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  1. Had an awful time with my rig last week. Barefaced Big Baby2, Baby Sumo, Tech21 VT pre. Was farting horribly. It was generally loud on stage tbf but why? Had trouble cutting through. Cab and amp are fine. Do I need another cab to get 4ohms or more watts in the amp?
  2. Not enjoying my PF-500 and 210 HE anymore, thinking of getting a Barefaced cab and GSS baby sumo to use with my Tech21 VT pre amp. Any options on this set up?
  3. f1artwork


    Bought a Blaxx limiter because it was a lot cheaper than the Boss one (yeah, I know, don't start). Seems like an even subtler effect than a compressor. With effects such as these (if you can even call it an 'effect'), how do you know they're doing their job and if youradjustments are having an effect?
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