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  1. thank you all for yours advice ,very much appreciate it .
  2. thank very much to reply
  3. What do you think about boss compressor for bass , any advice welcome please also which model do I recommend thanks , Jean Marie
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  5. J66Bass

    Kev's Feedback

    thanks KEV all pack nicely all received .thanks
  6. well i guess some are still for the holy grail
  7. Thunder is Flash light u mean😂All I can say iis extremely powerful but again I'm not a professional but a hand made pedal who sound that good for under 100 quids is quite a bargain . I have the 33 v one and starting to really enjoyed , I also played with my interface like a DI and so far no pedals on my programming can t get the even near that pedal ..
  8. Let make some noise 😈😈
  9. me too , let m know ..
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  11. Glad this topic is still active I'm delighted with mine and watch out this pedal has some serious power. Thanks for the update
  12. hi sorry to disturb when ,you say it is mint,does it mean it s still under warranty? thanks
  13. hi im looking for a band in south west london surrey , if you need a bass player into post punk cold wave new wave indie industrial noisy electro ambient hard rock etc...im in please note i don t slap i leave that to drummer , finger or pick style,cheers thanks Jean marie
  14. yes unusual power voltage with a plug but believe m the power coming from it just is all worth to get one , very lush indeed
  15. just to say i finally got the pedal call f e t overdrive by TRITONLAB from estonia , u can see a demo on bass the world not by m and it s FAB , great company to deal with , handmade pedals for under100 pounds, quite a bargain.. any of you guys had any chance to try one ,please comments , thanks .
  16. just bought a pedal,all received and post it and pack perfectly , thanks PHIL ,BEST
  17. any drummer around or a keyboard player , come on guys . i need to play
  18. hi im looking for a drummer with a electronic drum kit or a padded drum to play in my house with headphone into joy division bauhaus muse cold wave post punk type of music for cover and new composition .pratice. .over 30 years old , thanks
  19. any photos. migh b interesting to buy it ,how long have u own it , any receipt ..cheers
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  21. thanks very much for the reply ..
  22. hi everyone i never though a guitar cable can just make so much noise as i was plugging the cable into the amp ,my amp began to go haywire , after a few check i realize it was the cable ,the cable was one year old and gold plated and was quite expensive , i just wonder why suddenly that cable let me done? can you help m to find out why ?thanks JEANmarie
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