of responses I've had to this bass for sale. To cut through the possible *noise above, this is a 1975 P bass for sale for 1850 euro as it is or, a 1975 P bass with a repaired finger-board and new frets for 2200 euro. *Edit: by noise I ref to my posts I would draw a rough analogy of someone selling a car that need new tyres, giving the buyer the choice of getting their preferred brand of tyres fitted or the seller fitting tyres for them, with both options meaning the end result is a car at a great price. I'd be interested in hearing any pointers on the situation. My luthier agrees with me that I am doing this the right way, however I'm open to any other suggestions.
  3. Hi J66Bass, no offence taken at all. Without the help of H.G. Wells, I really don’t know about the lack of a stamp on the butt of the neck. It’s not uncommon though. A very quick Google this morning throws up a similar situation with a 76 P. Our friend Señor Jorres/Torres, turns up again on this 75 neck on Reverb and in fact he was on a bass FS here recently. He may have been having an off day. My own theory is that the QC in Fender at the time was a bit lax to put it mildly. They were making fantastic guitars and basses, but didn’t realise it at the time. I was talking to a lad recently that lived in the US/Canada and is very well up on vintage Fender stuff. He pointed out a very plausible scenario about the way things were done there. For instance: a worker putting the neck plates (serial #’s) on guitars has a bin of plates. His bin runs low. Some guy tops up the bin with more plates leaving a few of the previous plates on the bottom. That’s why dating a Fender by s/n sometimes conflicts with other part dates. Another quick search shows: 2 x 1974 P’s for sale with serial/n’s 626646 and 620940. Both of those s/n's are approx 27,000 later than my 75 s/n. Not sure how that works. Anyway, I would be 100% confident that the neck is the original.
  4. Was having a bit of a muse on this one. I’m a little bit surprised that there hasn’t been more interest in this bass. Perhaps it’s just a bad time to try to sell anything. Okay, I know it needs a re-fret soon and I understand that’s a pain in the hoop. I’d imagine a lad would want it to arrive ready to go. If I had done the re-fret and the board was in pristine condition, I would have listed it at about £2,100 and I think the general consensus would have been – ‘that’s about right’. A re-fret In Ireland would be about €300. I think in the UK it is around £200. It varies in other EU countries ie. Spain seems to be approx €250 The option is available to a buyer, for me to get it done here and price the bass at €2,150 which at todays ex rate of .90, is £1,935. That’s a hell of a price for a 1975 P bass with a new fret job done and a case imo. If a buyer in the UK got their guy to do the frets, that would be £1,665 + £200 (frets) = £1,865. Better again!! I doubt shipping would be much different than within mainland UK. Dublin is nearer to Manchester than London is (as the crow flies) I had a pm chat with a lad on the far side of Europe and I did an exercise on the UPS site and the cost of shipping was less than €80 (not sure if that was inc insurance though) I’m not in any hurry to sell the bass and was actually thinking about reversing my price drop, but I’ll let it sit for the moment and see what happens. Stg has been fairly fluid over the last few years and all it would take is something like a ‘great trade deal’ to be announced for GB with the EU and Stg could well improve. It could also go the other way. If either happens I would have to adjust my price. I know I’m a noob selling here with no feedback but everything will be done to ensure buyer is satisfied that all is legit before a transaction takes place.
  5. @gareth, no I don't know the bass history before 1982. It may have had the saddles changed. There was I believe a preference for brass saddles as they were supposed to improve the resonance. My ears aren't that finely tuned though. I like them. I think they suit the natural finish better tbh and I suppose if someone didn't like them, a 15 quid set of Ni plated saddles would cure that fairly quickly.
  6. Page 10 was quiet. Page 11 is a wasteland! A weekend bump needed 😊
  7. Price edit: Now €1850 - At today's (16/07/20) Euro to Stg ex rate of .91, that makes it approx £1685 Price clarification in post #11 at 10/10/20 Ash body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard Vital stats:- Weight: On a kitchen scales it comes in at 4.2kgs. On a bathroom scales, it’s 4.4kgs so it’s there or there abouts. Either way, it’s a light bass and certainly one of the lightest bass I’ve played. Neck: 41.7mm at nut. I bought this bass in 1982. I have changed nothing on it (hardware) Personally, I think it’s a great looking bass (subjective of course) and has just the right amount of real road wear. It sounds fantastic. I had screened the routing with foil (no problems, it was just the done thing at the time) and my luthier kindly made a much better job with the copper foil FOC many years ago. It’s a 45yo bass that has been played a lot so naturally has minor issues. Issues: Some wear on the fingerboard and frets (as pics). It will need a re-fret on the first 9 frets at some stage although imo, not needed immediately A repair of the few wear points on the finger board would be on the cards also and I have priced the bass accordingly. I could do that here and then add that cost to the price of the bass but thought buyer may prefer to have it done by their guy at their leisure. The D saddle screw is not original to the bridge. Scrape mark bottom of lower horn. Sealed when my luthier was fixing some minor varnish chips on the neck. Tiny bit of play in the E machine head. It tunes up/down perfectly and stays where you want it to. When tuned, the thumb screw can move a couple of mil each way without moving the capstan so it’s not really an issue. Hairline crack in the scratchplate at the tone pot. A crack (since diy repaired) in the thumb rest (below) and not noticeable. The saddles are brass/bronze and I don’t know if they were changed or not. (I see a fretless P on here with the same setup) I hope I’m not underselling this bass. I wanted to cover the minor stuff and be totally upfront. None of the little issues take away from the fact that it is a great sounding/playing mid 70’s bass and will hold its value into the future. Strung with new’ish RS66. Comes with non-original hard case.
  8. Not sure what you're doing but my advice would be to get a flap disc/s. 22mm bore is standard for a 115mm diameter disc. They are less aggressive than a solid grinding disc and flap discs are very easy to get. https://www.google.ie/search?q=flap+disc+for+wood&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj_mOnU5LHpAhWTQxUIHdRUCEEQ_AUoAXoECA4QAw&biw=1366&bih=625
  9. Cheers Lozz. It seems us Al fans are a dying breed Absolutely, as long as it's non ferrous.
  10. Hi folks. It’s been a while. I bought a LM III a few years back. It’s a decent amp and does what I need it to. However, when I got it first there were a few things that I didn’t like: 1) It struck me as being a bit vulnerable to getting a smack from something way heavier than it. 2) The controls were not easy to see at night. 3) The 'power on' LED was like a laser. So I decided to do something about it and had a root about in the shed and knocked up this protective case made from some aluminium box section I had. I also fitted a LED strip over the control panel (12v dc with a separate psu) and put a diffuser over the on LED. I’ll probably have to sell off all my bass gear ( inc my precious 1975 P bass) due to health stuff and I was wondering if the LM III...eh...hand crafted case would be something that would be of interest to LM owners? It's a simple job to remove the amp from the case if needed. The LM III new, is about €70 cheaper now, than when I bought mine and as I’m going to take a hit on the amp, I need to off-set that a bit. Basically just looking for a bit of feedback. Thanks.
  11. I wouldn't worry what make it is (the lad says it plays well). For 75 quid, it looks like a perfect starter fretless. If you find you like/can handle fretless, move it on and get a better one. If not- just move it on. Interesting table project though
  12. Beno

    Tuning issue

    Bass/weather update. As forecast, the weather has dried out over the last few days and so did my bass. Everything back to normal. Phew !
  13. Beno

    Tuning issue

    Accurately tuned at 10am. Left it standing vertically till 4pm. Still bang on. Played for about an hour and put in case. Tuning very slightly high. Dry enough day here until about 5 and lashing rain again. Weather is set to dry out fri/sat/sun so I'll do another check then. Thanks for all the comments lads. Much appreciated
  14. Beno

    Tuning issue

    Thing is, I treat this bass like a a new born baby. I'll play as hard as I need to but when I take it off, its kid gloves time. Yes, it is hard case but if its put down on the neck support would that not put a small bit of pressure the other way, meaning the strings (if there was any movement) would have less tension and lower pitch. I'm still leaning towards the weather thing. Its only this year I've noticed it. Feckin jet stream !
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