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  1. Elrick E-volution Gold 5 Ash/Redwood/Wenge

    Still for sale?
  2. GB Rumour 5 for sale/trade Ken Smith 5

    Hi, could you tell me what the controls are? The switch-active/passive? Thanks!
  3. SOLD: Marleaux JB-5

    Great looking bass! Is it a custom order or an older model? Haven't seen a Marleaux in this shape yet.
  4. Feedback for Dudly01

  5. Feedback for Dudly01

    Great transaction with Andrew, bought my Fender Jazz, no problems at all, deal with confidence!
  6. Electro Harmonix Hum Debugger?

    Hi everyone, Does anyone have any experience with the EH Hum debugger pedal? I'm playing in a club where the stage is loaded with TVscreens, receivers el. cabled etc. With my Fender jazz the noise is terrible when favoring one pickup. There' also noise from my ACG Jazz (strangely, neck pup silent, both and bridge - big hum!). Both instruments and my MarkBass tested on many stages, no problem. So its the room. Would this pedal solve the hum? Another one maybe? I don't mind the usual hum from singles, but this is like a FM radio noise, unbearable! Thanks!
  7. Free shipping within EU included!
  8. Just got me a new ACG, so one of my jazzes has to go. £800 for a US Jazz in great condition [attachment=240814:20170317_105321 (2).jpg]
  9. Modulus FU5 JJ £1050 *SOLD*

    Hi, what are the controls? Active/passive switch?
  10. Now £790 As new condition, bought in January, Fender case, all candy intact. Played at home and a few gigs. No visible cosmetic marks. Will add a new La Bella flatwound set; at the moment D'Addario rounds on it. [attachment=240622:20170228_181413.jpg] [attachment=240623:20170228_181452.jpg] [attachment=240624:20170228_181506.jpg] [attachment=240625:20170228_181519.jpg] [attachment=240626:20170228_181554(1).jpg] [attachment=240627:20170228_181609.jpg] [attachment=240628:20170228_181634.jpg]
  11. Feedback for markstuk

    Mark bought my Lakland, great transaction, would deal with Mark anytime, thanks!
  12. °SOLD° Fender AM STD Jazz - *Price Drop*

    Price drop - £880 now, shipping included. Also trade for a Lakland fiver, DJ or JO.
  13. -SOLD- Lakland Bob Glaub 5 (L.O.G)

    Yes I would trade for the right offer. Cash either way also. A DJ 5 would be nice.
  14. -SOLD- Lakland Bob Glaub 5 (L.O.G)

    9,5 pounds-4,3 kg. Ash-maple. I'll also add a nice padded Marusz strap [attachment=239534:20170303_172204.jpg]