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  1. Greetings fellow basschatters... Just saying "hello" and introducing myself, as seems to be customary for us newbies! I played bass throughout my teenage years in a band that could only be described as "Slayer meets Half Man Half Biscuit". Yeah, we sounded as bad as you're imagining right now... After selling my gear and moving north to Manchester, I spent over 10 years in a bass-less wilderness (working as a music journalist for some of it) before finally deciding to pick up a 4-string again very recently: an old Ibanez EDB600, which I bought second hand. I've certainly caught the bug again and am finding this website damn useful for getting back up to speed with all things bass-related. Musically, I'm a home studio 'tinkerer' - no hardware, just running Reason & Record (software) to make dub, drum'n'bass, dubstep - generally anything with a sizeable bottom end (ooh matron!). If my wife hates it, then I know I'm generally on the right track... though I did produce a Lady Gaga remix for her, just to prove that my music doesn't always have to sound like someone shaking a bag of spanners while revving a chainsaw. My bass heroes? Those would have to be: - Cliff Burton of (Metallica); yeah, predictable but heh, he's the reason I first picked up a bass! - Horace Panter (The Specials) - Aston Barrett (The Wailers) - Si John (Reprazent) ... I'm also being increasingly blown-away by Billy Sheehan (Mr Big). Not my choice of hairstyle or music per se, but he can sure play that bass. Favourite toy of the moment is my Vox Amplug: a brilliant (albeit crappily made) little device that plugs straight into your bass jack socket and replicates the sound of a Vox amp through headphones. The neighbours will thank me for it in time... Right. That'll do I reckon... looking forward to talking sh1t with you all! Paul (aka Skol303)
  2. Another 'big up' here for Dan Owens! Very recently bought a pedal from him (Morley Wah): found him to be a friendly and helpful bloke, quick to reply to messages and arranged for a super-speedy delivery (and well packaged too). I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others.
  3. Just a quick 'big up' for Dan Owens. A very friendly and helpful bloke; quick to reply to messages and arranged a very speedy delivery of a pedal I recently bought off him (Morley Power Wah). Definitely a thumbs up from this 'ere buyer!
  4. This pedal has now been SOLD to yours truly... :-) Many thanks to Dan for his friendly and super-quick service! I'd happily recommend him in future.
  5. [quote name='OldG' post='1043649' date='Dec 1 2010, 12:13 PM']Reaper is a DAW that can produce pro quality recordings, is as stable and versatile as you described - unlimited tracks, unlimited VST/i's, PC and Mac compatible, MIDI capable etc,etc,etc.... It comes as an unexpiring,uncrippled demo that lets you register for $40 ( it's on offer atm) when you want - all in a 4.9mb download. I like it so much I paid for it![/quote] ^ Yup, Reaper is a good piece of software too! Practically unbeatable if you're on a budget. I think it won "DAW of the Year" in 2009, or something like that. The only problem I've had is that it can be quite easily overloaded with VSTs, which can cause serious lag if you're not careful. I mean sure, you can plug an "unlimited" number of VSTs into it in theory, but good luck getting it to run on a standard desktop PC if you do! ;-) Definitely a good place to cut your teeth before perhaps investing in other software (though I know a few folks who run Reaper alone and swear by it).
  6. I'm a bedroom studio geek, and for me the best software for home audio recording, at least in terms of value for money, is Propellerhead's Record: [url="http://www.propellerheads.se/products/record/"]http://www.propellerheads.se/products/record/[/url] Costs about £160, but does absolutely everything you'd ever want and is 100% stable: seriously, come the apocalypse, there'll be a computer somewhere, still happily running Record (along with a TV playing re-runs of Friends on E4... but I digress). If you're interested in writing your own songs, or producing 'saleable' quality recordings of a band, then I recommend checking it out. You can download a demo for free, which let's you play with the software without being able to save your work - frustrating, but you can have it running all day if you like and get a feel for it.
  7. Thanks for your comments here folks, appreciated. Having weighed up the different options on offer, I've ended up buying a Vox Amplug (Bass): so far I'm finding it very convenient and the sound is surprisingly good, though the build-quality is on the shoddy-side, to be honest (I wouldn't want to drop it, put it that way!). What swayed me is that I can use it in conjunction with my pedals, by plugging the Amplug into the last pedal in the chain (where I'd normally output to an amp). I'm sure there's a danger of overloading it this way, but so far I've yet to break it... Well worth the £30 in my opinion, especially if you need something for quiet practice at home.
  8. Hey Dan, You have yourself a buyer here! I'm very interesting in the Morley Wah pedal :-) I'll PM you with my details, so get in touch whenever you're ready to part with it. Cheers.
  9. PS: I've used a Tascam us-144mk2 interface for years. You can't go wrong with these things: sturdy and good sound quality; a definite thumbs up from me.
  10. Depends on your budget here, but I personally swear by Propellerhead software's Record: [url="http://www.propellerheads.se/products/record/"]http://www.propellerheads.se/products/record/[/url] Retails at around £200. It's a dedicated DAW for home audio recording: very easy to use, incredibly stable (i.e. never crashes) and produces great-sounding results. This would be my pick of the crop. A cheaper alternative (if you have a Mac) is Garageband, which comes installed free of charge: a good place to start delving into the world of home recording, but obviously limited in what it can do. There's also plenty of freeware software on the market, which you can pick up for - free! Too many to detail here, but I'm something of a home recording geek and would be happy to comment on any that you're considering. Best of luck.
  11. Well, I'm back to being a beginner after a 10 year absence from playing bass... so I guess this is more a case of who I aspire to, rather than who I actually sound like! But in general, I tend to tweak towards: Aston 'Familyman' Barrett (Wailers), Horace Panter (Specials) and Doctor Pablo/Errol Holt (Dub Syndicate) when churning out the dubby stuff. Cliff Burton (Metallica) whenever I plug in the distortion and wah pedals (yeah, my rendition of Anesthesia tends to get the dogs barking!).
  12. I'm thinking of picking up either Amplitube or Ampkit for the purpose of 'quiet' practicing at home: Amplitube: [url="http://www.ikmultimedia.com/amplitube/features/"]http://www.ikmultimedia.com/amplitube/features/[/url] Ampkit: [url="http://www.agilepartners.com/apps/ampkit/"]http://www.agilepartners.com/apps/ampkit/[/url] My question is: which one's best? From Googling, it seems as though the Ampkit LiNK is a better product than Amplitube iRig connector, and works with both products. Ampkit also seems like a more stable piece of software, but is more costly in terms of buying the necessary add ons. Whereas amplitube is more user-friendly, but suffers a bit in terms of sound quality (according to people's reviews). If anyone here has experience of using both (or either), then I'd be interested to hear your opinion. Cheers!
  13. I'm a beginner myself... Used to play a Washburn, like 10/12 years ago now - I loved that bass! (can't remember which model it was, but heh). I've just bought a second-hand Ibanez (EDB600) and am very happy with it. I'd heard good things about Ibby bases on these forums and elsewhere, which helped to sway my decision - plus, it just sounded brilliant in the shop, which ultimately nailed it. So for what it's worth, consider this a 'thumbs up' for Ibanez from one newbie to another! :-)
  14. ^ Thanks again for the feedback here folks; greatly appreciated. Thought I'd let y'all know that I settled on the Ibanez EDB600 in the end. I played them all, as well as a few other bases around the same price range (including the P-bass). Decided on the Ibanez simply because I liked the sound of it, plus it has a nice low action and a fairly slim neck (which suits me well). It's a damn heavy beast (made from luthite) and has a few dints and dents here and there, but that kind of thing doesn't bother me. I just wouldn't want to drop it on my foot. Close second-place was the Warwick, which also sounded great but I found myself fumbling over the 5th string - sure I'd probably get used to that, but I thought it best to stick with what I know (i.e. 4 strings, no more, no less!). Anyway, I'm sure your lives are better for knowing this information! ;-) But seriously, cheers for your help here folks.
  15. "The Joke I think the guys were talking about was a particular thread.. If you fancy a laugh [url="http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=111461""]http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=111461"[/url] ^ Aha, now it makes sense! That thread honestly made me "lol". My favourite post has to be: "BTW DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN BUY A NEW CAPSLOCK KEY?" - pure genius that :-) ^ Also, thanks for the heads-up about the Rockbass mentioned above. If I don't pick something up this weekend I might get back to you on that.
  16. "Have you played all these basses? You probably know which one you like best, but may have doubts or lack of knowledge about things like value and reliability and quality. Of the four I would go with the Warwick. For reliability and quality of parts and construction. The Yam and the Ibby come joint second." ^ Cheers, that fits with my thinking at the moment. I haven't played any of them yet - am doing so tomorrow - but on paper the Ibanez and Yamaha are looking like my favourites in that order. I'm also tempted by the Warwick, as I've heard great things about them. But I'm not so keen on it being a 5-string. Might be persuaded when I pick it up and play it, however. Anyway, thanks again for the advice here. It sounds like any of them would be an ok purchase, which is what I wanted to know: just needed to check, as I didn't want to pick up a 'turkey', given my limited knowledge!
  17. ^ Sorry guys, your jokes are sailing clear over my head here! :-) Yeah, I'm sure there are plenty of other options on the market: I've actually checked out some Shecter bases and they look good (or is saying that a 'faux pas'?! I dunno...). The bases I've listed are simply those that are currently available in my local second-hand store, which is why I'm focusing on them at the moment. Anyway, keep the suggestions coming, jokes or otherwise! Cheers.
  18. ^ Sorry, you'll have to excuse my complete ignorance...! Which of those bases in the 'Precision'? I always thought that term applied to the Fender P-Bass, but like I said, you're dealing with a numpty here ;-)
  19. Hi folks, I've been pestering y'all on here this past week for advice on what new bass to buy (I used to play more than 10 years ago but shamefully haven't picked up a bass since, so I'm very much a beginner again...). Thanks again for your feedback thus far. I've narrowed it down to the following selection, all of which are available second-hand in my local guitar shop. I'm going to try each of them out tomorrow, but in the meantime I was wondering if any of you have strong opinions on which of these bases you feel would be the best purchase? They're all priced at between £200-£250, so cost-wise there's not much in it: Warwick Rock Bass Corvette 5 string Ibanez Ergodyne EDB-600 & EDB-500 Tanglewood Curbow bass Yamaha RBX460 ... yeah, I know, I should just play each one and make my own damn mind up! ;-) I just wanted to check opinions here, as you folks are clearly more experienced than I am to make a judgment. All comments gratefully received!
  20. "If anyone is looking for an SB, sit tight and I'll have a rumage around." ^ Cheers, I'll keep an eye out for it here.
  21. "The thread is over 14 months old. The OP hasn't been on the forum since late September 2009." ^ Nice one, I hadn't noticed :-) What a tease, eh!? I was very keen on this bass. Never mind, plenty more fish in the sea...
  22. Has this bass been sold already, or are you still open to offers? (I live in Manchester).
  23. ^ Cheers for the advice folks, very much appreciated. I've since had a change of heart and am now going to look for a second-hand bass instead; still around the same price range but it seems to make sense after reading comments here and chatting about it with a few gigging mates of mine (i.e. more bass for my buck$).. I might still end up with an Ibby or a Squier mind you! If anyone here is selling second-hand, around £150-200 or so, then let me know as I'm all ears (based in Manchester but have car/will travel within reason). I've had a trawl of the marketplace here, but you folks seem to be playing/selling out of my league, to be honest - some very nice gear on offer here, but most of it beyond my budget (PS. for the site admins: it would be great if I could search the marketplace listings based on price, to save having to trawl through 'em all - I'm not a good window shopper at the best of times! Just my tuppence-worth). Thanks again all.
  24. Hi folks, I'm keen to get your opinion on a good quality bass for a 'beginner' (well, I used to play bass over 10 years ago, so I class myself as an 'old newbie'!). I want something for home audio use, so ideally with passive pickups. Musically, the styles I'll be playing on it are dub / drum 'n' bass, some ska and occasionally rock/metal, so quite varied I suppose. I used to like playing around with distortion and wah pedals back in the day (Cliff Burton style!); not sure if that helps paints a picture of what I'm looking for, but heh. My budget is no more £200 tops (so yeah, I can't quite stretch to a Rickenbacker 4001!). At present, I'm considering either the Ibanez GSR200 or Squier Affinity P-Bass. Both retail at around the £180 mark new, and both seem to score highly in online reviews. Trouble is, I can't for the life of me decide on which one to buy! If anyone has an advice or suggestions here, they'd be greatly appreciated. Also, if you know of other makes/models that seem to fit what I'm looking for, then please make suggestions. Many thanks in advance. PS: cheers to whoever wrote the sticky thread on 'buying your first bass' (or whatever it's called) - very useful.
  25. Rats! Just realised I posted this in the wrong section - Moderators, please delete this thread and I'll re-post it under 'Bass Guitars'. Soz for being a dimwit :-)
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