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  1. I never seem to be GAS free Hot on the top spot is a Sandberg VM4 or VT4 (aged and used) The Jaydee lust is still there and not going away. That's it at the moment I think. Just sold the 3rd pre-eb Stingray that I have owned, it's like some on going tease for me,
  2. Thanks sorry, yes it is the VT version. Reverse P, J and Passive.
  3. I'm looking at getting a Sandberg California VS4. Now the thing is this one seems to be only passive, has the reverse P and a single coil jazz at the bridge position Are they a rare breed? Can't seem to find any detailed info on it anywhere.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Paul Deman, that played bass on all those great recordings with Sade managed get a pretty smooth sound out of his Stingray. Also the guy from Culture Club used a Ray a lot. They can be dialled back
  6. I'd say the Wal, haven't owned a Thumb (bit did have a custom Streamer, if that counts) The Stingray goes well aggressive with the highs, the Wal is more controllable and doesn't really overdrive any of the frequencies imo, just more and more
  7. Done tastefully I have nothing against it,
  8. I have had a few P's in the Fender variety. Two that I really thought were keepers, light weight, growl and that vintage vibe, a late 60's and early 70's , but alas both gone now.. Funny now I have a Dee Dee signature P from recent times and it's not half bad!
  9. It could be that they are priced a little high. But if it's "that" sound you're after nothing else will get you close (at least nothing I have tried). I'd guess a lot of hours goes into making one and also the cost of the materials. They don't seem to hang about long when one is for sale, I guess the used market and long waiting list for a new build affects the price as well. Go try one
  10. Back in 88 I traded my single pickup pro for a brand new Warwick custom Streamer, that was my Wal plus 750 pounds in cash! I was happy and used the Warwick for over 10 years so can't really complain I guess.
  11. Well, we have Killing Joke as well. Raven and Leigh were my inspirations for wanting a Wal early on.
  12. Its all over the "give em enough rope" album as well
  13. I remember reading somewhere he switched pretty quickly to using a P in the studio.
  14. Highfox

    NBD - P/J

    Looks the bizz, congrats
  15. Nice! photo's when you get time. Been gasing for one of those deluxe P's myself
  16. Congrats, (one too many strings for me) they are well worth the long wait. Enjoy and hope you play it for years to come.
  17. That's a beaut Lozz and sure it will go quick. Word of warning I have thought I could do without a Ray many times in the past only to find myself getting another. Like a P bass, a must for the Arsenal :)
  18. Just because I have the photo to hand Stingray gets my vote still.
  19. Now I get it, sorry so you did. Overlooked that somehow, thought it was another model lol.
  20. Bingo! Well done Lozz.
  21. Something out, something new, a trade. She's feeling at home already. Had the real deal at one point a 76 in the same config, this one is not a boat anchor and sounds and plays nicely. The previous owner put in some FV 63 pups and had some fretwork done. Do you know what it is yet? I'm not a fan of Sig models normally, but decided to trade in a bass I wasn't using much. Time will tell.
  22. They are very good for not a lot of money. Got mine just before Crimbo. Flats are the way to go if you like the old school sound and feel. I only used mine at one practice session so far, but it really suited a few tunes. I have to make the effort to take it out a bit more, gets a lot of home use
  23. on my 2 band, simple I just cut the treble if there is too much bite and the same with the low-end if it over -powers. Where you play and how you dig in makes a big difference as well. I'm on my 3rd Stingray now and have finally got the eq sussed
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