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  1. Great transaction with Marcello, prompt payment and pleasure to communicate with. Thanks!
  2. Big Muff no longer available, sorry. Quick video. Audio goes into red occasionally 🤷‍♂️
  3. These are great! Had one exactly the same. Especially loved the neck pickup, lovely. GLWTS!
  4. Nut width: 44 mm , bought new early this year. No trades, sorry.
  5. Sanders builds some of the best basses. This must be awesome.
  6. Didn't Krist Novoselic play one of these?
  7. Bought new this year, played only at home, so as new. Strung with La Bella flats. Price includes shipping costs. + EH Hum Debugger pedal as a gift!
  8. I'll weigh it tomorrow and send you a pm. But it feels really light for a full body p bass, I'd say no more then 4 kg or 8.8 pounds.
  9. Now £910! Shipping included in the price Up for sale again as I really need some cash so no trades for this one. As new condition. Neck: 6x bolted / canadian hardrock maple Fretboard: 22 frets, pau ferro Scale: 35” for 4 and 5-string Body: european ash, black matt finish Hardware: sandberg, gun metal finish Pickup: Sandberg PLUSTM-set Preamp: Darkglass 3-band EQ, PU-split, active/passive String spacing: 18 to 19.5 mm Fingerboard radius: 14 inch Neck profile: : c-shape Weight: 4.3kg Plexi pickguard
  10. In perfect condition, as new. Very light. Price includes shipping costs. + Akai profesional Analog delay as gift No trades, sorry.
  11. Excuse my ignorance everyone, what does Higway one stand for?
  12. NOW £750 Price includes shipping costs. Here's a wonderful FGN top of the line super jazz, with added value being private reserve, 24 frets, fully passive, standard VVT. FGN has been building Fenders and Ibanez forever, this is their own brand. Best jazz I've owned, reminds me of the Lakland j's I've had, but better. Original in house pickups, awesome, would never swap them. Great condition, hard case included. Would love to try a a p-bass now, therefore the sale. Here is the link to where I bought it from for more pics and info: https://classicandcoolguitars.co.uk/portfolio/fgn-jazz/ Don't hesitate to PM me for any questions
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