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  1. Well done guys! I’ll launch the voting thread when I get home this evening...
  2. Well done! Glad you found a workaround. I stopped updating the OS on my home Mac (a 2012 Mac Mini) some time ago, due the driver of my audio interface (an old Allen & Heath mixer) no longer being updated. I think a lot of "pro" studios seem to work on this basis too - i.e. once you have a stable platform, leave it the hell alone! 😉
  3. Well done Rob! 👍 I'm at work at the moment (no headphones and anything other than Radio 5 Live generally shunned), but will check this out over the weekend.
  4. The threat was sufficient to warrant pre-emptive measures. And to be clear: my Irish kin are also guilty of flaunting the occasional bagpipe. Disgusting behaviour.
  5. As other have said, you won't need a practice amp - your monitors and/or headphones will fulfil that role once you connect your bass to your computer via an audio interface DI. That's not to say practice amps aren't useful - I use mine for the purpose of re-amping - but they're not essential for home recording.
  6. Pay the money and buy it, as you are obliged to do under the terms of the sale. And chalk up the experience as a lesson learned in self-control. If you don't want the bass, sell it on for a small profit. Someone else will buy it. Don't be that guy who reneges on a deal 😒
  7. Skol303


    I have a pair of Rocks myself (MkII). Exceptionally clear and precise speakers. Had a minor fault with one of them (loose PCB that was vibrating), but they had it fixed and returned very quickly. Kevin and the team there are good guys; pleasure to deal with and genuinely passionate about what they do.
  8. Probably my favourite Glastonbury moment... I'm not familiar with the artist (or the song), but good on him for letting this young lad on stage - and for enabling what happened next. Pure gold.
  9. It's July already! Time for another Composition Challenge... Here’s the image for your inspiration, chosen by last month's winner, Dad3353: Rules: ✅ Check you have permission to use any samples ✅ Keep it under 5 minutes and write it during the month of the challenge ❌ No excessive swearing ❌ No bagpipes The deadline for entries is midnight on Wednesday 24th July.
  10. Haha, yeah. By contrast, "old people" never whinge. Nope. Not known for it in the slightest. Never happens. "Hi Roger! How's your mood today? Oh..." “Hey Steven! What's that? You’d like to say something about meat-eating and contemporary politics? Oh. Oh dear..." "Well, perhaps if you don't like it here you could both sod off to somewhere else and whinge there. Otherwise deal with it. Okay?" ...yeah I really don't think young people have a monopoly on moaning in the music industry 😉
  11. Skol303


    Great suggestions already above (Genelec, Adam, etc). If budget really isn't an issue, then you might to check out these by UK-based company Unity Audio. Fantastic small speakers, but quite expensive (that being relative, of course): https://www.studiocare.com/unity-audio-the-pebble-2-way-active-monitor-pair.html
  12. ^ This. Grime is essentially a UK spin on hip hop, which has itself been around since the mid-'70s and now outsells rock music. So respectfully, I'd say it's a little naive to say it "won't stand the test of time". People said precisely the same about house music, drum'n'bass, dubstep, UK garage... all of those genres are now pretty much geriatric in terms of their lifespan, but they're still very much pulling kids into clubs.
  13. Like that. Lovely subs. Nice humour in the lyrics (and video) too 👍
  14. Ditto my own appreciation of grime. I love 80/90s hip hop, jungle, drum’n’bass... and I’ve tried my best to like grime, I really have. But it does nothing for me. Just dull. But that undoubtedly a good thing. I’m a middle-aged dude (45 years) and I’d be sorely disappointed in the youth of today if their music wasn’t incomprehensible to the likes of me; just as “my” music was to the generation above me, back in my day. So all is as it should be. The balance of the universe in harmony 🙂
  15. Just caught up with this! Currently on mobile, but will add Fingers’ track to the voting thread tomorrow, no problem 👍
  16. Considering the above, I'd personally opt for Cubase and the offer of your friend in getting started with it. Having a mate on-hand to walk you through the first (and steepest) slopes of the learning curve will be invaluable.
  17. Voting has now started on this month's Composition Challenge. Pick your favourite... Dad3353 Leonard Smalls upside downer fingers211 Voting ends at midnight on Tuesday 2nd July.
  18. Sorry lads, been traveling! Setting up the voting thread now... will allow extra days to compensate for tardiness. EDIT: VOTING THREAD NOW UP
  19. Yeah I generally wouldn’t recommend kitting out your living room with acoustic treatment (rolls of loft insulation or otherwise) unless you live alone, or are in a hurry to do so 😉
  20. Yep! Haven't tried this myself, but I've seen it recommended elsewhere. Often with the addendum that you can in fact use this method to test the effectiveness of treatment in your room - i.e. buy some insulation rolls; leave them unwrapped; place them in your room and test/measure the results; and then return the insulation to the shop for a refund if you're not satisfied. NB: I'd only recommend using wrapped insulation rolls for corner bass traps. High frequencies would reflect off the roll surface, so be cautious about using them elsewhere as it could potentially cause problems with comb filtering.
  21. *Holds breath* *Opens thread* *Notices that Si is already here* “And… RELAX!” 😁
  22. June's Composition Challenge is now underway! Here’s the image for your inspiration, chosen by last month's winner, fingers211… Rules: ✅ Avoid excessive swearing ✅ Make sure you have permission to use any samples ✅ Keep it under 5 minutes and write it during the month of the challenge ❌ Still none of that funny business The deadline for entries is midnight on Sunday 23rd June.
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