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  1. Yes. Rest assured that use of compressors is still very much rife in the world of bass playing, irrespective of whether you've misplaced your own πŸ™‚
  2. You've answered your own supposition there! πŸ˜‰ The restauranteur has almost total control over what you're buying - the quality/quantity/price of the food, what it consists of, etc, etc. Very few variables. If the service they advertise differs from what you receive then they're clearly obliged to remedy it. The courier company has no real control over what gets shipped, its value, how it's packaged, whether it is addressed correctly, etc. Hence they require us - the customers - to shoulder some of the risk. There's no other way in which they could operate. So if they advise that you take out insurance for items over a certain value, that's your responsibility - or at least your choice - as the customer. Clearly, it sucks when deliveries go awry and I fully sympathise with the OP in that regard. Insurance (on anything) always seems expensive and unnecessary until the moment when you need it. Hindsight being a "wonderful thing".
  3. "Chubbier"... I like that!... and will be using it from now on to describe necks that have depth, rather than width πŸ‘
  4. Quite the opposite β€˜feel’ for me. I’ve owned a Corvette and still have a fretless Thumb: both are about as narrow as I like to go, certainly in terms of string spacing on a 5 (about 15mm if I remember right). But the Warwick necks certainly are quite chunky in terms of thickness/ radius. Similar to a P-bass perhaps.
  5. I agree with @Monkey Steveabove; Warwick basses are superb and very good value second hand.
  6. Lots of variables with tests like this... What are you listening on - speakers or headphones? What's the frequency response of the device you're listening on - is it flat or does it have an EQ curve applied? What output level (dB) are you listening at? Is there any background noise? Etc. Any one of these variables could skew the results quite significantly. But heh, for a rough approximation of hearing range such tests are mostly fine. Last time I checked, mine spanned from around 25Hz - 14.5kHz, after which it falls off a cliff and disappears (partly due to my tinnitus). This is very typical of someone my age (mid-40s). As a general rule: Everyone should be able to hear 8kHz. People under 50 years of age should hear 12kHz . People under 40 should be hearing 15kHz.
  7. Welcome back @Dad3353 πŸ™Œ I might try to get something written myself this month. Finally got the studio set up again; so now hoping to find some time this week. No promises! If not this month then next should be a go-er πŸ™‚
  8. Someone needs to set up something like this (but for bass guitars/amps/FX): the Zen Pro Audio 'Clipalator'. https://www.zenproaudio.com/clipalator If I ran an online guitar retailer I'd do just that. Give my customers opportunity to 'hear before they buy', so to speak. And using the exact same song/passage for every clip, allowing easy comparison. There you go guitar retailers. Have that one for free πŸ˜‰
  9. All the time. Playing a 5-string, for me at least, is all about playing across the neck rather than up and down it.
  10. March's challenge is go! Here's the inspiration chosen by last month's winner, Bleat... Usual rules apply: No copyright theft. Try not to be a potty mouth. Keep it under 5 minutes and no recycling of old efforts. Most pipe-based instruments are strictly prohibited* Deadline for entries is midnight on Sunday 24th March. *If you have to ask, you're already on dodgy ground.
  11. Good work all and congrats to Bleat on the win! πŸ† Please message me with your choice of photo for this month and we'll get the next challenge underway ASAP.
  12. I’ll soon be back into the swing of this after a long hiatus! My day job is still an obstacle (but good to be busy); more a case of me working on room acoustics (DIY, slow process) and my gear never being quite set up altogether for creating compositions… but that will soon change as the room is very nearly now finished. Probably won’t make it in time for this month, but hoping to be back in the saddle for March
  13. I like MonoNeon and he gets a due amount of love on here, but his playing doesn't always gel with me. I think that's part of his charm. This, however, is just sublime! I can't stop listening to it...
  14. February’s challenge is go! Usual rules apply: 1) The copyright one. 2) The sweary one. 3) The 5 minutes and no cheating with old dusty efforts one. 4) The one that shall not be named. Deadline for entries is Thursday 21st February.
  15. Google Images. Whatever pops into your head. Within reason... 😐
  16. Well done SH73 and everyone else who got stuck in! Good stuff πŸ‘ I'll launch February's challenge as soon as I receive this month's picture from the winner...
  17. Skol303

    Remote sessions?

    You can get by with a surprising low spec computer for recording solo instruments. Anything with 4Gb of RAM or more would be perfectly adequate for recoding bass (ideally 16Gb if you want to branch out into producing full compositions). For the interface, you want something that can handle a minimum of 24-bit/48kHz resolution, which pretty much all interfaces can - even the cheap ones. The key benefit you tend to find with better interfaces is lower latency (simply put, the delay time between you playing a note and you hearing it through your monitors). This is important if you're going to be playing along to backing tracks. Any of the Focusrite products are highly recommended, starting with this one: https://focusrite.com/usb-audio-interface/scarlett/scarlett-solo ^ In fact @SH73 has just beaten me to it above with pretty much the exact same advice 😁
  18. Cool. Nice little mixers for the money - analog too, I think? - and with some built-in EQ. Have fun πŸ‘
  19. Well done lads πŸ‘ VOTING THREAD IS LIVE!
  20. We're kicking-off 2019 with the crop of January's Composition Challenge! Please vote for your top 3 favourites: Dad3353 lurksalot Jean-Luc Pickguard MoonBassAlpha JBP SH73 Voting ends at midnight on Thursday 31st January.
  21. I've discovered this myself through trial and error. Whenever I record acoustic bass, I always end up blending the DI and mic signals roughly 20:80% or thereabouts - i.e. using the mic signal for the majority of the finished sound (as it captures the 'upright-ish' tone of the bass very nicely) and then blend in some of the DI signal for the lower end (which adds a nice bit of weight <100Hz or so). Works well πŸ‘
  22. I certainly have eclectic tastes - my music collection is all over the shop in terms of genres - but I tend to binge on one genre/artist at a time, before moving onto the next.
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